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The key into being a good person lies in out hearts. If we cannot seek goodness from the things around us and we cannot supplement ourselves with the need to do good things for others, we might nit be able to see the effect of such kindness to every people who witnessed such heroic act. Heroes became heroes because they were able to put their lives at stake for the sake of saving a hundred others and because of what they claim as the love for the country.

There are things that we need to consider the most when it comes to sacrificing or most probably in self sacrificing which is more crucial than sacrificing at its most literal meaning. The act of sacrificing one’s self could always be viewed in different perspectives that it could be explained as something heroic or something stupid. Self-sacrificing though calls for the goodness in us do not necessarily mean that we are clean from misconceptions or expectations that we can obtain from being good and sacrificing for others.

MSN Encarta Dictionary defined Self-sacrifice as “giving up things for others” or “the giving up of personal wants and needs, either from a sense of duty or in order to benefit others” (Encarta, n. pag. ). On the other hand, Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined the word as “sacrifice of oneself or one’s interest for others or for a cause or ideal” (“Self-sacrifice”).

Although the two definitions differed in explaining the word, they both made it clear the self sacrifice is achieve when someone gives up something really important for him or her for the sake of helping others or to benefit others who might need it more that one will do. Furthermore, the definitions were slowly leading us to the understanding that self-sacrificing calls for the kindness of someone to place himself or herself in a situation that he or she might regret in the coming days.

George Herbert Palmer called self-sacrifice as a sad necessity and a needless act. He does not believe that self-sacrifice do not ask for anything in return and furthermore elaborated examples which to him is most commonly an act that roots from things or expectations that a person have. Although some would claim that there is indeed nothing behind every sacrifice, there is still that single thought of having something in return thus we then start to have what we call debt but this kind of debt could not necessary be a material thing.

Some debts were priceless which can always mean death of someone. Self-sacrifice can always be rooted in goodness and kindness but at all cost, it could also start from the urge to do something in exchange of something. However it is not always like that, there are instances that self-sacrifice happens in an instant and the person who sacrifices have no intention of giving something in return and yet most of the cases of self-sacrifice were rooted from things that were already established within us.

Palmer said the self-sacrifice is psychologically impossible but in some points, we could always claim that self-sacrifice happens everyday and it is part of the world we are living in, only that it is not something that we always see but happens on an instant. Self-sacrifice with nothing in return is something seldom happen but everyday is always a day of sacrifice but this time we have something in return. It is in the form of our everyday needs which we use to make our living worthwhile despite of all the hardships we encounter.

Self sacrifice is impossible in real sense but considering the turn of events in our lives, we can always consider some instances as sacrifice for we always put ourselves into a situation that requires our full understandings and in some points in our lives, we tend to give up some things we always wanted for the sake of the people we love dearly. Sacrificing one’s self was never an issue in the society and yet it will always mark something good within us and to the people around us who experienced such greatness and kindness.

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