Morality and Sacrifice Essay Example
Morality and Sacrifice Essay Example

Morality and Sacrifice Essay Example

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  • Published: August 3, 2017
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The act of "Sacrifice" involves relinquishing something of greater value for something less significant or worthless. This selflessness is often used to assess a person's level of virtue based on how much they give up, renounce, or betray their principles. It is believed that assisting an adversary is more virtuous than aiding loved ones because it is less "selfish." However, the rational rule for behavior contradicts this; individuals ought to always prioritize their values and never assign a lower value to something greater. Sacrifice does not denote rejecting worthless items but rather abandoning cherished possessions. Furthermore, sacrifice does not imply giving up evil for good but instead surrendering something good in favor of evil. Surrendering a highly valued item for one of lesser worth is regarded as a sacrifice. Complete sacrifice necessitates relinquishing al


l values. To achieve complete virtue, one must not seek appreciation or recognition in response to their sacrifices since any indication of personal gain dilutes their virtuousness. Pursuing actions devoid of joy, value, or spirit without damaging one's life is also insignificant. The epitome of moral perfectionism is obtaining a state devoid entirely of everything, with no addition, income, or reward. Referring to your best deeds as a "sacrifice" implies immorality and reduces your self-esteem.The act of a mother prioritizing her child's hunger over purchasing a hat for herself can be viewed as a demonstration of values rather than a sacrifice. Conversely, if the mother valued the hat more and chose to feed her child out of obligation, then it would be considered a sacrifice. Similarly, fighting to maintain one's freedom is not an act of sacrifice but rather an assertion of

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the desire to live freely; however, choosing to live as a slave despite the opportunity for freedom would constitute as a sacrifice. Refusing to compromise one's beliefs is not sacrificial unless that person has no values or standards which they are willing to give up. Sacrifice is only appropriate for individuals with irrational desires who lack any principles worth sacrificing. This moral code caters towards immoral behavior by admitting its own inadequacies in inspiring people towards virtuous behaviors and accusing individuals' souls as corrupt instead. By acknowledging its limitations, this moral code cannot educate individuals on how to become better people and can only enforce punishment upon them instead.

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