Barangay Information System Essay Example
Barangay Information System Essay Example

Barangay Information System Essay Example

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  • Published: January 9, 2017
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In this participatory action-research, barangays were given the opportunity to develop their own information system using the reflection-input-action-reflection process. The data gathering techniques included a benchmark study, the use of secondary data, key informant interviews, and observations. The data analysis primarily relied on descriptive methods. The project was carried out in nine barangays located in Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

In order to gather benchmark information about their knowledge and perception of the barangay hall as an information center, 83 respondents were interviewed. Included in the respondents were barangay captains, barangay councilmen, barangay secretaries, barangay treasurers, and SK chairmen. The results revealed that the majority of the respondents found their barangay hall to be very useful. They noted that it served as a venue for meetings and provided vital information about the barangay and its people



However, the lack of sufficient information for planning and responding to local government requests was felt. There is a need to upgrade the facilities and amenities, such as chairs, tables, and cabinets, as well as enhance the available information. Additionally, the project documented the process of implementing the Barangay Information System (BIS) in nine barangays, detailing the activities undertaken by each barangay during the implementation phase.

The barangays shared a common process for implementing various activities, starting with an orientation meeting and ending with data storage and updating. However, there were also unique aspects observed in terms of data gathering techniques and logistics. Some barangay officials went above and beyond by using their personal funds to purchase supplies and materials, and even providing snacks for the BIS team members during data-related activities, ensuring that there were

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no delays.

The completion of BIS activities in certain barangays was accelerated due to the educational attainment and training of local officials. On the other hand, hindrances were observed in the form of change in political leadership, lack of logistics, dispersed houses and high number of households, socio-economic pre-occupations of respondents and team members, as well as turnover of team members resulting from the 1997 local elections.

The research project yielded the following recommendations: the barangay should allocate budget for BIS activities; local leaders should be provided with training opportunities; and BIS team members should conduct inter-barangay visitations to share and learn from each other's experiences.

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