A Two-minute Sales Pitch for the Project: “Medical Tourism in India” By Alok Pandya Essay Example
A Two-minute Sales Pitch for the Project: “Medical Tourism in India” By Alok Pandya Essay Example

A Two-minute Sales Pitch for the Project: “Medical Tourism in India” By Alok Pandya Essay Example

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  • Published: June 18, 2016
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Hello everyone, both ladies and gentlemen!

I am deeply honored to address all of you esteemed decision makers and excited about presenting a captivating idea that truly deserves your kind support.

In a confident pitch, I present to you 'Medical Tourism in India' – an innovative and lucrative opportunity. Picture a wheel that continuously generates money. Now, let me delve into the specifics.

ALOK TOURS & TRAVELS is committed to offering cost-effective solutions for those unable to afford the steep medical costs in the United States. Additionally, we provide unique and reasonably priced travel packages that allow individuals to escape their everyday routines.

I am confident that my proposal, which offers high-quality medical care at prices that are only 25% of wha


t it costs in the USA, combined with the added bonus of a delightful trip to a one-of-a-kind location, will generate an immediate response.

In summary, there is a market segment consisting of 595 million people who are eager to respond. Among them, 40 million lack medical coverage and another 250 million have partial coverage. Furthermore, the remaining 350 million individuals are interested in affordable cosmetic surgery options. I believe that a significant number of them will choose my services.

Despite the presence of established companies like MedRetreat, I firmly believe that people will choose my service.

As an individual from India, I have a superior network in my home country and possess extensive knowledge about different locations and business opportunities. This sets me apart from those who are unfamiliar with India. Additionally, I am experienced in assessing the value of

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goods and services and skilled at negotiating favorable agreements with individuals.

By choosing my service, you will receive the same treatment as a respected guest in India. This advantage allows me to offer more affordable rates and secure job opportunities faster than my competitors.

I am seeking a funding of US$90,000.00 for my business project, which would be a significant milestone if granted. I would like to provide you with further details regarding this request.

Thank you for kindly dedicating your valuable time and attentively lending an ear to me. Thank you.

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