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This study is based on the instance survey ‘Apple Inc. ‘s Corporate Culture: The Good the Bad and the Ugly ‘ . The study tried to look into and happen out what is good and what is damaging to the organizational civilization in footings of Human Resource scheme and pattern in Apple Inc. The conceptual probe was wholly focused on Human Resource Management perspective issues of Apple, though the instance survey has included broad countries of analysis including Apple ‘s operations, selling, histories etc. This theoretical research provides a sound and academically underpinned critical analysis every bit good as provides coherent and justified recommendations for alterations to HR scheme and pattern in Apple Inc.

Based on the above mentioned instance survey, this essay reviewed the impact of people ( employee ) in apple ‘s charming success every bit good as it has reviewed the Apple Inc ‘s direction and leading manners. In the advancement of the essay, Apple ‘s human resources policy is besides critically evaluated and damaging HRM issues are identified. Appropriate theoretical accounts and models besides has been identified which could be used for better managing of human resources. Good HRM patterns besides given recognition which they can efficaciously maintain implementing for sustainable future success.

Critical assessment of the part people has made to Apple Inc

Peoples, in organizational term employees have great impact towards administration ‘s success or failure. Michigan theoretical account ( Cited in Price 2007, pp 40 ) explains that employees are resources in the same manner as any other concern resource. So working the peoples are important as with other equipment and natural stuff of the administration.

Peopless in Apple Inc. have made immense impact and they are the key of company ‘s success. Its CEO Steve Jobs is the individual who has been the front mans for the company. He is the laminitis of the company, nevertheless after his initial enchantment with the administration he had to go forth. When he came back after 12 old ages, he has made Apple most advanced and profitable administration on Earth. He is an iconic figure and everybody wants him about in the company. He is universe ‘s greatest salesman ( instance survey ) . Apple and Jobs have become synonymous. How one individual can do a crisis-ridden company to a universe most recognized company, what might be impact of peoples to an administration, Apple and Steve Jobs would be used as an illustration certainly for long.

It is non merely Steve Jobs, apart from him it is peoples who works for Apple made the difference. As the instance survey suggests, wholly amazing squad of people working in the company. Everyone is respectful, intelligent and good at put to deathing. Apples employees had high passion and believe in the corporate mission and it was the competitory advantage for the company.

Apple exploits it employees in assorted functions right from technology to selling to operations and gross revenues. Peoples working for Apple feels proud working for the most advanced company and work hard for the company which is phenomenal within the industry.

Harmonizing to the instance study the cardinal people in the administration are the place of proficient, selling and staff places. The administration ‘s success mostly depends on pulling and maintaining these peoples.

Redman & A ; Wilkinson ( 2009 ) indicates that personal and organizational success is progressively correlated with the profession of accomplishments. Skilled persons can command a premium wage in periods of high economic activity. It is the involvements of any company to maximize its human resources by puting in the accomplishments of its work force: its human capital. Price ( 2007 ) suggests human capital is a important constituent of an administration ‘s overall fight. Companies like Apple where human resources become the impulsive force in the development of scheme ; there is an overruling accent on developing their accomplishments and capitalizing on their competences. Apple has successfully focused on the people resources and capitalised it to accomplish competitory advantages in the market topographic point.

Apple is acknowledged as the most advanced company within the industry and no uncertainty, its peoples ( direction and other employees ) has made it universe ‘s top advanced company.

Analysis of factors refering the direction of the human resource in Apple

Factors refering the direction of the human ( people ) resource vary within an administration and across state of affairss. The end product of any administration, nevertheless it is measured, relies to a great extent upon market factors which determine how the administration operates. RDI ( 2010 ) suggests, future tendencies must be identified and the administration must be able to accommodate to them if it is to go on to work in a profitable and effectual manner. The HRM map must back up these strategic positions.

In developing a strategic position, an in-depth apprehension demands to be acquired of the relationship between an administration ‘s environment and its people ( HRM ) scheme. HR professionals must hence hold an apprehension of the strategic HRM procedure in term of people facets. .

Most administrations are being held back by people issues. They need to be handled with attention and efficaciously. It seems Apple has adopted a balance of Best tantrum and best pattern attacks to pull off its human resources. The aim of Apple ‘s Human Resources is to maximise the return on investing from the organisation ‘s human capital and minimise fiscal hazard. These duties are conducted by human resource directors in an effectual, legal, just, and consistent mode. Human resource direction in Apple serves these cardinal maps:

Recruitment and choice, work analysis, preparation, occupation rotating, leading development, public presentation assessment, incentive compensation, benefit & A ; net income sharing, employee development, employee security and wellness, employee relation etc. However some cardinal factors refering the direction of human resource in Apple ‘s are discussed below:


Apple recruits people with computing machine based cognition. Highly selective enlisting procedure was designed to engage merely the best who would suit good to the organizational civilization regardless of their experiences. Organisational fittingness is more of import in Apple than job-fitness. Case survey suggests that choice procedure is a short process, where prospective employees ‘ organizational suitableness is measured by verbal interview.

Equal chance and diverseness

Apple is the equal chance Employer and promoted diverseness within the administration. Apples employees are from diverse background. Diversified work force is one of the positive facets of Apple ‘s corporate civilization.

Compensation and benefit:

Apple offers assorted benefits to its employees and its compensation and benefits are really competitory. Benefit bundle varied depending on location and employment position. The common benefit included insurance coverage, flexible disbursement histories, an employee stock purchase programme and a 401 ( K ) economy and investing program. Merchandise price reductions, on site fittingness Centre, and the chance to work on large undertakings with some of the experient participants in the industry were added fillips.

Salary and compensation reappraisals include year-end fillips, holiday clip and other fringe benefits and reimbursements.

Apple besides offered the FlexBenefits programme to its employees where they could take benefits that best fit their lives.

Recognition and grasp

In 1995 Apple created the Apple fellows plan in order to recognize the best of its employees who had made extraordinary parts to personal computer science. Each Apple chap acted as a leader and airy steering the company in their peculiar country of expertness.

Harmonizing to the instance survey apple is good known to appreciate and value its employees. It is considered a great topographic point to work for people who are passionate about invention.

Career chance:

Apple ‘s positive enlisting policy accent on campaigners ‘ suitableness to accommodate the organizational civilization instead than their accomplishments to suit in a specific place. However chances are given to employees to garner accomplishments within the administration. Opportunities for preparation and development include internship, on-the-job preparation etc.

Internship with apple offered existent acquisition experiences that led to prospective callings in diverse Fieldss. Apple attracted most gifted people to come as housemans, as people valued Apple best topographic point to larn, they joined them and worked for them as housemans. They thought one time they get opportunity to work at Apple, whatever footing it is, it would non be a job for them to happen occupations in elsewhere, the fact is that it was n’t every bit harmonizing to the instance study most of Apple ‘s housemans were able to happen occupations quickly once they had some experience from Apple.

On-the-job preparation is applied successfully in Apple. In this insouciant work civilization employees get an chance to work with experient and gifted people with no terminal to challenges.

Employability security:

Apple has no common duty between the company and its employees and the employees should choose for a better chance if it came along. Apple is ever unapologetic about layoffs and made it clear that the company believed in employability security instead than employment security. The employability security means that an employee after working with apple would larn adequate to be attractive to another employer if laid off. Apple accent on psychological contract instead than physical contract. Monetary value, ( 2007 ) viewed psychological contract as an informal apprehension between the employer and employee. Unlike the formal employment contract, this has no physical being. It is a set of outlooks held by both employers and employees in footings of what they wish to give and have from their working relationship.

Comparison and contrast of the constructs of direction and leading in context of Apple Inc

The effectivity of any administration depends upon the construction of the direction system in operation, every bit good as its cultural environment. Harmonizing to the instance survey Apple is ranked in the top place for the people direction within the industry.

Jobs is a magnetic CEO whose direction manner has influenced by Douglas McGregor ‘s Theory Y type attitudes ( Price, 2007 ) who leaves his employee to work on their ain, taking enterprises, being self-motivated and be givening to work hard.

However when it comes to take concluding determinations, the instance survey suggests it is ever one individual who takes them and it is Steve Jobs himself every bit good as his occupation deputation was really selective merely to whom he ( Jobs ) trusted which is named benevolent important manner of direction by Likert ( 2009 ) .

One of the jobs of direction was span of control and information communicating spread. As the instance survey suggests one of the employees said, six different supervisors gave him six different replies and they did non pass on together. Apple ‘s direction coordination is characterised by Nipponese centralization ( Torrington et al 2008 ) orientation – the typical Nipponese attack is for strong central offices group to maintain for themselves all major determination.

Steve Jobs is a airy leader who has who has ever identified the demand of alteration and has vision of future desired province. Anon ( 2002 ) dubbed him as a transformational leader who has single-handedly turned the organisation around and delivered it from crisis when he was called back to the company in the twelvemonth 1997 after twelve old ages of his going. Jobs inspired the employees at apple to come out with unconventional merchandises by believing otherwise.

However though Jobs leading has brought success for Apple, it does non vouch that same manner would work for future leaders. Harmonizing the instance survey Jobs leading in Apple is supported by Great adult male theory of leading where he patterns CEO centric power. Anon ( 2008 ) suggests that he is close, commanding, pig recognition, makes people calls and parks his Mercedes in handicapped musca volitanss. In the universe of uninterrupted alteration this kind of leading is uneffective for long tally.

Jobs has been a successful director who has showed his competence of pull offing undertaking and people in Apple at the same clip though he is a transformational airy leader but on the other side of the coin he is a bossy dictator who has been subjecting his employees to oppressive effusion and furthering a civilization of rigorous secretiveness at the company. Apple ‘s future leader should follow more integrating manner of taking instead than Jobs ‘ traditional commanding leading.

Apple ‘s organizational civilization is ingrained by Steve occupations and he has made Apple an ‘Institutional mirror ‘ of himself. However the company thinks that they would maintain runing the same manner even when Jobs was no longer at that place.

As the instance survey suggest that Jobs put an executive squad, trained and groomed in his manner of making things in topographic point to take the company frontward in his absence. It seems the strategy is successfully working as in Jobs ‘ recent six months absence period the company ran swimmingly and even Apple ‘s stock monetary value was up 66 % . Steve occupations has put bold direction sequence program in topographic point as it is clear after Jobs ‘ sudden issue, Cook will take over as the CEO. Torrington et Al ( 2008 ) depict it as single sequence analysis. This procedure is focused to an informal attack to advance with short-run focal point on who would be able to replace senior people if they left all of a sudden.

However it is non incontestable that Apple is a airy administration or Steve Jobs is a airy leader as some critics thinks they live merely in present. Like Boivin, C. & A ; Roch, J. ( 2006 ) said “ Apple ‘s leading are stonewalling ; these people, accustomed to the veneer of exigencies, could happen no bosom or clip in their calendars for believing beyond following month ‘s merchandises, following month ‘s plans. Too many Apple people, live merely in the present and are so wrapped up in the present, so wholly engrossed in contending today ‘s conflicts, that they live unaware of the yesteryear and the hereafter. All today, no yesterday, no tomorrow. They were n’t stonewalling on the scheme ; the scheme dealt with tomorrow, and there was no clip in their calendar for tomorrow. ”

Leading and developing effectual squads

Though Apple ‘s work civilization is driven by intense work moral principle, nevertheless it has besides another side. In one side we can see a group of bizarre workaholic peoples who work remarkably longer hours on the other side we can see that Apple ‘s work environment is relaxed and insouciant, which has surely helped taking and developing effectual squad spirit. Employees are followed by insouciant frock codification on the occupation. Harmonizing to the instance survey, Apple ‘s employees think it has funny, superb, relaxed colleagues and modern, broad, beautiful offices filled with comfy sofas. Case survey besides suggests, employees are cheerful about Apple ‘s workplace experience and corporate diverseness and shared passion. Apple has been able to instil a sense of pride towards its employees.

The work civilization at Apple was driven by passion for merchandises and attending to the minutest inside informations. Every section is equipped with smart, originative and hard-working people. The work civilization is much more like nine instead than household.

Merchandise development squad is formed at Apple with peoples from diverse experience background. By engaging advanced people from diverse background, apple was able to integrate different positions and accomplishments and accomplish its end of doing the best merchandises on the market.

Teams in Apple work in disputing and originative environment and explored new ways of executing common undertakings. Apple provides them ample chances to larning and turning. There was astonishing degree of coherency among the executive squads at Apple.

However instead than squad work in apple ‘s corporate civilization encourages single public presentation. In Apple, employees had to make their work independently and each person was his/her best resource. Guidance was occasional. As a company policy employees were non allowed to take note in meetings. Apple appreciated difficult working employees and rewarded those who demonstrated their accomplishments and capablenesss.

It seems Apple furthering an individualistic civilization instead team civilization. It selects independent mind who likes to work entirely. Apple created a club/community like environment to actuate and retain employees.

Analysis of HRM jobs in Apple Inc and appropriate theoretical accounts to develop solutions

The absence of systematic criterion human resource direction tools is major job for Apple. In the absence of well-structured systems and procedure, the corporate civilization became dysfunctional. Many gifted people left Apple, because they did non like Apple ‘s civilization. Without systematic HRM scheme which should be aligned with organizational scheme the company will non thrive for long clip.

Lack of proper tools to acknowledgment and grasp

Case survey suggests that employee had to look after their calling as administration has no proper endowment tracking system. Management did non care about involvements of other employees, recognizing their difficult plants. Employees ‘ advanced merchandise thoughts have ne’er been accepted by the company. Though in the early phase employees were appreciated for their work e.g. those who worked for Mac their signature were engraved in the interior of computing machine instance. However it was non the pattern subsequently on.

Promotion unfairness

Harmonizing to the instance survey unfairness in publicities and overall employee intervention existed at Apple. Apple worked its employees ‘to the bone ‘ but did non honor their difficult work and dedication. Merely top executives were rewarded. In Apple, assessment is non based on part to the squad and support of others, instead based on single outstanding public presentation.

Career patterned advance and development

In a level hierarchal organizational construction calling promotion chances were really limited.

Reward and fillips

Reward is non based on squad public presentation and part, instead single public presentation and single attempt. The top direction seems in Apple is content with their wage. Lower degree employees have non got fillips or pay rise. Even lower degree employees do non hold stock option though they worked 60 hours per hebdomad. Pfeffer ( 1998 ) theoretical accounts suggests net income can still be made with higher wage rates if the right wage format is used such as addition sharing, stock options and pay for accomplishments ( cited in Price, 2007 ) . When employees think they are reasonably rewarded they will demo more commitment. Apple ‘s direction must pay attending on this. It is of import undertaking for any HRM section to alining an organisation ‘s payment agreements and wider wages systems with the concern aims ( Torrington et al. 2008, pp. 638 ) .

Long work hours

Apple is criticised for its long work hours. Employees struggle to equilibrate work and household life and Apple was blamed for holding no respect for household life. Even the company was sued by its employee on the land of interrupting the Californian labor jurisprudence.

Adopting a committedness theoretical account ( Torrington et al 2008 ) and altering the organizational civilization could work out most of the HRM issues for Apple.

commitment theoretical account:

Communication: Sketching the way that the administration ‘s scheme is taking and the intent of any alterations. Staffs need to understand why determinations have been before they will collaborate in their execution. Apple ‘s top degree direction ‘s rigorous secretiveness and stiff outlook must necessitate to be changed.

Ownership: Ownership is encouraged by affecting people in determinations and doing them responsible for implementing specific action. Steve Jobs himself and his replacement must halt taking all determinations without employee engagement and engagement. Employee engagement is all about their engagement with organisational determination doing procedure. Employee engagement is mostly concerned with forestalling or relieving disaffection ( Torrington et al. 2008, pp. 484 ) . Staffs can be involved within the organisation through ownership or authorization. ABE ( 2001 ) HRM survey manual suggests that empowerment involves people in the operation of organisation, so they feel personal duty for their actions ( pp. 115 ) .

Emotional Designation: It is more likely in an ambiance of enthusiasm. This can be created by recognition and encouraging duty and recognizing difficult work.

Performance: Performance appraisal and wages construction should be focused on committedness. Apple must set proper public presentation assessment system in the topographic point and act consequently to place good executing persons and honor them consequently.

Change of organizational civilization:

Furthermore organizational cultural displacement is besides needed which would alter Apple from an inordinate control cultural company to a collaborative cultural company. To last in future transference and coaction is indispensable.

A civilization that is invariably in chase of operational excellence. Good organizational civilizations flourish the organizational growing.

Leadership in control civilizations is a map of authorization, and determination devising is tied closely to title and function in the organizational. Such administrations tend to be more hierarchal in construction ( RDI, 2010 ) . Apple belongs to this class.

Scholars topographic point a high value on coaction non merely internally, but with its clients and spouses. It emphasises the power of teamwork. By coaction it seeks to be closely in ‘touch and in melody ‘ with the client and the market at big.

RDI ( 2010 ) intimations that leading in a coaction civilization is role-based, non individual or title-based, and authorization is situational ( dependent on the peculiar client battle, undertaking etc ) . The natural organizational construction of a coaction civilization is cross-functional squads aligned to market chances. Harmonizing to the instance survey Apple has been capable to the unfavorable judgment for an organizational civilization characterised by Steve occupations ‘ over controlling, top direction rigorous secretiveness maintaining and pattern of deficiency of transference. To achieve sustainable client trust, transference and coaction are necessary in all degrees of the administration.


It is obvious apple has many good thinks which are strength for the company including strong direction, taking, skilled and dedicated people resources. However it is besides apparent that company ‘s overall corporate civilization is out dated which is characterised by absence of morale and deficiency of alliance of people with organizational scheme. So alteration in organizational civilization is important and should be at hand for sustainable long term success. Future leader ‘s enterprises to turn to these issues, their openness to alter and implementing alterations to the administration would go critical factor to success. It is besides need to be seen whether Apple finds a perfect replacement ( predictably Cook ) for Steve Jobs, a adult male who has ever been good in front of rivals to make future vision.

It is non drastic alteration Apple has to travel through in close hereafter in footings of its HRM scheme but they must implement some alterations which will set the company from ‘one adult male show ‘ to a systematic pattern. Apple ‘s bing work force comprise by 35,000 employees worldwide ( instance survey ) , nevertheless this figure is inevitable to increase in future and without proper Human Resource scheme and defined policy it will be hard to pull off a diverse immense work force. Future leaders and directors must put out a standard HRM policy aligned with organizational scheme turn toing all emerging issues of HRM.


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