“Eating green” by Margaret Lundberg Essay Example
“Eating green” by Margaret Lundberg Essay Example

“Eating green” by Margaret Lundberg Essay Example

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  • Published: August 9, 2017
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In Margaret Lundberg’s short narrative “Eating green” she has a theory about the planet going a fitter topographic point to populate if everyone became a vegetarian. which I believe is true. Lundberg negotiations about her childhood and how right off the chiropteran her female parent had her eating healthy nutrient and that reasonably much stuck with her through out her whole life. “We had two veggies with every repast. Ate field yoghurt for breakfast. and excercised with doodly-squat LaLanne. ” If most households started off like that it would be easier for childs to bask eating healthier nutrient now alternatively of them wishing debris nutrient. Most people do non recognize that what they eat does consequence the planet and how we live on a day-to-day footing and how severely it effect


s our wellness. If everyone became a vegetarian the rates of obsesity. diabetes. bosom disease and other unwellness might go lower. The procedure of acquiring meat is doing some terrible jobs on Earth such as pollution. planetary heating. and the dependance on fossil fuels. “The energy it takes to raise. bundle. conveyance. shop and fix nutrient is non the individual largest subscriber to planetary heating. ” ( Kate Geagan )

If all those jobs could be solved by exchanging some of the things we eat. why non make it? It would decidedly be difficult and a cultural daze to Americans but if it can assist our hereafter loved 1s I would be with it. The meat that is produced is non how it one time usage to be. Cows do non populate their lives on Pastured lands eating grass anymore they are now fed a diet

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that is non intended for them ; fed maize in a short clip as possible to rush up the procedure of being slaughtered and sold. That doesn’t sound so healthy or appetizing after reading those facts. “Livestock raised for meat production are responsible for 18 per centum of nursery gas emissions-more than the autos we drive. ” Not merely is it Some what unhealthy for us to eat but for the universe we live in besides. Meat all together is non competely atrocious for you it’s the parts we eat. Meat has nutritionary value and even the fat in meat are sometimes healthy.

The stearic acid found in fat in meat can really take down blood cholesterin degrees. With the pros there’s the cons as good. “Americans are now eating about 200 lbs of meat. domestic fowl and fish every twelvemonth ; an addition of 50 lbs per individual in the last 50 years” ( Lumdberg ) some really high Numberss for what the appropriate sum should really be. Farmers do non desire to be looked at as the bad cats in all of this. which they aren’t. everyone has to do a life. A group of New York husbandmans thought of an thought to work with General Electric to bring forth renewable energy from cow manure. That is a reasonably good thought to seek and atleast acquire something good out of the slaughtering of the cattles to seek and assist the planet Earth out. If successful the dairy industry would cut down nursery gas emanations by 25 per centum in 2020. fundamentally the equivalent of acquiring 1. 25 million rider autos of the route every


That is a good thought but it still does non work out all the other major jobs that exchanging your diet could assist. In decision. I personally feel that it will non ache to seek something new. Like I mentioned earlier it would be highly hard to acquire used to but if it is profiting you. others and the planet might every bit good take a opportunity. Why delay boulder clay it is to late to alter your wonts of desiring a 16 oz steak over a green salad cognizing how many pros it would be to take that salad. If things continue to travel as they do. there will be no more topographic points to raise these cattles to bring forth meat because planetary temperatures are raising. doing serious clime alterations In topographic points that are specifically used for farming. Finally there will non be plenty meat to feed everyone go forthing everyone to forcefully alter their diets. why non make is a pick and non because you have no other options.

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