Does Crime And Violence Affect The Tourism Industry Tourism Essay Example
Does Crime And Violence Affect The Tourism Industry Tourism Essay Example

Does Crime And Violence Affect The Tourism Industry Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: November 4, 2017
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This group assignment will discourse the impact of offense and force on the touristry industry in Jamaica utilizing statistical informations such as graphs, charts and figures to back up our factual findings. The intent of this study is to demo whether offense and force will impact Jamaica possible investings in the close hereafter or in the present, besides if this factor affects the different sectors of touristry which include amusement, athleticss, wellness, and nutrient amongst others. These facts and statistics are taken from a assortment of sites, which include the Gleaner, Statinja and other sites stated in the mention of the study.

What is Crime and Violence?

There are many definitions for both 'Crime and Violence ' . What is offense? Crime is a harmful action, skip or an activity considered to be evil shameful or incorrect which is against a individual or a state. It is besides an illegal act which or can be punished by jurisprudence.

What is Violence? Violence is a behavior that involves the usage of physical force which unlawfully exercised towards belongings and or individuals, state of affairss like these ; may do purposes which may impart to the violent death or pain of person.

What is Tourism?

Tourism is an activity which an person or a group of persons, that leads to the motion from one topographic point to another within a state, or from one state to another. This happens due to the acting of specific undertakings or the consciousness that the peculiar topographic point have to offer like its civilisation and civilization and besides the addition of cognition about the state and its civilization and history.

The different types of Crime and Violence


When it comes on to 'Crime and Violence ' there are many different types because every twenty-four hours there is something new that does n't falls under the old types of offense and force.

Let 's starts off with the different types of Crime. There are many but merely to call a few:

  • Crime against Persons -includes colza, robbery and slaying etc.
  • Crime against Property- this is self-explanatory, larceny of place without injury such as organic structure burglary theft and etc.
  • Crime against Morality- may include illegal gaming, illegal usage of drugs.

The type of Violence:

  • Physical Violence- is the purpose with the usage of physical force which in the complete hurt, injury, decease or even disablement may happen.
  • Sexual Violence- takes topographic point without consent or apprehension.
  • Psychological/Emotion Violence- may affect injury of a victim cause by menaces of Acts of the Apostless.
  • Domestic Violence- is this self-explanatory force within the place, household or between partners.

Types of Tourism and if Crime and Violence has an Impact on them

There are a batch of different types of touristry in Jamaica, merely to call a few we have:

  • Eco tourism/ Nature
  • Sports
  • Heritage/ Cultural
  • Adventure
  • Leisure
  • Business

The 1s that offense and force will most likely to impact is Adventure touristry and Leisure touristry. Visitors who come here for escapade are more likely to travel out on their ain without any signifier of trained circuit usher, seeking to larn about the state and its history and sometimes fall quarry to thos

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out at that place looking for problem and seeking to do job for other people. The 1s, who come for leisure, relax and party. Particularly when they go out o party they might hook up with people that they do n't cognize, merely desiring to hold a good clip and stop up being robbed or taken advantage of or worst.

Does Crime and Violence have an Impact on the Tourism Industry?

Tourism in Jamaica is seen as the primary foreign exchange industry. This industry has a few negative impacts attached to it, such as larceny, slaying, cozenages, torment amongst others. Since the Norman Manley International Airport is a signifier of entryway and issue point for visitants and it is located near some of the volatile countries of Kingston such as Bull Bay, Rock garrison and others ; it puts them at hazard for force to be perpetrated against them. Harmonizing to the Jamaica 2012 offense and safety study, these are the undermentioned set of offense and force that impact touristry, they include:

  • Theft ( robbery -jewellery, money, recognition cards etc )
  • Murder
  • Rape/ Sexual Violence
  • Fraud ( Lottery scam, recognition card fraud )
  • Extortion
  • Kidnaping
  • Harassment ( Craft Vendors, Street Sellers or Rent-A-Dreads )

The study states that there is no evidentiary support that felons are aiming U.S. citizens straight, but it farther states that planing which is a type of fraud is going popular among the Jamaican employees in eating houses, hotels, resorts and Villas. These individuals are capturing visitants ' recognition card information and utilizing it for their benefit by stealing money out of the visitants ' histories. The study besides states that tourers are going a mark for pick pocketing and junior-grade hard currency offenses. To back up these findings, below is table and graph to exemplify.

Besides, the study states that the hotels and resorts employees have brought sexual force towards the visitants in a figure of hotels non named which are located on the north seashore. On the other manus lottery cozenage as become prevalent on the Jamaican North seashore ( Mobay, Trelawney and Hanover ) refering the U.S. citizens. The felons set up legitimate companies to victimize these Americans, the condemnable component convince these individuals to direct big sum of money to specific history or deceitful name here in Jamaica. They do this by stating them that they either won some fake award or a all expensive paid trip to Jamaica. This resulted in the shutting of Grace remittent service countries which farther cause a lessening in remittal in those countries.

However these jobs are been recognized by the authorities of Jamaica and they are taken stairss to forestall these offenses from go oning. These stairss include more policing by pes and bike patrols in sail ports and tourer countries, besides an ascent in developing on how to cover with these types of offenses. For illustration the province has taken serious steps to clamp down on the lottery cozenage on the north seashore ; there has been legion apprehension and ictuss of high terminal vehicles over the past twelvemonth. Therefore, all of these factors mentioned above prove that offense

has an impact on Jamaica 's touristry industry.

Statisticss for the hot topographic point parishes of Jamaica harmonizing to the Gleaner intelligence paper and the Jamaica Constabulary Force:

  • Hannover: 22 slayings, a 267 per cent addition when compared to last twelvemonth
  • St. James: with the lottery cozenage 79 slayings, the highest of all 19 divisions
  • Kingston Central: 117 per cent addition when compared to last twelvemonth
  • St. Andrew North: 76 per cent addition compared to last twelvemonth
  • Kingston Eastern: 42 per cent additions compared to last twelvemonth
  • St. Andrew Central: 33 per cent compared to last twelvemonth

Recommendations to Better Crime and Violence in Jamaica touristry Industry

  • Develop particular statute law to turn to Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act.
  • The political leading in the state must recommit to a set of values and a codification of behavior consistent with the vision of a safe, peaceable and comfortable Jamaica so that tourer can experience safe.
  • To promote visitants non to inquire into unknown districts unless they are being accompanied by a tour usher or person recommended by the hotel or by the JTB.
  •  When going to other countries in Jamaica it is better to drive or acquire a bird than walk on the route so that they wo n't be harassed by some of the locals.

Since 1956 the tourer industry has been regulated by the Jamaican Tourist Board ( JTB ) which greeted tourers, provided courtesy constabulary, trained workers to assist maintain our visitants safe and happy and from being harassed. Most torment stemmed from frequent vending of goods to tourers, at times endlessly ; this vending most likely reflected the high unemployment rates. Tourists were besides approached to buy drugs, chiefly marihuana, conversationally called marijuana.


It has been concluded that offense and force has its tool on touristry. Due to the offense and force such as scamming, larceny etc. But it still has n't stop visitant from to Jamaica, because at the terminal twenty-four hours offense and force happen all over the universe but it 's merely up to the authorities to command the offense rate. Hence the offense and force will hold a lesser impact on touristry.