Climate Change, Eco-terrorists and the World Essay Example
Climate Change, Eco-terrorists and the World Essay Example

Climate Change, Eco-terrorists and the World Essay Example

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  • Published: May 9, 2017
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In the lives of people who are currently living in this era, it is widely known that technology has highly risen from what it was before. The state of technology now is very complicated and advanced that anything could possibly happen. However, due to the high rising technologies there are aspects in which needed to be sacrificed or deeply affected. One of these is the climate of the earth were living in.

In the past few years, the issue climate had been highly investigated upon by different individuals such as scientists, theorists, politicians and normal individuals.As the times progress, the issue of climate change had been terribly felt in different parts of the world. Many catastrophes had been experienced in different parts of the globe which is noted by many popular media corporations. Thus, these events had been seen


as very alarming to different agencies, communities and countries, there had been ways to which the issues of climate change had been addressed. Although there are mitigating processes utilized, the effects of climate change is greatly bothering people around the world.

The AuthorIn the book written by Michael Crichton, he had written various ideas regarding the issue of climate change which created a huge controversy most especially in the world of American Politics. Crichton, is a well known filmmaker and the writer in the world of Hollywood, he had been known to have written variety of scripts of for the movie Jurassic Park as well as the highly acclaimed ER. Recently, he had been authoring different kinds of novels mostly in the fields of science, genetics, law and the likes. The author has graduated in Harvard College in

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which he finished as a summa cum laude.

He received his MD in the Harvard Medical School. Also, he was able to attend to his postdoctoral studies in the Salk Institute of Biological Studies. Crichton was also able to teach courses in Cambridge University and wrote for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1966, some of his papers were published in the Papers of the Peabody Museum which tackles a “multiple-discriminant analysis of Egyptian crania” (Michael Crichton, n. p. ).Several of the technical publications have included different topics such as “host factors in pituitary chromophobe adenoma, in Metabolism, and an essay on medical obfuscation” (Michael Crichton, n. . ) which Crichton did for the New England Journal of Medicine. The first best seller book of Crichton was The Andromeda Stain which was release while he was still in medical school. Later on, he has been working on different films and writing.

He was known to be one of the most well known writers in the world. Most of his works have been translate to thirty six different languages and thirteen of his written works were created into film. In 1973, the Westworld was the first computer generated film which employs special effects.Crichton was known to be the person who pioneered the employment of computer programs for films. Thus, this earned him the Technical Achievement Academy Award in the year 1995.

In November 4, 2008 Michael Crichton has died due to cancer in Los Angeles California. In the years of his career, Crichton was given variety of recognition in his works mostly of his films and novels. He had won different awards that certifies him as one of the

greatest authors in the history of the world which well appreciated by different individuals no matter what country, social class, or gender they have.The Book Generally, the book State of Fear comprises of the story with regards to the very controversial issue of climate change. Although Michael Crichton was known to be knowledgeable in the subject of science but not in the field of environment but more on medical science thus, he provides a very negative perspective with regards to the issue of climate change due to the eco-terrorists which creates extremists activities. Therefore, these groups create unnecessary disruption of peace of the community.

As stated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, eco-terrorists are individuals or groups that “uses or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature”(Jarboe, n. p. ). Thus, eco-terrorists are also similar to the practice of anti-abortionists, and religious extremists which pronounces their discontent and opposition with the actions done by different individuals who contradicts their perspectives as a group.

Thus, the contradiction results to violence and death of individuals such as doctors, scientists, politicians and the likes are being murdered in their own homes due to these issues. Similar to other types of terrorism, eco-terrorism creates harm to different individuals but in the perspective of eco-terrorists only puts a stop to the violence of people towards nature. In the book of Crichton, he had clearly stated his disgruntlement with the actions of the terrorists.In many parts of the book, Crichton confirmed dislike with the

actions of the these groups such that he highlights in his book that eco-terrorists has different types of views which mainly costs unreasonable effects to community. Thus, he placed in the mock trials within the book that eco-terrorists must be scolded harshly for the actions they are doing. Political Effects of the Book In the past activities of politics, this book written by Michael Crichton “The State of Fear” has created a huge controversy because of its contents.

In the Senate, the book was highly believed by a senator named Jim Inhofe. Thus, the senator stated that the book is saying that climate change is something that must not be given attention for it is just a joke. However, upon stating this, former senator and current secretary of state, Hillary Clinton contradicted such notion. Therefore the current secretary of state stated that current issues, most especially issues concerning theories about a changing world must not be based only from a novel but from basic facts and the experiences of people.Moreover, many of known politicians push through the idea of climate change and had proven that the theory was truly experienced by many. In addition to this, Al Gore also felt strongly against the ideas provided in the book of Crichton.

As a person who is highly concerned with the present environmental matters, Gore view that the book State of Fear was a misleading factor for many Americans to read. Given that the novel shows climate change as an unimportant issue, Gore views that it must not believed. In one statement he had given in New York Times he said that, “The planet has a fever.If your baby

has a fever, you go to the doctor. If the doctor says you need to intervene here, you don't say 'I read a science fiction novel that says it's not a problem. ' You take action” (O’Harra, n. p. ). In relation to this statement, many have analyzed and assumed that such statement was created due to the fact that Crichton was had written a book with the same perspective. As the famous author launched the book and many people were able to view the content of the novel, there are many contradictions made by highly active politicians.The contradiction is seemingly normal for different agencies such as the IPCC or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have gained information that the world is truly in deterioration because of the issue.

After years of publication of the book, different videos and studies had showed that climate change is truly an issue not only of the United States but of the different countries in the world. At present, results of the climate change are greatly felt most especially in the regions of the underdeveloped countries.There are different natural disasters that are normally not present were suddenly experienced by many individuals. Accordingly, natural disasters which are not strong have highly gained strength therefore, leading to high rates of deaths. As an example, readers must be reminded of the Hurricane Katrina as well as the Tsunami which hit the Southeast Asian Region. Not only does the weather changed but also the high incidents of people acquiring different diseases which are harder to cure.

There is the high incident of AH1N1 Virus which is very much common in different parts of the

world.Incidents of bird flu were also acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a threat to the security of the people. These diseases are not only detected within one country but are slowly becoming a plague which affects people. The most alarming with the problem of diseases is that it is airborne. Therefore, the air which circulates in the world will go to different parts of the world with the risk of affecting people who have low countenance of diseases. Thus, climate change is one of the reasons which most scientists see as the cause of such activities.

Due to the issue of climate change, the field of agriculture is also affected. The crops which are normally planted within the certain the time of the year are not being sow and harvested during the standard time span due to the changes of the weather. Hence natural disasters also becomes one of the reasons for the lost of crops which sometimes lead to extreme instances such as food scarcity. Currently, countries together with different international organizations and agencies are cooperating for the full completion of the steps to mitigate climate change.There are programs which are created for the improvement of the lives of people and the lessening of the effect of climate change. International agencies such as the United Nations (UN) are actively participating in the fight against the degradation of the earth.

As a matter of fact, the UN had created a specific organization which handles variety of environmental issues. The organization is called the UNEP or the United Nations Environment Program. The various types of issues which threaten the environment and the natural resources are

given attention by this agency.In the United States the government is strongly taking part of the international actions. The state have create agencies such as the US Climate Change Program which highly specializes the science of climate change (“About the US Climate Change Program”, n. p. ) as well as the high participation of the United States in climate change issue which is seen in the website of the US Department of State. Reflecting on the highly publicized issue of climate change, many individuals are also aware of the issues at hand.Different corporations are encouraged to invent environmental products which are trendy as well as helpful to the lives of people. Different individuals are now buoyant with the idea of environmental protection thus; they adhere to the utilization of different products which does hurt our mother earth. Conclusion: In conclusion, the world is in the process of realization that climate change is an important issue.

As the world was given the awareness of the book written by Michael Crichton, slowly, people realize that the content of his book is truly fictional.Although he was a well studied man and the book was well researched, it seems that he mislead the people to thinking that climate change is just a hoax that should not be given attention. Some might think that the climate could recuperate on its own or it is only natural for the earth to provide natural resources to its people. But what such kinds of perspective do not realize is as we—the people get more and more resources from the earth. It is getting much difficult for the earth to gain the full health she

had. In addition to this, as the world has more and more people, different companies need to get more resources.

The disheartening factor is that many of the resources are not utilized properly therefore, some of the resources become useless. After reading the book, I had become enlightened with the issues posted by Crichton. It is true that eco-terrorists must not act accordingly for the ethics of the issue in environment is still not resolved until this very day. Many people see that the improper usage of the environment must result to death for it lessens the possibility that the earth will be resulting into ruins. But the actions towards death just create fear with the people but not education which is highly needed.In addition to this, if there are cases that corporations or individuals have created a crime regarding the topic of environment, individuals must leave the case to the government to resolve.

Similar to the statements provided in by the author, the acts of these eco-terrorists are improper and unethical. However, the statements of Crichton seems much more leading to the idea that there is not such thing as climate change. Obviously, climate change is an epidemic that is slowly felt by people, animals and plants. Nobody seems to be able to not experience such event.However, everyone could take part in creating actions against climate change through peaceful means.

With all the given information of Crichton is it obvious that he had researched well regarding climate change. However, his desire to disregard climate change was not a good idea for him to publish for he misled the people to the idea that environment must not be

given attention. In the end, the true issue had been present and given the proper attention. Through the action of the United States as well as the international organization, the world would have less threat that is brought by environment as well as eco-terrorists.

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