Disadvantages and Advantages of Global Language

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Disadvantages and Advantages of global language To start we need to define global language. Global language is the language spoken internationally that many people learn as a second language. There are many different advantages and disadvantages of global language. Some of the advantages are: Another language added to many people’s vocabulary. Communication becomes easier because people may communicate with this global language. Global language is used in business and worldwide Economy drives on one language. People who study languages could translate. But there are also disadvantages like: Loss of value of a language Implication in the tradition of a country Is most of the time included in other languages Jobs runs almost only on the global languages It tends to benefit native speakers of that language Translation is needed We use language to communicate and send messages to other people. Animals and creatures communicate in a different way. Language is very important to have because it eases our lives by making our transfer of information to others much more asily.

Different languages are spoken all over the world. There are between 5000- 10000 languages spoken. The country with the most languages spoken is Papua New Guinea. In New Guinea they speak approximately 820 languages, with English, as one of their official languages. English is the current global language. It has been there for years. The language was originated from England and was spread around the world by means of colonization. It is a strong language which was chosen over other languages like Chinese. Though Chinese has more native speakers, it has some implistic grammar, lacks articles, prepositions and tense.

Therefore it is less effective in expressing complex meanings than English. It is also tonal, which limits the speaker’s use of tone for emotional expression. Furthermore Westerners find the Chinese writing system difficult to grasp whereas English not. Global languages have both their pros and cons. One advantage is that there is another language added to our vocabulary. Meaning you now have another language you can use and communicate with others around the world. Being able to speak, read and understand the global language is essential.

You can use it nationally and internationally, worldwide wherever you go without encountering problem. Another advantage is that most people could already speak English or they learn it as a second language. So what is the point of speaking a language hardly anyone know supposed to be spoken by many people around the world. Disadvantages are that it takes away the value of the traditional language and it also tends to benefit people from that native language since they already know it and does who do not needs to learn it. Translation is also needed especially for Chinese who were born and raised n China.

Though translation is a negative thing, it also opens careers for people who study the language and that are willing to use for the benefit of others and their selves. So as I come to a conclusion I need to say that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but for global language in general it was made to serve and to help others by making lives easier. Furthermore the current global language is doing that all over the world. Its impact is even felt in underdeveloped countries like parts of Africa and South America where the use of English is rapidly growing.

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