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It is no doubt that we all have memorable experiences which have shaped our lives. It is also in no doubt that from time to time we feel the urge to share these experiences with others. Just like everybody else I have had a number of experiences which have shaped my way of thinking and defined my path to success. I deem many of these experiences to have a fundamental part in shaping me to be the person I am today, since most of them have been life changing. One of the most fundamental things that have changed my life has been the decision to pursue a course in mechanical engineering.

In my time at high school, my concern for my future career prospects led to my asking the teachers on what they thought of my class performance. I have to assert that I have always been a good student especially in the sciences. While I was good in the sciences and had always been fascinated with mechanical aspects of life I was not so sure of a career path to pursue. My teachers counseled that since I was good in the sciences it was advisable to pursue a career in the science even as they asserted that I would find my niche when I discovered myself. I still persisted and asked the teacher to assist me i making a choice through offering me experiences and what to expect in the different majors I could undertake a study in. While most of the teachers were very helpful, one teacher really stood out since he offered me advice like an elder brother would. Even though I had heard the standard answer regarding career selection countless times, the way he put it to me was different in that I could feel that he was speaking from a position of empathy. My teacher asserted that in matters of career choice, it is not a matter of thought or the amount of income a career path portended but rather a matter of the heart. The best career path is the one which a person felt he would like to be doing 30-40 years from now.

During this time I had heard that there were self help books that were useful guides in helping persons find their niche. I proceeded to purchase one of these self help books in order to find myself. The book had steps which I was supposed to follow and at the end I would find my niche. While I was at first skeptical of the book I decided to read it anyway. The first step of the book was to find a person who knows you very well and will help you find yourself. The first person that came to mind was my brother, a person wwith whom I have a very close relationship.

I opted to have my brother assist me in the choice of a major since we had forged a close relationship over a period of time. My brother had taught my class in secondary school and is therefore a very good judge of my proficiency and weaknesses in different areas of study. He also knows the subjects I am passionate in not only due to my school performance but also since we have lived together for a number of years. I therefore called upon my brother to make recommendation on a course of study.

While I expected my brother to only offer me advice on my course of study, he surprised me by asking me to join him abroad for my study. Even as I did not as much favor the idea of going to study abroad, I was swayed by his argument on the merits of studying for a mechanical engineering course. He asserted that the course abroad would be more technical and had a more practical approach and would thus fit my preferred method of study. Given these arguments, I obliged and decided to pursue a mechanical engineering course. I have to assert that this decision has never felt more right and I harbor no regrets on opting to major in mechanical engineering.

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