Dead Until Dark, Analysis Essay Example
Dead Until Dark, Analysis Essay Example

Dead Until Dark, Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: November 25, 2017
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Johann German naturalist, Johann Frederica Blumenthal, offered his contributions to taxonomy by subdividing humans into five distinct categories: the Acidosis race, Mongolia race, Ethiopians race (later termed the Negro race), American Indian race, and Malay race, but he did not propose any hierarchy among the races (Wisped). The problem with the idea of classifying humans is the instinctive pride in each of us that boils over into competition. This leads to members in each group having a sense of superiority over the others.

This social segregation amongst the races has led to some of the most horrifying times In world history. Charlene Harris argues that we practice exclusion while preaching equality in her novel Dead Until Dark. Harris addresses exclusion by introducing a new group of beings into the already troubled society of the rural sou


thern United States. Harris introduces vampires as the new minority group to the world, but more especially the state of Louisiana.

Many will identify the vampire's struggle for equality with that of gays in America, but I feel that this would be selfish and too narrow a scope, because any minority group that has ever challenged the social views of the majority rulers of Hess united states would FLT comfortably In their situation. Harris demonstrates the attraction of people to things they don't understand. She does this with the main character Cookie being attracted to Bill, a vampire, at first with basic curiosity which quickly turns into a deeper more sexual attraction.

Cookie's grandmother also shows a strong desire to learn about the vampires to get a better understanding tot the past. Other characters have shown interest in th

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vampires In a more explicit nature and have been cruelly labeled fang bangers. This fictional term bears a striking semblance to the more real terms of Niger lover, rump wranglers, and carpet munches. These are a few examples of how society tries to resist change by categorizing In an attempt to exile through exclusion.

Harris did not place the minority groups In her novel In an inferior position. But made them stand out as more in tune with society issues. First, one of the minor characters, Lafayette, a cook in Mortise's bar and grille is a gay male that demonstrates he is confident in his sexual orientation, and has a better understanding of others than they of themselves. Lafayette is later killed offing the novel, but lives on throughout the Dead until Dark novel based television series "Troubled" as a grounded voice of reason.

Second, the vampires have their own government that provides everything that our existing 'Off government promises. I nee systematically prove salt Justice Ana punishment Tort crimes. They have managed to exist for as long as anyone could remember as myth and legend indicating an extreme level of organization and control. We could stand to learn from their societal structure. Why do we fight an enemy of our own creation? We need to stop creating enemies. Our society fears change.

As in Charlene Harris' novel Dead Until Dark, society has to take a deep look into how it has viewed minority groups and find a way to accept those not of the status quo. We preach to be a great melting pot where all people of every race, color, or creed could

coexist. In our history we have repeatedly, and still continue to fall short of that banner of equality we so proudly bear. Works Cited " Johann Frederica Blumenthal. " Wisped, The Free Encyclopedia. Wakefield Foundation, Inc. 20 April 2013 at 21 . Web. 5 May 2013.

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