DBQ: Reign of Terror
DBQ: Reign of Terror

DBQ: Reign of Terror

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“The executing of Louis XVI marked the beginning of the 18 month period of the Gallic Revolution that has come to be called ‘The Reign of Terror’” ( 49 ) . It was led by no other than Robespierre. in an effort to get down a new authorities. which proceeded to put to death big Numberss of people. The 18 months was a blood pouring event during the Gallic Revolution. These events were unneeded and the whole Reign of Terror was undue because it was a wickedness to kill. they went against what other through and what was right. and they went beyond what was necessary.

Not merely was the Reign of Terror a large portion of the Gallic Revolution but it was a really undue event. making wickednesss among the people. They treated the dead as caputs and organic structures of simple animate beings instead than thought of them as one time worlds. “Carried it jeeringly. upside down on a cart. offering it to passers-by to ptyalize on” ( 59 ) . The people so went against the churches get rid ofing vacations which were of import to many people and their beliefs. They besides killed 1000s. “many of these people were guillotined” ( 63 ) . They would cut the caputs of felons and even guiltless without test. The closure by compartment began really popular through these months. going the figure one manner of killing. “The closure by compartment became one of the most powerful symbols of the Gallic Revolution… It had a crisp. angled blade. which dropped rapidly on a guided trac


k” ( 65 ) . These months were really ghastly for the people of France and many households. to where no one felt safe. These slayings were wickednesss. killed without ground or test doing the Reign of Terror unjustified.

They were besides unjustified because they were out of control and gave no test to those who were sent to decease. “The tribunal followed a formalistic legal process. but bit by bit broke down “ ( 63 ) . They shortly after gave in and stopped following their word. halting all the tests. “The court were out of control and kill 1000s of inexperienced persons and accused work forces and women” ( 63 ) . These deceases shortly became a public position to anyone to witness. a position no 1 could bury. yet something to observe. “The public closure by compartments were memorable events… laughing and chew the fating familiarly as if they were at a festival” ( 65 ) The people screamed of joy once the Kings blood poured from his headless organic structure for they had eventually killed him off. Louis XVI was killed for the undue violent death of many without a carnival or given test. The unjustification besides included the Reign of Terror doing an unneeded sum of deceases and beyond what was called for.

Peoples dropping without test. without justification why at some points. “historians estimate that between 20000 and 40000 people were killed by the closure by compartment during the Reign of Terror” ( 65 ) . The Committee shortly hired many to descr

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doing the countries hard to be trusted. they were ever seeking for if they were being watched. “a careless word of unfavorable judgment spoken against the authorities could set on in prison or worse” ( 63 ) . This made no 1 safe from imprisonment or decease. this was unneeded. against what we now have the right to speech. This was beyond what was needed or called for these people were killed over an undue event. merely if they were in the incorrect topographic point at the incorrect clip.

This shows how the Reign of Terror was undue and viciously unjust to the people of the times. Thousands killed without test but closure by compartment beheading them. “In mid- 1794 the Reign of Terror came to a instead disconnected terminal. Robespierre himself was executed and a more conservative authorities was put in place” ( 49 ) . These times ruined households and places across France. killing guiltless work forces without seeking them on test in forepart of a just jury. These 18 months became the bloodiest months of the Gallic Revolution making a immense impact on our history and authorities now demoing how undue it was. The Reign of Terror was a against wickedness. unneeded. and went beyond bounds.