Csp Reflection Essay Example
Csp Reflection Essay Example

Csp Reflection Essay Example

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  • Published: August 19, 2017
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a ) Identify your bureau and briefly discuss the history. ends and aims. The name of my bureau is Maldon Primary School.
Maldon Primary is a rural school located in the community of Maldon in the parish of St. James. It was established in January 1935 and named after a white land proprietor named John Maldon. The first principal was Mr. Morrison and the current principal ( moving ) is Mrs. Kennedy. The Ministry of Education 2008-1009 School Profile Statistics. shows an registration of 374 and a per centum attending of 88 % . However. current records reveal a pupil registration of 330 which includes 151 male childs and 182 misss and an attending rate of 85-90 % . The entire staff population is 15. consisting of 13 instructors including moving principal and the counsel counsellor


and 3 accessory staff.

Mission Statement- “to supply a system which secures quality instruction for all pupils within our school community and fasters the holistic development of each kid. ”

a ) Bearing the Vision 2030 end you selected in contemplation 1 in head. place a set of aims you aim to carry through in your assignment at your bureau. The following are aims I aim to carry through at my bureau: 1 ) To derive experience so that when I venture into the on the job universe I will cognize what to anticipate. 2 ) For my community service I am learning class 3 therefore. my aim is to assist educate the pupils which will lend to the passing of the Grade 3 Diagnostic Test.

B ) Discuss the specific stairss you will take to carry through those aims. To carry throug

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my aims I would:
1. Make certain that I am ever on clip
2. Always be ready to leap at any given undertaking.
3. Try to ever be available to the pupils and to reply their inquiries every bit clearly as possible.
4. Use my clip expeditiously and efficaciously. non to pass more or limited clip with one pupil. i. e. handle them reasonably but if a pupil is slow I would assist him/her to catch up with the other pupils

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