Core Conditions in Person Centred Counselling Essay Example
Core Conditions in Person Centred Counselling Essay Example

Core Conditions in Person Centred Counselling Essay Example

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  • Published: September 1, 2017
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“The first component could be called genuineness. reality. or congruity. The more the healer is himself or herself in the relationship. seting up no professional forepart or personal frontage. the greater is the likeliness that the client will alter and turn in a constructive mode. This means that the healer is openly being the feelings and attitudes that are fluxing within at the minute. The term “transparent” catches the spirit of this status: the healer makes himself or herself crystalline to the client ; the client can see right through what the healer is in the relationship ; the client experiences no keeping back on the portion of the healer. As for the healer. what he or she is sing is available to awareness. can be lived in the relationship. and can be communicated. if appropriate. Therefore. there is a close mat


ching. or congruity. between what is being experienced at the gut degree. what is present in consciousness. and what is expressed to the client. The 2nd attitude of importance in making a clime for alteration is credence. or caring. or prizing–what I have called ‘unconditional positive respect. ’ When the healer is sing a positive. acceptive attitude toward whatever the client is at that minute. curative motion or alteration is more likely to happen. The healer is willing for the client to be whatever immediate feeling is traveling on–confusion. bitterness. fright. choler. bravery. love. or pride. Such caring on the portion of the healer is nonpossessive. The healer prizes the client in a sum instead than a conditional manner. The 3rd facilitative facet of the relationship is empathetic understanding. This means that the heale

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senses accurately the feelings and personal significances that the client is sing and communicates this apprehension to the client. When working best. the healer is so much inside the private universe of the other that he or she can clear up non merely the significances of which the client is cognizant but even those merely below the degree of consciousness. This sort of sensitive. active hearing is extremely rare in our lives. We think we listen. but really seldom do we listen with existent understanding. true empathy. Yet listening. of this really particular sort. is one of the most powerful forces for alteration that I know. ”

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