Compare and Contrast on High School and College Essay Example
Compare and Contrast on High School and College Essay Example

Compare and Contrast on High School and College Essay Example

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  • Published: September 15, 2017
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The passage from high school to college is an backbreaking one. Students have to acquire used to being on their ain and have more duties than of all time before. The work load is merely the first of many differences between being a senior in high school and a fresher in college. Along with an addition in work load. pupils are besides forced to larn proper clip direction accomplishments such as how to beguile a occupation. school. all while keeping a societal life. The passage from a high school pupil to a college pupil begins the 2nd they open the door into what looks like another universe. There is no facet of acquaintance. no point of mention for pupils. There are no single desks or familiar faces to give them the feeling of security that one feels traveling back to high school


each twelvemonth. The first twenty-four hours of high school ever included some sort of iceboat where pupils were forced to province their name and an “interesting fact” about themselves in hopes of assisting other pupils to retrieve their name. In college. no 1 cares what one’s name is or that they have 3 hamsters at place.

Professors are more concerned with acquiring down to concern and learning the scheduled stuff on the really first twenty-four hours of category. Students are forced into a whirlwind of strangeness and they either sink or swim. The determination is theirs. By and large talking. a high school pupil can anticipate to be free of prep for the first two hebdomads of high school. However. pupils do non acquire so lucky in college. One can anticipate a paper and

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group undertaking. every bit good as a course of study quiz to be given within the first category period. In add-on to assigned documents and course of study quizzes. it is up to pupils to finish text edition readings. of 20+ pages before coming to category and to be prepared to be given a dad quiz if necessary. It is common for first twelvemonth college pupils to experience lost and overwhelmed. inundated in documents and assignments. frequently oppugning how they will do it through the semester. Above all. pupils are forced to larn how to better pull off their clip. There is no more reverie or depending on schoolmates to assist with in-class and take-home assignments.

What used to be so easy in high school is non so easy in college. There are no more seven-hour school yearss planned out by counsel counsellors with aid from a computing machine plan. Agendas are no longer handed out in home room on the first twenty-four hours of categories. alternatively it is the student’s occupation to pick the categories they want to take and come up with a absolutely crafted agenda that fits into their already busy agenda. It’s up to the bookman to make up one's mind when to eat tiffin. when to analyze. and when they can suit a occupation into their agenda. In college. pupils are given more freedom when it comes to their agenda. but it is easy to happen comfort in that cooky cutter agenda that is given in high school. The existent universe can be a chilling topographic point for a first twelvemonth college pupil. In amount. the passage from high school to

college is a disputing one. It is non easy to be pushed out into the existent universe. wholly submersed in _____ . Although it may be tough at times. this passage is a important 1 in the procedure of turning up. The lessons learned within the first twelvemonth of college are 1s that can be taken and applied subsequently on in life.

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