Coming of Age in to Kill a Mockingbird

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In Maycomb County. Alabama during the Great Depression. Atticus Finch. a attorney in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. explains to Scout Finch. his girl. that “you ne’er truly understand a individual until you consider things from his point of position – until you climb into his tegument and walk about in it” ( 39 ) . At first. Lookout does non understand the significance of his words. but as she matures through the novel. her eyes are unveiled. and she understands what Atticus is seeking to state her. Over clip. Jem. excessively. starts to see the significance and deepness of the statement. Throughout the class of the book. Jem and Scout both learn that one must cognize and esteem people for who they are as persons. non for what they appear to be.

Mr. Dolphus Raymond is a character who is known by the citizens of Maycomb County for what he appears to be. but Scout recognizes that he is non what he seems to be. Mr. Raymond is a affluent white adult male who has mixed kids. a black married woman. and his company is normally made up of Negros. As a cover-up for his unnatural behaviour. he pretends to be drunk all the clip. Maycomb declares that “Dolphus Raymond’s in the clasps of whisky” ( 268 ) . In truth. he is merely seeking to give Maycomb a ground for his irregular actions when it comes to his strong friendly relationships with Negros. He says that “it helps folks if they can latch onto a reason” ( 268 ) . Like Atticus. Mr. Raymond believes that inkinesss should be respected more and treated like people alternatively of animate beings. He is portion of “the smattering of people with adequate humbleness to believe when they look at a Negro” ( 316 ) . Lookout starts to acquire Mr. Raymond’s grounds for “drinking” and his penchant for black company. She besides begins to larn that in life. there is racism and persecution for those that are non up to Maycomb’s criterions.

Tom Robinson is a immature black adult male who is discriminated against by Maycomb citizens because of his tegument colour. but Scout learns to believe otherwise. He is accused of ravishing Mayella Ewell. a white nineteen-year-old lady. Just because of his skin color. he is convicted of the colza despite the cogent evidence that his left manus is wholly shriveled up. Scout remembers that “a jury ne’er looks at a suspect it has convicted. and when this jury came in. non one of them looked at Tom Robinson” ( 282 ) . Like most Negros in the South. Tom is discriminated against by many white citizens. He is really a very nice. caring adult male. but that is non what Maycomb believes.

Maycomb groups him together with all the other inkinesss. Harmonizing to many of its citizens. there is no good or bad in the black group. They are merely Negros. but Atticus contradicts Maycomb’s beliefs by stating “that [ non ] all Negros prevarication. that [ non ] all Negros are fundamentally immoral existences. that [ non ] all Negro work forces are non to be trusted around our women” ( 273 ) . Over the class of the test. Lookout and Jem see that what Atticus says is true because Tom is a absolutely good illustration of a Negro that does non lie. is a moral being. and can be trusted around adult females. In the period of about two old ages. Lookout learns that there is non merely racial unfairness. but besides favoritism against hermits.

Arthur ( or more normally known “Boo” ) Radley is another individual who is seen for what he rumored to be. but like Mr. Raymond. Lookout discovers he is non what he is rumored to be. Harmonizing to Jem. he is “about six-and-a-half pess tall— he dine [ s ] on natural squirrels and any cats he [ can ] gimmick. that’s why his custodies [ are ] bloodstained—if you [ eat ] an carnal altogether. you [ can ] ne’er wash the blood away. There [ is ] a long jagged cicatrix that [ runs ] across his face ; what teeth he ha [ s ] [ are ] xanthous and icky ; his eyes dad. and he drool [ s ] most of the time” ( 16 ) . Most Maycomb citizens. including Lookout in the beginning. believe that Boo Radley is a moonstruck that cipher wants to mess with. As the narrative advancements and Scout learns about Mr. Dolphus Raymond and Tom Robinson. she starts to see why Boo wants to be a hermit. He wants to get away from the immorality and favoritism in Maycomb.

Towards the flood tide of Boo’s narrative. Lookout starts to see Boo as an existent homo. non merely as a rumour from Miss Stephanie Crawford. the vicinity nag. She sees him as a life human being and attentions for him. unlike most Maycomb dwellers. In the terminal. Lookout realizes that “Atticus was right. One clip he said you ne’er truly cognize a adult male until you stand in his places and walk around in them. Merely standing on the Radley porch was enough” ( 374 ) . One dark. she somnolently comments about the character in The Gray Ghost “Atticus. when they eventually saw him. why he hadn’t done any of those things…Atticus. he was existent nice…” ( 376 ) . This is symbolic of Boo Radley because he is rumored for things he had ne’er done. but when Scout eventually meets Boo as a individual. she eventually realizes that all those accusals are prevarications and one must esteem others as persons.

Over the class of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. the chief characters Scout and Jem learn to esteem and handle others for who they are as persons. By run intoing three other characters of the novel. they learn this of import lesson. Mr. Raymond and Tom Robinson both teach the kids that it is of import to esteem and honour the fact that Negros are. in fact. worlds along with white citizens. Boo Radley teaches them to stand in another person’s places before organizing an sentiment about them. These two important old ages in the fresh Teach Lookout and Jem the importance of all people in the universe. In the terminal. Scout is much more mature and recognize “there is merely one sort of folks. Folks” ( 304 ) .

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