Clara Barton The American Red Cross Theology Religion Essay Example
Clara Barton The American Red Cross Theology Religion Essay Example

Clara Barton The American Red Cross Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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Clara Barton is a historic figure of positive influence in the medical field. Clara Barton ( 1821- 1912 ) is considered to be the greatest nurse and human-centered during her clip. Barton founded the American Red Cross in the twelvemonth 1881. Sing that Barton was raised in a hapless background, she had a baronial bosom of assisting everyone around her. The Civil War began in 1861 when Barton was working for the authorities ; she offered aid and attention to the hurt soldiers during the war. She ensured that the soldiers were good fed and through her ain attempt, she offered self-taught nursing attention to the injured victims of war. Clara subsequently formed the American Red Cross, an organisation that helped the victims of war.

Clara Barton designed the American Red Cross to non merely help the victims of war but besides the victims of natural catastro


phes. Red Cross which is soon international has played a large function in a broad scope of state of affairss: inundations, dearth, war, temblors and other natural catastrophes. The American Red Cross is presently a human-centered organisation that is chiefly run by voluntaries who provide assistance to victims of calamities and assist persons to forestall, acquire ready for, and act in response to exigencies.

The American Red Cross besides fulfills the desires of the populace by showing the safest, most trusty and most paid blood services in the class of voluntary contributions. Additionally, the American Red Cross encourages ordinary people to transport out extraordinary workss. The blood givers are common people: chiefly high school undergraduates, mill and office employees, concern managers, parents, and any willing person. Additionally, Red Cross blood giver

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play a critical map in the bringing of modern-day health care. A batch of life-saving medicative interventions and actions entail blood transfusions and Red Cross ensures steady supply of blood.

The Red Cross forces and givers have a charitable spirit, an aspiration to give back to the society and help the needy. Clara Barton personality and actions through the foundation of the American Red Cross, has had a positive influence on me since I ever have the demand to give back to the community through community service. In decision, Clara Barton has influenced me to fall in the medical field so that I can help all the persons who need medical attending and attention.

Section Two

Question 1: If your patterned advance through secondary school was or will be delayed or interrupted in any manner, delight lucubrate?

My larning through secondary school will non be interrupted or delayed in anyhow. I am scheduled to graduate early this semester and I have cleared all the secondary school demands. I am really industrious and punctual ; I have ever submitted my assignments in clip before bulk of my schoolmates. I am a speedy scholar and a squad participant ; I have been go toing a local community college during the spring semester and the autumn semester of 2012. I am self motivated and determined and I am frontward to take parting in the challenge and excelling at the university.

Question 2: Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the infinite below ( 1000 character upper limit ) .

Community service is one of my extracurricular activities. I have worked with the city manager of Colorado as a

candidate during the elections in June 2011. We engaged in a figure of activities during the runs: advancing the city manager to derive protagonists by administering his policies through postings, supervising the printing of circulars, keeping public mass meetings to sell his pronunciamento, sing and offering fiscal aid to the unfortunate in the community and forming voluntary candidates to help in community undertakings.

Working as a candidate for the Colorado city manager was a good experience. My assurance and public speech production accomplishments improved enormously. The community greatly benefited since we attended to the needy, and since the city manager won the elections, he has been contending for the rights of the unfortunate in the community. I participated in community service as a candidate for the Colorado city manager out of a spirit of philanthropic gift, and an aspiration to link with the community. Taking portion in community service gives me the chance to give back to the society.

Question 3: For appliers to Columbia College, please state us what from your current and past experiences ( either academic or personal ) attracts you specifically to the field or Fieldss of survey that you noted in the Application Data subdivision. If you are presently undecided, delight compose about any field or Fieldss in which you may hold an involvement at this clip. 1500 characters merely

The Colorado incident that occurred on July twentieth 2012 inspired me to prosecute a pre-medical calling. James Holmes walked in a movie theater in Colorado while viewing audiences were watching Batman movie where he shot witnesss, 58 people were earnestly injured whereas 12 people died.

The victims of the shot were taken to university

of Colorado infirmary where I was working as a certified nurse assistance. This event motivated me to fall in the medical squad ; I want to be portion of the squad that saves lives holding witnessed how the physicians struggled to guarantee that the victims were out of danger. After this experience, I realized that physicians are really of import in the society. By prosecuting a calling in medical specialty, I will be able to impact people 's lives by assisting them and hence do a difference in the society. A calling in medical specialty will enable me to spread out my cognition through new accomplishments and experiences. My experiences and the desire to ever give back to the society animate me to prosecute a class in medical specialty.

Question 4: Please state us what you find most appealing about Columbia and why? 1500 characters merely

There are a figure of things that are appealing about Columbia College ; it ensures that its scholars are prepared academically, socially and vocationally. Columbia College absolutely combines these three of import elements to guarantee that the alumnus is ready for the universe. Additionally, Columbia College ensures that the pupils are ever familiar with the goings-on of the universe. Furthermore, Columbia College allows pupils to get academic mobility and societal mobility, which enables them to confront assorted challenges in their callings and life. This is through version of the acquired manners of adroitness and experience to disputing fortunes every bit good as originative thought across conflicting frames of mention.

Columbia College is besides convenient because it has two graduation options: the concentration and the major. These options present the autonomy to choose

the classs of involvement. Due to all these factors, the Columbia College is really appealing and convenient for survey. Columbia College offers more than 80 classs of survey therefore allowing the pupils the opportunity to dig deeply into natural scientific disciplines, humanistic disciplines classs and in societal scientific disciplines.

Question 5: Choose a book you 've enjoyed and delight state us what you found meaningful about it? 1500 characters merely

The book 'Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Populating out of Life ' by Maxwell Maltz is of great significance. Maxwell Maltz book suggests that the head ever works harmonizing to how it is trained to believe. Harmonizing to Maltz, when an single possesses low self-prides, they accordingly train their subliminal to do them failures. Maltz believes that if persons direct their witting heads to set their thought, their subconscious will automatically follow suit. Maxwell Maltz was a fictile sawbones who realized that bulk of his patients continued to experience unattractive after undergoing plastic surgery.

Harmonizing to Maxwell 's book, most people can non come on in life merely because they feel that they have defects. This consequences to low ego esteem that affects their thought capacity ; they believe that they are failures and can non be successful in anyhow. The book indicates that people volitionally lock their consciousness in a negative manner of believing which subsequently causes them to hold negative ideas.

Maxwell 's book has motivated me to ever appreciate myself and hold positive thought so as to come on. The book Psycho-Cybernetics explains the connexion between organic structure and head. The book explains how crises can be turned to originative chances through dehypnotizing oneself

from negative ideas and after that celebrate new sovereignty from fright and guiltiness. The book besides contains testimonies and histories combined with Maxwell 's advice about relaxation and vision. Dr. Maxwell Maltz presents the class to a dynamic new personality and self-pride and the path to accomplishing success and contentment.

Question 6: State us why you have chosen the NYU campus ( utilizing a upper limit of 700 characters-spaces and punctuation included ) .

I have chosen to analyze in the New York University because it is amongst the universe 's most important centres of research. Furthermore, it is a typical and renowned larning ambiance for both the bookmans and alumnus scholars in many academic and professional classs. The New York University recognizes the significance of its vicinity in New York City and aspires to link its research and instruction to the tremendous resources of a large city. Additionally, the New York University has diverse and worldwide module and undergraduate organic structure that take portion in research and instruction on international issues, and it besides forms academic contact with many provinces and parts.

Question 7: NYU 's planetary web provides pupils with 100s of academic countries of involvement for pupils to cultivate their rational wonder and to assist accomplish their calling ends. Whether you are wholly open about your academic programs or you have a unequivocal plan of survey in head, what are your ain academic involvements? Feel free to portion any ideas on any peculiar plans or how you might research those involvements at NYU on any of our campuses. 1500 characters merely

The research squad in the New York University guided by Professor David Heeger has been

carry oning a research on autistic grownups. The research workers have been look intoing the cause of hapless nervous sensory responses in autistic grownups. Autistic grownups have been reported to hold hapless nervous sensory responses to spy, auditory, every bit good as touch stimulations. The squad seeks to corroborate if there is any relationship between undependable centripetal responses and autism. It has been assumed that autism may be an result of undependable activity within the encephalon during the development period. The squad has measured autism in centripetal parts of the encephalon, but they believe that undependability in centripetal responses may be restricting the betterment of societal and linguistic communication accomplishments in the encephalon parts that sub-serve the maps.

Autism has been an ever-growing job and I would wish to be portion of the New York University research squad that seeks to place the cause. Present attacks to understanding the causes of autism chiefly centres chiefly on peculiar encephalon subdivisions that are linked with these peculiar behaviours without basically associating back to basic features of the encephalon 's signaling capablenesss. New York University 's planetary web will allow me legion academic classs of involvement that will enable me to cultivate my rational wonder and besides help me in accomplishing my ends in medical specialty.

Question 8: What intrigues you? State us about one work of art, scientific accomplishment, piece of literature, method of communicating, or topographic point in the universe ( a movie, book, public presentation, web site, event, location, etc. ) , and explicate its significance to you. 1500 characters merely

The film 'The Last King of Scotland ' which was directed by Kevin MacDonald in 2006 is

a really interesting movie. The movie narrates the narrative of Nicholas Garrigan, a immature physician from Scotland who travelled to Uganda on a mission after graduating from a missional school. Doctor Nicholas decided to seek escapade by working on a missional infirmary. While in Uganda, Garrigan was summoned to go to to Idi Amin after he was involved in a auto accident. His act of hiting a mortally sick cow earned him a occupation as Idi Amin 's personal physician. His life as Idi Amin 's personal physician was really ambitious ; despite being a sort and baronial physician, he was forced into a universe of absolutism and unfairness.

Doctor Nicholas subsequently became Idi Amin 's loyal intimate and is depended upon for non merely medical attention, but besides for province personal businesss. Even though Doctor Garrigan knows about the force in the state, he understands that Amin 's ground for assailing the resistance is the lone solution that will convey durable peace to Uganda. The physician falls in love with Idi Amin 's last married woman Kay and makes her pregnant. Thingss become difficult for Doctor Garrigan, he regrets being Idi 's confederate and Kay is killed in the procedure since he was pregnant for the physician.

'The Last King of Scotland ' is of great significance since it makes me understand that medical specialty as a calling is full of challenges. Doctor Garrigan 's resiliency and dedication to the patients and victims of force is intriguing. The movie is animating and since I want to fall in the medical field in future, the movie inspires me to confront the hereafter with bravery.

Question 9: The Carl

and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund acknowledge outstanding community service. To be considered for this scholarship, you must include an essay on community service.

Community service is a altruistic act of kindness that greatly benefits the community. Community service is unpaid work ; I have managed to apportion my clip suitably to guarantee that I focus on both academic work and personal life. Taking portion in community service has been good since it has played a large function in constructing exceeding character traits. I have on a regular basis taken attention of the aged in nursing places in our community.

Taking attention of the aged is a simple and a really interesting experience given that they are frequently ignored by the society. During community service in the nursing places, the aged were really appreciative particularly while we were holding conversations. They talked about their households and kids ; their relationships with their partners when they were immature, political relations and life in the olden yearss. Most of them were lonely and depressed ; they believed that their households did non care for them and as a consequence, they abandoned them in the nursing places. It was so affecting and fulfilling to see them express joying and happy because of our company. They were really caring ; they wanted to cognize about our households and if we were sing any jobs. They are really wise and full of advices. They gave us advice sing relationships and life by and large.

Keeping the aged company is good as it assist them in covering with emphasis and depression. When the aged are active and engaged, they do non hold any

clip to believe about their jobs which adds them more emphasis. Taking attention of the aged was a fantastic experience. The aged merely demand to be listened to and maintain company. When the aged in the community are assisted, the full community benefits ; it is fulfilling to cognize that everybody in the community is populating a comfy and stress-free life. I managed to better my character after the experience and learnt to set others foremost in my mundane life. Taking portion in community service makes my life livelier and healthier.

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