Characteristics of the Renaissance Era

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This essay will show how the renaissance which means: “the rebirth” can be characterized by emphasis on humanism, art, science, religion, and renaissance self awareness. During The Renaissance era renaissance scholars used the humanist method in study, and viewed art in search for realism and human emotion. Scholars such as Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci were important influences in the era.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that greatly influenced literature, philosophy, politics, and other parts of the knowledge at that period of time.Humanism is a way of learning and is not considered to be philosophy. Humanist scholars learned from education based on the study of ethics, grammar, and poetry. Political philosophers brought back many of the ideas of ancient Greek and Roman scholars and used them for their government formation. Humanist used the idea that “the genius of man, the unique and extraordinary ability of the human mind. ” Art during The Renaissance art was developed by highly realistic linear perspective.

Linear perspective was a popular trend used for realism in the art work being done.Da Vinci human anatomy is the most famous of realistic art. Architecture at the time was based on the remains of buildings of the classical age. Artwork was used to show the true beauty of nature. Science was explored heavily during The Renaissance and a it saw a large change in the view of the universe and allowed philosophers to use different ways to explain natural phenomena. Art and science was very closely based due to the fact that many artist were also scientist.

The major development during the time of the renaissance in the field of science was the creation of the scientific method.Due to this new method of learning large leaps in the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, and anatomy was able to be accomplished. Religion during The Renaissance was used for people to understand the relationship they had with god. The artwork done during this era were all made for the dedication to the church. The church went through much corruption and many false popes and bishops.

Martin Luther published the 95 Theses which was about the corruption. Because of the 95 theses the movement known as the Reformation which was the break from the Roman Catholic Church.

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