Characteristics of International Business for Nike

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The purpose of the business, the products being handled, the mission of the company and the services to be provided be clearly mentioned. The description should be elaborate and understandable for the future customers. The aim is to project the business objectivity in a proper and systematic way. Business Concept: The details of the sports shoe business activity in Germany and how the company will achieve the target goal is given to understand. Every business has to work in its specific industry.

Data of the industry is necessary to know how the present supply–chain-management will operate and the future prospects. In e-business plans, the detailed data from the respective industry may not be necessary. Executive Summary Nike’s International Marketing Plan is concerned with the structuring of the relationship between a business and the global sector. The environment in which business operates has a greater influence on their successes or failures. There is a strong linkage between the changing circumstances, the strategic response of the business to such changes and the performance.It is therefore important to understand the forces of external environment the way they will influence this linkage.

The external environment which is dynamic and changing holds both opportunities and threats for the organisations. The changes in the environment affect the risk levels of various investments to be made in the new situations. The macro environments in which all firms operate broadly consist of the economic environment, the political and legal environment, the socio cultural aspects and the environment related issues.The technological temper and its progress has been the key driver behind the major changes witnessed in the external environment making it increasingly complex to enter in other countries. Competitive Strategy: To have the widest range of variants on its regular production schedules as a differential advantage vis-a-vis its competitors.

Overall Marketing Objectives: Nike’s is having a dedicated team which will be able to adjust to any future challenge. The company is already having exports to many countries of the world.The company needs to analyze the kind of impact the export may bring in their industry as the impacts are never same for all industries. The emerging demographic profile of any country will have very different consequences for businesses. The former will face an adverse effect, the latter will have a positive effect and this needs to be analyzed and integrated into strategic decision making.

In response to these assessments of differential impacts, management will be able to take advantages of the opportunities or guard themselves of the threats.Detailed Analysis of Strategies Responding to these various impacts with new strategic initiatives the management must take notice of the fact that if the changes are significant, it may have the potential of changing the competitive rules. Management need to be cautious of the fact that there may be developments, which are not so easy to be predicted and therefore need further attention so that they can be incorporated in their export market.In the global context, the management must see the kind of impact any single situation will have in different markets. It is quite possible that they are very different both in degree and their nature.

1. Long Term Objectives Planning is formulated keeping in mind the long term objectives of the organization. It is so because it emphasizes on long term growth and development. Planning is future oriented and therefore concerned with the objectives which have a long term perspective.

The objectives give directions for implementing a concrete plan.

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