Character Analysis Argumentative Essay Example
Character Analysis Argumentative Essay Example

Character Analysis Argumentative Essay Example

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The focus of my analysis is the character Joy, also known as Hulga, from the story "Good Country People." Joy is a highly educated woman who is depicted as being 32 years old. Unfortunately, at the age of ten, she lost one of her legs in a hunting accident which subsequently caused her to become a realist who often experiences bouts of depression.

Joy left home when she was 21 to attend college and changed her name legally to Hulga. It is believed that Hulga chose this name to show her disdain towards her mother, as Joy is a lovely name and Hulga is an unattractive one. Hulga lost her leg in a hunting accident at the age of ten, which serves as a representation of her personality as the protagonist in the story.

Hulga is a woman who has faced hardships in l


ife. The name Joy initially appealed to her due to its unattractive sound, but she later realized its true suitability. It became clear that Joy's heart condition was the only reason she was living in the rural area with "good country people." Hulga viewed young men with disdain and lacked trust in their intelligence. When she took off her prosthetic limb, she felt vulnerable and relied on Manly Pointer. The character was shown to make unwise decisions, such as lying about her age to the bible salesman and entrusting her leg to a near stranger without much thought.

Upon the bible salesman pulling out a suitcase devoid of bibles, it became clear to her that he was a dishonest person. As an atheist, her decision to allow a bible salesman into her house was perplexin

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from the beginning. The character's motivation is to outsmart and overcome the bible salesman, Manly Pointer.

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