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The character Kevin in Home Alone 2 is a very diverse young lad filled with wonder and action that gives the Movie its pizzazz. I will explain how a character of Kevin’s statue stands relatable to everyday people like us. I will also explain how he gives us certain signs to either help us explain his emotions or to throw us off by sending a sign completely opposite of his actions. Last but not least I will give the reader of this essay a insight into Kevin’s cognitive dissonance and how everyday messages can be contributed to the making of this astounding and suspenseful film.

In the movie Home Alone 2- Lost in New York the main character Kevin has many relatable traits that we as humans have. For one Kevin always feels as he is always being picked on because he is the youngest. This is a trait that we have always felt in at one point in our life. Kevin emotions really give us a hint that he feels hopelessness when in front of his peers or family. But when in front of the “Wet Bandits” he defends himself and finds courage unlike many of us. He seems to mature and use his intellect to booby trap his way out of any pickle. Kevin’s courage makes him relatable.

When in trouble he finds the courage to stand and fights like most of us we sometimes will defend ourselves when we feel threatened by any opposing force. These actions really give us a different look at Kevin as being very protective over himself and the people around him. He really portrays this when defending “Duncan’s Toy chest” a huge toy store from the notorious “Wet Bandits” that planned to steal all the charity money for the children’s hospital. This is one of my favorite traits of Kevin though he might seem helpless he always stands for what is right and fights his way to destroy the certain villain committing these heinous acts.

One more relatable trait Kevin has is having awesome people skills when interacting with different people from different backgrounds. For example the “Bird Lady” who is a character that Kevin at first is scared due to all the pigeons on her but as time progresses he finds out that she is friendly when she helps him when he becomes wedged between two rocks. After this incident he finds peace with her and finds out about her rough past. At the end of the movie they become forever friends when Kevin gives her turtle doves which represent everlasting friendship. Like some of us curiosity really gives us look into different societies and groups.

I know as for me I love interacting with Homeless people because they have awesome stories to tell that I couldn’t imagine happened. Many of us don’t have the guts to do this but if we did we would come to accept more groups and spread love throughout the world. I believe Kevin sometimes means to send his most common sign of being helpless to kind of throw us off. Just after escaping the threat of the hotel concierge he finds himself caught yet again by the wet bandits. When we sense that all hope is lost and Kevin is caught the tides turn and Kevin devises a plan while being led to his doom.

He uses a very pretty lady to his advantage to escape the wrath of the wet bandits. He at first seems helpless and we in turn feel this but this sign is what he wants everyone to think because as he seems helpless Kevin is concocting a new plan to flee from these crooks. At the beginning of the movie buzz his bully brother Buzz embarrasses Kevin in a Christmas concert thus making Kevin retaliate and ruin the school concert. When confronted by the family “who plans to go on their Christmas break in a tropical climate” he refuses to apologize and storms up to the third floor attic wishing that he could go on a vacation by alone.

Here he sends signs that he really rather repeat what happened last year than to go to Florida with his family. I wouldn’t call this hate its more on the lines of disagreement with his family. But he wants to send the sign of detestation towards his family. During one point in the movie Kevin walks past the children’s hospital and sees many ill children and it brings him back to what the “wet bandits” said about stealing all the money that Mr. Duncan Is donating to the hospital. When this happens he really gets heated and gives off this sign by saying “You can mess with a lot of things, but you can’t mess with kids on Christmas”.

He intended us to see him livid because it builds up to the reason for him booby trapping the house in the next scene. In Home Alone Kevin the main character really shows us that a helpless kid can have cognitive dissonance in the exact opposite of being helpless. When presented a sketchy situation for example running from a higher authority than him he uses his witty attitude and brains to get out of any trouble. When faced with troubles for example being caught by the bandits he first acts defenseless but as time progresses his attitude takes an abrupt halt and he devises a plan to get out this situation.

His quick thinking helps him escape any life threatening situation. I love this because it makes his character more likable and gives him a sense of maturity. When Kevin sees cognitive dissonance with other beings in the movie his actions are rather remarkable. For example when the scary “Bird Lady” helps pulls his foot loose, he is not expecting for it to happen like that. Kevin gets a “Atypical Message” because he is expecting a completely different situation to take place. So after he is helped his reaction is exactly what any decent humans reaction would be which is curious.

Kevin realizes that she isn’t so bad after all and ends up liking her which is the exact opposite of what he felt when he first gazed upon this “Bird Lady” All these traits or signs really make Kevin’s character a very diverse look into the life of a true genius. Kevin might look like a helpless kid on the outside but he turn into a deadly weapon in the matter of minutes. These traits give him a personality that only his character alone can have. This is why I chose Kevin because of his diversity as a character. I hope that it gave you an insight on his character.

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