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Cause and Effects of NOFFT Abstract This essay will explore the possible psychological causes of Nonorganic failure to thrive and the ways it can be diagnosed and treated. I will also explore which families are affected by NOFTT and how education can help Non Organic Failure to Thrive What is Non- Organic failure to thrive? Non-Organic failure to thrive is defined as a non medical reasons for a lack of appetite and growth.

Babies with NOFTT account for the majority of failure to thrive cases (Bauchner,1996: Schmitt, 1988). According to my research 70% of NOFTT babies were diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. We will now explore some the possible causes of NOFTT. One possible cause of NOFTT is thought to be caused by a failure of the parents to connect with and nurture the child. Without this important bond, the child fails to form an attachment and loses the desire to eat and fail to grow physically and mentally.

Another cause of failure to thrive is a lack of education on proper feeding either because of a lack of knowledge of an child’s emotional needs, feeding times and schedules or the because a caregivers have their own emotional problems, which consume all their time and energy, leaving little time to feed, and nurture a child’s needs. Basically if you’re unable to function and take care of yourself, you will not be able to meet the demands of and infant that requires 24 hour a day care and is totally dependent on you to fill all its need to survive.

Some of the conditions that are seen in the caregivers are depression, alcohol and drug abuse, psychosocial stress which in turn makes then unable to give attention and form a bond with their child. Factors that increase incidences of NOFTT are poverty, NOFTT is higher in urban and rural families living in poverty, though a lack of money and a lack of a nutritious and consistent food supply does contribute to the increase. The biggest increase is thought to come from the stress and anxiety from living in poverty, which in turn interfere with that important parent – child attachment.

Non Organic Failure to Thrive In conclusion NOFFT can be treated with education and support from pediatricians, Nutritionist, social workers and psychiatrist. All new parents need to learn how to properly care feed and bond with their children. We can also providing support in helping caregivers deal with and overcome any emotional, chemical dependency and psychological issues, before having children. Children that do not receive the emotional and physical support they need to thrive, end up with delayed development, and a multiple of physical and emotional disabilities.

So it seem very important to me that all parent should attend child care and parenting classes, before and after the child’s birth. If we bring a life into this world, we as parents have the responsibility to nurture, love and care for to best of our ability. References Bauchner H, (1996) Children with special health needs-Failure ti Trive, in R Behrman(ED), Nelson text book of Pediatrics (15th e, pp. 122123). Philadelphia: W. B Saunders http://www. lpch. org/DiseaseHealthInfo/HealthLibrary/growth/thrive. html Rush

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