BUS 312 CH7

___ is the process of evaluating the attractiveness of different market segments and selecting one or more segments to enter
marketing targeting
Zista, a boutique that caters to the clothing needs of women, manufactures two different lines of fashion wear based on the purchasing power of its customers. One product line caters to the needs of affluent, middle-aged women, and the other line targets younger professionals and homemakers. Zista most likely segments the consumer market based on ________ variables.
________ consists of arranging for a market offering to occupy a clear, distinctive, and desirable place relative to competing products in the minds of target consumers.
Which of the following is the right order of the steps that companies generally follow in designing a customer-driven marketing strategy?
market segmentation, market targeting, differentiation, and positioning
senz, an automobile maunfacturer, produces low-end vehicles that are targeted toward lower-income consumer groups. Senz most likely segments the consumer market based on ____
Pacific Fisheries groups its customers by regions in the U.S., such as Midwest, Northeast, and Southwest. For each region, Pacific Fisheries tailors a different set of advertisements and promotions. Based on which of the following segmentation variables does the firm divide its market?
geographic locations
Pediacertain Pet Supplies, a pet-food company, divides the pet market according to the pet owners’ gender, occupation, income, and family life cycle. In this case, which of the following variables has the company used for market segmentation?
demographic variables are the most popular bases for segmenting customer groups because they ____
are easier to measure
Zindle, an American smartphone-manufacturing firm, targets children below the age of ten by providing free games and applications. The firm’s marketing approach is reflective of a(n) ________ segmentation.
age and life-cycle
___ factors are the most popular bases for segmenting customer groups
proferm inc. caters its line of sports apparel exclusively to women. what type of segmentation does the company use?
which type of market segmentation is generally used by marketers who sell products for the affluent segments of a population?
At one time, Miller Beer was known as the “champagne of bottled beer.” It was targeted at an elite class of customers. Later, to increase sales, Miller was repositioned to attract members of the working, middle-class. What is this segmentation method called?
dividing buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses or responses to a product is called ____ segmentation
firms that manufacture seasonal products target their consumers primarily through ___ segmentation
the marketing manager at frizzles’ eateries targets customers who are working to lose weight but who still want to dine out. the restaurant chain offers a wide variety of low-fat, low-calorie meals that appeal to dieters. frizzles’ approach is best referred to as ____
Markets can be segmented into groups of nonusers, ex-users, potential users, first-time users, and regular users of a product. This method of segmentation is called ________.
user status segmentation
shampoo marketers segment buyers as light, medium, or heavy product users. this is an example of ____ segmentation
usage rate
Gold Class Electricals, a consumer-electronics firm, targets market segments based on factors such as country, age, social class, usage rate, and benefits sought. The company divides its markets based on ________.
multiple segmentation bases
rasco corp segments its foreign markets based on the income levels of a country’s population. in this case, the firm segments its market based on ____
economic factors
Producers of popular beverages often partner with global music channels to target consumers through a variety of promotional events and advertisements. This approach to marketing is referred to as ________ segmentation.
market segments that can be effectively reached and served are said to be _____
when the size, purchasing power, and profiles of a market segment can be determined, the market segment is said to be ____
when a market segment is large or profitable enough to serve, it is termed ____
when an effective program can be designed for attracting and serving a chosen segment, the segment is best described as ___
when market segments are conceptually distinguishable and respond distinctively to various marketing mix elements and programs, they are said to be ____
a market segment is less attractive when ____
it contains powerful suppliers who can control prices
which of the following is an approach where firms target a whole market based on common consumer needs?
undifferentiated marketing
marketing the same product to a huge customer base without any customization is referred to as ___
mass marketing
port orleans shipping markets different services to the tourism, defense and trade segments. the firm designs separate offers for each segment based on their needs. this approach is called ____ marketing
by offering product and marketing variations to segments and developing a stronger position within the several segments, companies hope to create more total sales through segmented marketing than ___ marketing across all segments
BritWay Ventures, a leading producer of soft drinks, is considering a differentiated marketing strategy. It is most likely important that the company weighs increased sales against ____ before selecting the strategy
increased costs
compared with undifferentiated marketing, differentiated marketing is more likely to lead to ____
higher costs of doing business
a successful niche marketing strategy relies on a firm’s
knowledge of customer needs
Unlike other car rental agencies that are based in airports to serve travelers, Wheelz-On-Rent has a network of neighborhood offices. The firm strives to serve people who need car rentals for reasons other than vacation, such as when their own cars are being repaired. Wheelz-On-Rent caters to a small share of the large car rental market. From this description, it can be concluded that Wheelz-On-Rent most likely practices ________.
concentrated marketing
the practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific individuals and locations is referred to as ____
____ marketing tailors brands and promotions to the needs and wants of specific cities, neighborhoods and even stores
which of the following is true about local marketing
it increases manufacturing costs
marketers tailoring brands and promotions to the needs and wants of specific customer groups practices
local marketing
when a company interacts one-on-one with large numbers of customers to create customer-unique value by designing products and services tailor-made to individual needs, it is engaging in _____
mass customization
which of the following is true about product positioning?
to simplify the buying process, consumers are likely to position products in their minds
through ____, brands can be differentiated on features, performance, or style and design
product differentiation
companies are likely to gain ___ through speedy, convenient, or careful delivery of products
services differentiation
Which of the following types of differentiation is used to gain competitive advantage through the way a firm designs its distribution coverage, expertise, and performance?
channel differentiation
Argonaut Food Stores, a retail giant, hires better-skilled employees than its competitors by employing strategic recruitment practices. It also conducts highly specialized training programs for its employees. In this case, Argonaut has focused on gaining a strong competitive advantage through ________ differentiation.
Customers recognize the products of Breads & Butters, a coffee shop, by identifying the “twisted bread” logo that helped the firm revolutionize its products. In this case, the firm has differentiated itself through its ________.
when firms use symbols, colors, or characters to convey their personalities, they are using ____ differentation
which of the following is true of perceptual positioning maps
They are used to analyze consumer perceptions of a brand versus competing products
estel, a kitchen-cabinet manufacturer, positions its cabinets as furniture with superior craftsmanship and durability. This is an example of ___ differentiation
a brand difference is said to be preemptive if____
competitors cannot easily copy the differences
Rad, a manufacturer of luxury watches, charges a higher price for its products than its competitors. Despite the high prices, the brand is popular among customers for its quality and service in comparison to cheaper alternatives available in the market. In this case, Rad offers a(n) ________ value proposition
Using a(n) ________ positioning strategy, companies can attack the more-for-more strategy of another firm by offering a brand of comparable quality at a lower price.
which positioning strategy offers value for consumers by providing the same brands as competitors at a lower price?
the same for less
the less-for-much-less positioning involves meeting consumers’ requirements for ____
lower quality for lower price
which of the following strategies is most likely to be followed by firms that position themselves as caterers of the best products at economical prices?
more for less
Stores offering low-quality alternatives to luxury products at low prices most likely follow a ________ positioning strategy.
household stores, a local retail store, claims to offer better products at a lower prices than other retail stores. In this case, the firm’s positioning reflects a ____ value proposition.
which of the following includes the target segment of a product, the category to which the product belongs, and the product’s point of difference from other members in the category?
positioning statement
Zeal is a popular automobile brand, and its positioning statement reads as follows: “For upscale American families who require large vehicles, Zeal is the automobile of choice.” Which of the following mandatory elements is missing from the positioning statement?
point of difference
company and brand positioning should be summed up in a _____
positioning statement
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