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US History Test Questions Final Exam

Which state granted women the full right to vote in 1890? Wyoming What is another name for the right to vote? Suffrage This law banned the production, sale, and transpiration of alcoholic beverages throughout the US 18th Amendment Theodore Roosevelt’s idea for balancing the interests of consumers, laborers and business people was called? Square Deal […]

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History 1301 Test 2 Review

King Phillip’s War Took place in 1675. king phillip (metacom indian chief) tries to make alliances w/other indians. has the largest % of casualties than any war americans ever involved in. Bacon’s Rebellion Named for Nathaniel Bacon. 1675 Bacon new settler in Virginia. Bacon lives on frontier where he is attacked by indians. Indians used […]

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APUSH Chapter 2 Review
11 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Chapter Two The Planting of English America, 1500 to 1733 answer … question What were the characteristics of the government and the economy in the Southern Colonies? answer Since the area was not colonized by Spain and France, England established colonies along the southern Atlantic coast. The earliest successful English colony in North America […]

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Step 2CK NBME Review
10 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question NBME 4 answer question 2mo infant is exclusively breastfed. What nutritional supplement? answer Oral VitD to prevent rickets question What HTN drug causes peripheral edema, flushing, dizziness? answer CCB eg nifedipine question 15yo girl with recurrent candida infections of skin and mucous membranes since childhood. Dx? answer Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (T cell dysfunction) question […]

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Nubia AP World History (TB Notes, Jones)
10 Sep 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question Later on in Meroë, women had a greater role in politics. Earlier, with Egyptian influence, their role was less. (help add info) answer Know gender roles in each of the classical civilizations— what gender role did women have in the Nubian civilization? question Nubia (3100 BCE – 350 CE) answer a thousand mile stretch […]

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History 101: Western Civilization- Constantine to Hundred Years’ War

question Diocletian answer -Emperor of Rome (reigned for 21 years from 284-305) -Called himself the Sun-God which demonstrated political and religious power -Birthday was December 25 -Known for worst and longest persecution of Christians -Wanted to divide the Church through a) scandal and b) persecution and imprisonment -Issued an edict in 303 that all Christians […]

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World History- semester 2 final exam review

question Causes of the french revolution answer •american revolution •enlightment ideas •divisons •economic problems question Enlightenment answer Age of reason question Louis XVI answer He was the king at the start of the French Revolution; he was weak and indecisive question Marie antoinette answer Queen of France wife of Louis XVI she was against reforms […]

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AP World History 7-3 and 7-4

question Beginning of Christianity answer started as faith practiced by small group of Jews in province Judaea- spread throughout Med. -expansion throughout Med. world due to Constantine’s decision to support it in 313 question Religion in Rome answer -state encouraged worship of different Roman gods (that had Greek counterparts) -officials often used tax money to […]

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Biology 1407 Ch 26 Vocab
06 Sep 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question analogy answer -think analogous -critical in reconstructing phylogenies -no common ancestry question binomial answer -Linnaeus instituted a two-part format for Latin scientific names -italicized -consists of the genus name and the specific epithet question clade answer -includes an ancestral species and all of its descendants question cladistics answer -approach to systematics -common ancestry is […]

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World History – Patterns of Interaction Chapter 1

question Artifact answer An artifcats are human-made object which was found by Archaeologists, that helps us learn about the past civilization. These objects can vary from tools to jewelry, which were used for survival and decoration. Different artifacts from around the world give us a vision of how culture took place during the beginnings of […]

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Chapter 31 AP World History Argumentative Essay

question Napoleon answer (1769-1821) Emperor of the French. Responsible for many French Revolution reforms as well as conquering most of Europe. He was defeated at Waterloo, and died several years later on the island of Saint Helena. question capitulations answer Agreements with European powers that gave European bankers and merchants unfair advantages in the Empire […]

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World history Exam questions

question what did the artist of the renaissance focus on? answer humanism question in which city did the renaissance begin? answer Florence italy question A patron was a person who? answer Supported the arts and artist question A person who produces work in the vernacular is one who answer writes in everyday language question what […]

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AP World History – Chapter 24 Vocab

question Sepoys answer Indian troops, trained in European style, serving the French and British. question Raj answer The British political establishment in India. question Plassey (1757) answer Battle between the troops of the British East India Company and an Indian army under Siraj-ud-daula, ruler of Bengal; British victory gave them control of Northeast India. question […]

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Chapter 21 Section 4
22 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Harlem Renaissance answer a flowering of African American artistic creativity during the 1920’s, centered in the Harlem community of New York city. question Zora Neale Hurston answer loved to read adventurous stories and myths. spent time with a traveling theater company and attended Howard university. ended up in New York where she struggled to […]

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AP World History Project

question iron weapons answer were used as a trading product for protection. used during the iron revolution. were the strongest and most advanced weapon material of the ancient times, introduced by pastoral people. question chariots answer are two-wheeled carts that are pulled by horses; some are used in battles or in races. military used these […]

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APUSH Ch. 29 Voc.

question Henry Demarest Lloyd answer In 1881, he published \”Story of a Great Monopoly,\” an exposé of the railroads and Standard Oil, in the pages of the Atlantic Monthly; assailed the Standard Oil Company in 1894 with his book Wealth Against Commonwealth. question Thorstein Veblen answer a late nineteenth-century economist, accused big business and government […]

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Prebles’ Artforms (Ch 1-13)
14 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Ch 1 answer The nature of art question Cathedra answer Barnett Newman, 1951, Oil on canvas question art forms answer An activity or a piece of artistic work that can be regarded as a medium of artistic expression. Music, dance, theater, literature, and the visual arts. question visual arts answer drawing, painting, sculpture, film, […]

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AP World History Unit 3: Enlightenment

question Absolute Monarchy answer idea of total control by one ruler who gains his power through religion and strength question Socrates answer Greek philosopher who invented the socratic seminar question Plato answer student of socrates that believed that there should be three social classes (workers, soldiers, and philosophers) question Aristotle answer student of Plato who […]

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6 Eras of American Business

question Colonial Era answer Pre-Colonial to Civil War Era. Rural and agricultural production. Towns were small and they functioned as marketplaces for farmers. Economic focus centered on rural areas. Families lived and worked together. question Industrial Revolution answer Post Civil War – late 1800’s. Moved business operations from an emphasis on independent skilled workers who […]

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US History Unit 7

question Why did African Americans, Mexican immigrants, and Mexican Americans face especially hard times in the 1930s? answer Lack of jobs, being laid off, discrimination question Why did some immigrants return to Mexico during the Great Depression answer They had lost their jobs in the united states due to the great depression question How did […]

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Music Appreciation Review 1
08 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Syncopation answer Placement of accents away from their normal stresses in the meter question Sound in time answer What music can be defined as the art of question Beats answer How musical time is measured question Triple meter grouping answer ONE two three, ONE two three question Measure or Bar answer Each occurrence of […]

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Health Test 8

question Controlling body weight is best accomplished by: answer balancing calories, getting regular exercise & maintaining a balanced diet. question The # of premature deaths in America per year that are attributed to inactivity & overweight: answer 100,000 question What percentage of American adults are overweight? answer 67% question Weight loss of ___ of body […]

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