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Which state granted women the full right to vote in 1890?
What is another name for the right to vote?
This law banned the production, sale, and transpiration of alcoholic beverages throughout the US
18th Amendment
Theodore Roosevelt’s idea for balancing the interests of consumers, laborers and business people was called?
Square Deal
Who encouraged African Americans to improve their economic and educational opportunities rather than fight discrimination directly?
Booker T Washington
What were journalists who wrote problems in society during the Progressive age called?
What is the practice of printing sensational, often exaggerated stories called?
Yellow Journalism
What territory did the US acquire from Russia in 1867?
What did supporters of isolationism believe that the US should do?
Avoid interfering with other countries’ affairs
Name the queen of Hawaii who lost her kingdom to the US
Queen Liliuokalani
What was the battleship that exploded in Havana harbor starting the Spanish-American War?
The U.S.S Maine
What was the major crop grown on the Hawaiian Islands in the late 1900s?
Sugar Cane
He was the first President to consider conservation an important national priority?
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt’s nickname
The name given to the soldiers who joined with TR during the Spanish American War who charged up San Juan Hill
Rough Riders
He arranged the purchase of Alaska
William Seward
The waterway between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Panama Canal
Who said \”Speak softly and carry a big stick…\”
Theodore Roosevelt
He opened up Japan in 1853
Commodore Party
Allowing all nations to trade with China
Open Door Policy
A Yellow Journalist
William Randolph Hearst
Freed from Spain, it fought a long revolution to free itself from the US
Its citizens are US citizens and pay no tax
Puerto Rico
Panama declared independence from this country
Boxer Rebellion took place there
To conquer or take over other countries
A clothing factory where there was a fire and a lot of immigrant young girls died
The Triangle Shirtwaist Company
Walter Reed
a doctor who found out that misquotes carry malaria
What was the international assembly created after World War I to settle disputes and encourage democracy called
League of Nations
Payments for war damages is called
The conference and final peace settlement of World War I as the.
Treaty of Versailles
This disease killed more people than battle deaths
The Treaty of Versailles was signed by representative of the Us, France, Great Britain and?
The British passenger liner sunk by the Germans
The following nations (Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire, Italy) were members of Central Powers during WWI except
The Spark that ignited WWI was the assassination of the heir to the Austria-Hungary throne name
Archduke Francis Ferdinand
The term for a truce which ended active warfare and paved the way for a peace treaty?
A russian holy man who had extreme influence over the Russian royal family
The Zimmermann Note involved the US, Germany, and what other nation
The leader of Germany during the WWI had the title of
What was President Wilsons campaign slogan as he ran fro reelection in 1916?
He kept us out of war
Which of the following nations (England, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark) was neutral during WWI
What of the following nations (Yugoslavia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Spain) was NOT created as a result of WWI
The Czar of Russia during WWI. He married Alexandria and has a son with hemophilia. He was overthrown by a Communist group
Nicholas Romanov
A communist group in Russia, believed everyone should be equal. They overthrew the Russian Czar and sparked civil war. Vladimir Lenin was the leader of this group
German submarines that torpedo many allied power ships.
Payments for war damage
Peace Settlement of WWI
Treaty of Versailles
Capital of Russia in 1914
St. Petersburg
Wrote \”Over There\”
Georgia M. Cohan
Inability of blood to clot
Austria Royal Family
Required men to register for the military in US
Selective Service Act
Bosnian assassination city
Bolshevik leader
Vladimir Lenin
October 29th, 1929
Black Tuesday
Roosevelt’s \”Summer White House\” was located where?
Warm Springs
Veterans of WWI and their families who protested in Washington DC
Bonus Army
Parts of the American mid-west destroyed by storms and drought
Dust Bowl
Radio addresses by Roosevelt
Fireside Chars
Brought electricity and jobs to Tenesse Valley
Someone who brought stocks shares on credit
Buying on Margin
He said \”The only thing have to fear is fear itself..\”
Theodore Roosevelt
Brought financial security for the elderly, children and unemployed
Social Security Act
Roosevelt’s programs to battle the depression and aid economic recovery
New deal
Why were some American writers of the 1920s called the Lost Generation
They expressed feeling separation from American society
1927 was a fundamental year in motion pictures, b/c it brought the first?
Movie with sound
The Scopes trial represented the conflict between
Fundamentalist beliefs and scientific ideas about evolution
Increased government corruption, as local and politicians took bribes from gangsters to ignore the movement and sale of alcohol
Effect of Prohibition
What was the main reason Herbert Hoover was elected by a large majority of voted?
Hoover promised to continue the economi boom.
Until 1924, Native Americans did not have access to adequate legal protection from the government because they
were not citizens of the US
The first all taking movie was called
Jazz Singer
One of the main goals of Marcus Garvey’s black nationalism was for African Americans to
Have their own businesses and communities
The Model T Ford was nicknamed
The Tin Lizzie
Businesses were hurt by the stock marker crash b/c they
Lost their savings in failed banks and had to close or cut back
Which group suffered most in the Dust Bowl
What problems did President Roosevelts have with the Supreme Court
the court issued a series of ruling declaring many New Deal programs unconstitutional
Which of the following best describes Black Tuesday
The stock market crashed
The TVA was significant because it hired people
Build dams and generators that provided electricity
This groups organized workers into unions based on industry, not skill level
Congress of Industrial Organizations
The following states (Oklahoma, Kansas, New Jersey, Texas) were directly affected by the Dust Bowl except
New Jersey
Franklin Roosevelt was afflicted with which disease
Infantile Paralysis
A lasting effect of the New Deal
The protection of saving of bank customers
Well known for painting flowers and landscapes of the southwest
Georgia O’Keeffee
A new deal group that employed people improve wildlife parks
When the stock market increases
Bull Market
First person to fly across the Atlantic solo
Charles Lindbergh
Attacked on September 1, 1939
2nd Atom-bombed city
Japanese strategy to purposely crash piloted planes into enemy ships
Where more than 600 Americans and 10,00 Filipinos were starved and beaten by Japanese soldiers
Bataan Death March
Winner of the Spanish Civil War
General Franco
Dictator of the Soviet Union in 1929
Joseph Stalin
Alliance formed by Germany, Italy and later joined by Japan
Axis Powers
Leader who gained complete control of Italy in 1922
Benito Mussolini
British Leader during WWII
Winston Churchill
Where the US fleet was attacked by the Japanese in December 1941
Pearl Harbor
Fiery Speaker who inspired huge audiences by vowing to restore Germany prosperity and a position of international power
Adolf Hitler
Policy of avoiding war with an aggressive nation by giving in to its demands
Allowed Franklin D. Roosevelt to aid any natin he believed was a vital to US defense
Lend-lease Act
The German Air force
Lightning War
Commanded the American and Filipino forces in the Philippines
Douglas McArthut
Supreme commander of US forces in Europe
Dwight E Eisenhower
Japanese emperor
Soviet city under siege for almost three years
National Socialist Party of Germany
Why did Great Britain and France finally declare war on Germany in September 1939
They had pledged to defend Poland against Hitler who attacked it from the west
What was significant about America’s Selective Training and Servie Act
It was the first peacetime draft in the country’s history
Why did Hitler direct his anger towards intellectuals, Communists and Jews in the 1930’s
He blamed them for Germany’s economic and defeat in WWI
Harry Truman took over as president because President Roosevelt
died of a stroke in April 1945
All of the following nations (Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy) were neutral during WWII except
The first priority of President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to defeat the Axis Powers was to
Defeat the Germans
What American general was forced to retreat from the Philippines in March 1942
Douglas MacArthur
What is one way that WWII affected the American economy
Factories ran 24 hours a day producing military supplies
V-E Day on May 8th 1945 marked
Germany’s surrednder
The Nazis attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe
The first city ever atomic-bombed was
The secret program to develop the atomic bomb was known as the
Manhattan Project
Hitlers \”final solution\” was
Allied Powers included US, Great Britain, The Soviet Union and
A forced relocation and imprisonment of Japanese Americans
US destroyed four Japanese aircraft carriers in this battle
Battle of Midway
One of the only nations in Europe not taken over by the Nazis during WWII was
Great Britain
The Airplane which dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan
Enola Gay
On October 1, 1949 the Communist officially established the People Republic of China led by this man
Mao Zedong
This was the line dividing North and South Korea
38th Parallel
Wisconsin senator raised fears in the US by charging that Communist were working inside the State Department
Joseph McCarthy
Launched by the Soviet Union in October 1957
Executed for giving atom bomb secrets to the Soviets
The Rosenberg
A policy of preventing the Soviet Union from expanding its influence around the world
The policy of providing aid to help foreign countries, such as Greece and Turkey fight communism
Truman Doctrine
The fear that communism was spreading throughout American society
Red Scare
The place where high ranking Nazis were put on trial
Nuremberg Trial
What was the original purpose of the UN
conflict resolution
President Truman sent US military forces to South Korea to
Give South Korea troops, cover and support
In the 1950s the federal government began an urban renewal program mainly to
Improve cities
Which benefits did the GI bill fo rights offer to veteran
Money for school and loans for houses
During the 1950 musicians such as Elvis helped what type of music to become popular
Rock n Roll
Some cities complied that suburban life was too heavily based on
Consumer Culture
Beat Poet who criticized American society and unusual writing styles and rebellious behavior
Allen Ginsberg

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