Billy Elliot

Moving into the world can be positive & negative; can be shown through the following film “billy Elliot”. There a variety of pathways & elements, this gives individuals to transition themselves into a new world. Into the world is about individuals finding new pathways into their daily lives with determination, support & of the individual’s confidence & belief.

My other related text I will be speaking about shows a different type of transition of ‘’into the world’’ is an article of ‘’ a teenage sailor that sets sail’’ the two texts show different entry to the same theme. My character billy is put through many tough situations, for example when billy had no family or community support in trying to live his dream of being a Professional Ballet dancer. Once I saw billy being forced to do boxing & his family being miners it was clear to me that billy would not follow the footpaths of his older brother & father.

The director shows billy sparring in the ring & having no coordination or stance or desire to fight, this quote “Jesus Christ, Billy Elliot, you are a disgrace to them gloves, your father & the traditions of this boxing hall”. This scene shows us how billy is not living up to society’s expectations of what the life of a young boy should pursue. This boxing lesson shows the interest & courage for ballet that billy shows. The camera view in this scene shows the camera sliding past many pairs of ballet shoes, the camera stops on billy’s feet; he is wearing his boxing shoes.