Assignment: Science and English Essay Example
Assignment: Science and English Essay Example

Assignment: Science and English Essay Example

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  • Published: March 29, 2018
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To complete the assessment, click on the link below and read the first two pages of information at http://www.Moss.Org/oceans/planet/change.HTML about the Oceans' Origins. Your task is to submit a well-defined paragraph for each question one through four in the Discussion section on the next page using supporting information from the reading along with your own thoughts regarding continental drift and Earth's oceans formation, how volcanoes influenced sea origins, describing hydrological cycle as a water particle going through it, and creating a ship's log for three days aboard HAMS Challenger. Day One requires discussing tools used onboard to recover organisms or samples. For Day Two, discuss day-off activities including one full meal description with fellow shipmates. Lastly, create a brief statement of location, date, and weather conditions while relating personal experience falling ill due


to poor hygiene onboard during an extended period on board.

During the sass, the ship had limited remedies available. As a lead environmental engineer, I have been appointed to develop a plan for restoring, conserving and preserving a specific marine environment. For my presentation on protecting the marine environment, I will showcase 3-5 efforts/causes that focus on preservation, conservation or restoration along with their names and rationale for choosing them. The presentation can be developed using any 21st century tool or template provided. It is crucial to consider the location and dates of Challenger's voyage while developing this plan. To create and submit work online, use various 21st century tools available or check resource tools area in your course or contact your instructor. Plagiarism tutorial must be referred to avoid plagiarism while listing all references used for information and images before

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completing assessment. Assessment 5 requires writing a letter expressing opinion about ocean health to government official at state, local or federal level by referring Vote-Smart.Org site to know where area's legislators stand on environmental issues advisedly.Your goal for this project is to create a one-page, single-spaced letter that persuades your legislator to become a protector of the marine environment. Your letter should demonstrate the importance of a healthy coastline based on research about pollution and include additional facts about the positive effects of the coastline on your district's health, both environmentally and economically. You may email your graded and returned letter directly to your legislator's office if you choose, but it is important to maintain a positive and professional tone throughout.

To ensure that all necessary components are included in your letter, refer to the rubric provided. Additionally, as part of this project, you will construct your own phytoplankton model using materials that are not too soggy in air or water. The model should be made with light materials to ensure slow sinking while remaining as realistic as possible.

Please provide a list of materials used in constructing the model along with an explanation for each decision made during construction. In order for others to recreate the model successfully, please give detailed descriptions of every step taken during construction. Finally, send an electronic photograph separately from testing phytoplankton tests so that others can admire your work without causing damage to it.To accurately describe your phytoplankton, write a paragraph or two outlining its shape, environment, needs and adaptations. Make sure that the design of your model is appropriate for the habitat in which your phytoplankton will reside and

take into account its size, weight, structures and color. To test the model on land, stand on a chair or small stepladder with supervision and time each trial. Keep track of the data in a table. For water testing purposes, use a pool or bathtub and enlist someone to assist you with timing the sinking rate. It's important to note that depending on the materials used to construct it, your model may need time to dry before proceeding with additional trials. Once you're ready to drop it into the shallow end of your pool, estimate water depth and measure exactly how long it takes for the model to hit bottom using either a stopwatch or second hand; record results from five trials. Analyze collected data by considering if there were any differences in drop rate between trials as well as factors contributing towards them - such as what could cause variations in sinking rates within ocean environments - whether this particular model would successfully mimic phytoplankton behavior patterns; additionally think about potential modifications that could be made should dropping times require prolongation. Assessment criteria include sharing photos of yourself alongside your completed-model creation along with an accompanying description detailing materials utilized therein; also provide clear instructions outlining how one would go about constructing said-model as well as thorough documentation via tables denoting collected-data from both land-based and underwater trials alike.In order to effectively conduct the experiment, it is important to utilize scientific inquiry skills and follow the steps of the scientific method while accessing the "Boll's Law and Charles' Law" Gizmo. To begin, access the Introduction to Scientific Inquiry lab sheet using the provided link.

Then, use the exploration guide provided to work through the Gizmo simulation efficiently. The student exploration sheet can be accessed by clicking on the Lesson Materials link located on the top left corner of your screen within the simulation. Print out this exploration sheet and refer to it as you go through both Gizmo Warm Up and Activity B.

While working through this experiment with a focus on Boyle's Law and Charles' Law, use the Introduction to Scientific Inquiry worksheet. Once you have completed all aspects of your virtual lab, complete diagrams and answer all questions found on your Lab Instruction sheet, making sure that you include all necessary components for your lab report as outlined in your rubric.

Additionally, when implementing scientific inquiry skills for Phase Change: From Solid to Liquid lab experiment, ensure that you are following each step of the scientific method while utilizing provided lab sheets. Note that if applicable, graphs may be created either by hand or using Microsoft Excel before being submitted via scanner or other electronic means.To access the Intros action to Scientific Inquiry rubric for portfolio assessment, click on the provided link. To learn how to create a graph using Excel, refer to the documents for creating a table and line graph using Excel 2003. If you have Excel version 2007, find similar documents in the Virtual Library under Curriculum and Instruction ;Connections Academy Courses ;Science ;Graphing Resources: Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2007. Once you review these resources, use the lab sheet to guide you through the "Phase Changes" Gizmo virtual lab. Submit your answers and results on the lab sheets at the end of this lesson, ensuring that

you complete isograms and address all questions on Lab Instruction sheet. For Modeling Molecules lab exercise, construct models of molecules and compounds with electron-dot diagrams, space-filling models or structural formulas by following instructions on designated lab form accessed via provided link. Finally, view grading rubric for Lab Portfolio assessment by clicking on Virtual Lab: Changes Between a Solid and Liquid Rubric 3 link after recording all responses and findings in designated document during laboratory exercise completion process.At the end of this lesson, present your completed laboratory report to your teacher.

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