Are There Angels Among Us? Essay

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With the incredibly fast gait of modern life. most of us don’t take a batch of clip to believe about angels. The hottest argument revolved around a individual important issue: Were angels of all time transformed into flesh-and blood existences in order to execute earthly workss? If angels of all time did go animal existences that looked like ordinary work forces. what would they be like? How would you pick one out from among your neighbours? Would he be excess good. a sweet cherub of a individual? Or excess immorality. one of those demonic fallen angels? It’s interesting how many people who don’t follow a peculiar faith. or wouldn’t even name themselves religious. believe in angels. Many people believe that when they die. they will go an Angel. Others believe in Angels. but they don’t believe that worlds can go Angels. Now. you may hold wondered if Angels get to cognize what you’re thought. or if they can see you at any given minute. Most agree that there are Angels among us. No affair how you picture Angels in your head. one thing is for certain. angels are existent. we’ve got a God that loves us more than we could of all time conceive of. and wants to make people at their point of demand.

1. Real

Angels are perfectly existent. All through the Bible are histories of people interacting with angels and of angels moving on behalf of people. Angels are existent retainers of God but you won’t cognize the full extent of the work they do until you get to heaven. The Bible’s reply is that angels truly do be. Angels are mentioned in thirty-four of the Bible’s 66 books. Jesus repeatedly referred to them. When it comes to angels. unobserved doesn’t average unreal. Though angels do be. many of the popular impressions about them are desirous thought. Our civilization sells us a Disney version of angels that portrays them as religious Tinkerbelle. Angels are purportedly cunning and cuddly. helpful but harmless. ( Beginning: Rick Reed. Senior Pastor. Metropolitan Bible Church. Ottawa. 2010 )

2. Love

The angels are here to help us through their loving service. They are largely soft. but sometimes can be steadfast. and even can steer us with wit. They are here to love you. to steer you and to assist you on your journey.

3. Reach

Archangel Gabriel will help in countries that require clear communicating ( written or verbal ) ; he will help kids and parents. He will steer you in happening a intent on your way ( relationships. callings. places. etc. ) The Archangels are ever available for aid and intercession. The lone demand is that they are called upon. They can non mediate on our behalf without our permission since this is a planet of free pick. Angels are existences of pure spiritualty. Each one of us is capable of pass oning with the Angelic Realms.

They’re tidal bore to talk with us. Please inquire them to help you in linking with the tools that will help you in magnifying your communicating with them. Some people think that they will name on the incorrect Angel or do a error somehow. but this is non something excessively worry approximately. its your “Intention” that counts. By this I mean that if you are inquiring for aid. in whatever manner you can or desire excessively. so the Angels will react. ( Beginning: BDivine Miracle. 2012 )


Angels are existent and they move among us – loving and making our lives. Sometimes others are involved to assist you understand yourself. By larning to reach your spirit ushers. you will be able to understand yourself better and associate to your life’s purpose more clearly every bit good. A roundabout way on the route that saves us from crashing or a phone call that comes merely as we’re walking out the door could be godly intercession. Are at that place angels among us? Absolutely! I have no uncertainty.


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