St. Micheal the Archangel

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For my saint. I picked Saint Michael the Archangel. I picked St. Michael because I feel as though this saint doesn’t acquire adequate recognition. I mean barely anyone knows who he is. Make you? Therefore. take a drive with me. while I explain the importance of Saint Michael. Saint Michael is a name intending “He who is like God” in Hebrew. He is said to be placed over all the angels. He is the Patron Saint of soldiers. security guards. and the ill people. Saint Michael is one of the seven archangels. him being one of the three mentioned in the Bible.

He is the leader of the ground forces of God during the Lucifer upraising. It is said by Pope Gregory the Great “Whenever some act of fantastic power must be performed. Michael is sent. so that his action and his name may do it clear that no 1 can make what God does by his superior power. ” ( Alban 117 ) Saint Michael is one of the chief angels. In Latin. the word “Angel” means messenger. such as a Godhead or spirit courier. which was used to depict St. Michael.

There are four topographic points in the Bible where St. Michael is found. The first is in the book of Daniel. Michael is said to soothe Daniel after he has had a vision and promises to be his assistant in all things. The 2nd is besides found in Daniel. where St. Michael is called “the great prince who standees for the kids of Thy people. ” ( Stephens 270-271 ) Michael was said to be Israel’s support during Babylonian imprisonment. Then 3rd is in the New Testament. where Michael is said to hold argued with the Satan over the organic structure of Moses.

The 4th. John tells about the great conflict in Heaven. where Satan and his devils travel against God. Michael is said to hold led God’s angels and defeats the devils and evil liquors and drive them off. With about every saint known. Saint Michael has a memorial which is recognized on September 29th and May 8th. Therefore. for my saint. I chose Saint Michael: The Archangel. A true assistant of God that defends. protects. and helps the weak while contending Lucifer. I hope my paper gives the great significance of the great Patron Saint Michael.

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