Anthem Review chapters 1-12

What does equality use to light up the tunnel at first?

What is the home of the useless for?
It is for the old ones of the society aged 40

What is the council of vocations?
They pick your job

What do they never talk about?
The time before the great rebirth, which is called the Unmentionable Times

Name two things that equality does to break the law
He is alone in the tunnel and he is writing

Where all of the men’s names written, which they wear all of the time
On their metal bracelet

Who are the Council of Scholars?
people who get to continue to study and learn, instead of starting to work at a job

What job

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Choose a Membership Plan
did Equality not want?
to be leader

What are some of the jobs people are assigned?
doctor, carpenter, cook, leader, scholar, street sweeper, farmer, etc.

What time of the year did the Council of Vocations come to assign jobs?
first day of spring

How many members are in the Council

where do people go when they hit 40 years old
The Home of the Useless

What did Equality gather from the yard in the home of the Scholars?
Glass vials, pieces of metal, bones.

Describe International
Tall, strong, eyes like fireflies, and laughter
in their eyes.

What does International do in the home of the Students that makes him end up in the home of the Street Sweepers?
He drew pictures on the wall with pieces of coal

What is the great Transgression of Preference?
To love any one person among men more than others

What did Equality and International find under the iron bars?

Who wants to report their findings to the city Council?

Where are the candles stolen from?
Home of the Street Sweeper

What does equality build from the brick he finds in the street?
An oven

How long does it take for a clerk to copy a script?
One year

What color was Liberty’s hair?

How long does equality wait on the northern road to see Liberty?
One hour

How does Equality learn Liberty’s name?
He waits until one of her sisters calls her name.

What is the name of the person that Equality can’t stop thinking about when he escapes to the forest?
Liberty 5-3000

How old must men and women be for them to be sent to the City Palace of Mating?
Men:20 women:18

What is the first thing Equality says to Liberty 5-3000?
“You are beautiful, Liberty 5-3000.”

How old is Liberty?

What is not felt by Equality in his tunnel?

How long does Equality stay in the tunnel each night?
3 hours

Who screams at night?

Where does Equality not want to go/venture–at first?
Unchartered Forest

How long did the fire last during the Unmentionable Times?
3 months

What do the council say happens to when people enter the Unchartered Forest?
The beasts kill them.

What is the one crime punishable by death?
Saying “I”

How is the man who speaks the Unspeakable word killed?
After his tongue is torn out, he is burned alive.

How does Equality view the Saint of the Pyre?
He recognizes that he is unafraid. He is happy and filled with pride.

How old is Equality when he sees the Saint killed?

What name does Liberty give Equality?

How does Equality compare the light bulb to himself?
A vein torn from him

Which Council does Equality want to show his invention to?
World Council of Scholars

What does Equality say to Liberty that is forbidden?
Our Dearest One

What did the Golden One bring Equality?
Water in her hands

What does Equality wonder about himself?
He wonders what he looks like.

What was Equality’s invention?
Light box

How can his invention be used?
light tunnels and the city

What discovery haunted Equality?

What does Equality put in the jar of brine?
zinc, copper

How long had it been since Equality had written?
30 days

What does Equality sleep on in the U F?

What is the real reason behind their rejection of his invention?
They don’t want to know that there is some other force out there. They want to keep the people contained. They don’t want a rebellion. If you keep people ignorant, you can control them.

What painting does Equality notice on the wall when he meets the council?
20 men who invented the candle–intellectually stagnant, Their imagination is subdued.

Where does Equality go after he shows his invention?
Into the Unchartered Forest

How does Equality keep track of time in the tunnel?
He uses an hour glass.

What must be destroyed?
The light box.

What does the candle symbolize?
Outdated/opposite of innovation

How does the Council react to Equality’s invention?
The run to the wall and cower in fear.

What does Equality kill in the forest?
a bird with a stone. And then he cooks it and eats it. He is very proud of his individual accomplishment.

What does the Unchartered Forest symbolize?
Freedom, individuality, rebirth, happiness, opportunity, reconciliation with himself because before he felt badly about himself and now he is proud, independent, self-reliant

Why is Equality sent to the Palace of Corrective Detention?
He was late back to the theater. They ask where he was, and he will not tell them that he was in the tunnel.

How does Equality lose track of time in the tunnel?
He is so into his work and loses track of time.

Who is the oldest and wisest of the Council?

What is Equality’s punishment?
Lashed until he passes out/punched in face

What does Equality see when he is lashed?
Iron bars of the door and blood dropping down that looks like ash

Why does he laughed when he remembers that he is “damned”?
Because he is not damned; he is blessed. He is happy and feels free. He can laugh, sit, stand, jump, hunt for his own food, swing on branches, etc.

Who finds Equality in the Unchartered Forest?

What did Equality and Liberty think the house was when they first saw it?
They think they see fire, but it is really the sun reflecting on the windows.

How does Liberty say Equality is different from his brothers?
“Your eyes are as a flame, but our brothers have neither hope nor fire. Your mouth is cut of granite, but our brothers are soft and humble. Your head is high, but our brothers cringe. You walk, but our brothers crawl.”

Equality says that there is no danger in what?

How did Equality and Liberty protect themselves from the “beasts” at night?
They build a ring of fire around them.

What does Liberty become entranced by in the house?
The mirrors.

What is the error in the thinking of men?
Not being able to use the word “I.”

What did Liberty try to say to Equality?
She wants to say “I love you” but only can say “we love you.” She knows that is not what she is trying to say.

What did Equality and Liberty find on the shelves in the house?

How does Liberty find out where Equality was?
She hears from people in the city that he has escaped, and she finds his footsteps and bravely follows them.

What do they notice about the house?
It only sleeps two. Only 12 and not 100 people could fit in it, and they are used to living/sleeping with up to 100 people. It has colorful walls. It is two stories high. There are light bulbs. There are a lot of books/manuscripts.

What does Liberty discover in the house that she really likes?
mirror, colorful clothes (made of silk and other fine materials), jewels, and perfume.

Why does Equality think the manuscripts are so strange?
They have hard covers, and the letters are typed and not hand written.

What does Equality plan to do with the books?
Read all of them.

How do Equality and Liberty get food in the woods?
They kill many birds with a bow and arrow. Also, they kill a goat.

What do Equality and Liberty nickname the kitchen?
A place of wonders.

How many days had Equality been in the forest when Liberty arrives?
2 days

How does Equality transform the way he views himself as a whole through his journey in the forest?
He thinks of himself as an individual, and not part of the whole, and prides himself on it.

How does Equality reassure Liberty about the fear of the forest?
He tells her not to be afraid and she believes him. Then they create a ring of fire to protect them at night.

How many beds are found in the house?
2 beds

Why did he not write in his journal for many days?
He was excited about his new found freedom and liked all that he was discovering in the woods.

What question comes to Equality when he is in the forest?
What is good and what is evil? If being alone is bad, but he enjoys it and it make him happy, then how can it really be bad?

What color is the house?

What word should never be spoken except as a second thought?

What treasures does Equality guard?
thought, will, and freedom

How does Equality describe the word “we”?
Like lime being poured over men. It hardens to stone and crushes men underneath it.

Equality is done with the creed of_________.

What are the three holy words?
“I will it.”

When and where does Equality discover the word “I”?
While reading the first book in the house that he discovered.

Equality says what is a thing to be earned?

What is the sacred word?

What is Equality’s new name?
Prometheus at the end of the book

What direction do the stars always point?
Towards Equality

What is Liberty’s new name at the end of the book?

What were Liberty’s first words when she discovered “I”?
“I love you.”

What does Equality say that he owes to his brothers.

What does Equality reveal about Liberty?
She is pregnant with their son.

Equality says what will remain alive on this earth?
The spirit of man.

What is Equality’s purpose?

What was his quest?
To know the meaning of things.

What does the light symbolize?

What does Prometheus mean?
He stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. He taught men to be gods. He was punished for it.

What does Gaea mean?
Mother of the earth and all gods.

“That which is white and that which is black is lost equally in the grey of it.”
Equality about freedom.

“The word ‘we’ must never be spoken save by one’s choice and by second thought.”
Equality at the end, after he discovers “I.”

“This wire is a part of our body as a vein torn from us glowing with our blood.”
Equality says this when he is in his tunnel right after he creates the light box.

“But they looked upon us and suddenly we were afraid. Their eyes were still, and small, and evil.”
Equality says this after he shows the world council his box and they reject it.

“There is one error in the thinking of man.”
Equality about not being to say I. He and Liberty sense that it doesn’t make sense to say “we love you.”

“It is forbidden not to be happy.”
Equality says this when he sings after seeing Liberty.

“Dare not choose in your minds the work you would like to do when you leave the house of the students. You shall do that which the council of vocations shall prescribe for you.”
teachers say this to Equality and the other students. They do not have a choice about their careers.

“There is no danger in solitude. We have no need of our brothers.”
Equality says this when he is in the forest to Liberty.

“The council of scholars had said that we all know the things which exist and therefore the things which are not known by all do not exist.”
Equality thinks this when he discovers the electrical current running through the frog.

“You are not one of our brothers, for we do not wish you to be.”
Street Sweeper to Eq when he returns late

“And we felt torn, torn for some word we could not find.”
Eq says this after he and Liberty after they see each other in the woods and kiss.

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