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Operations Management Exam #1 Review (Chapters 1-4,6,;16)
26 Sep 2020 Database

question Three Functions all Organizations Have answer 1. Marketing 2. Production/Operations 3. Finance/Accounting question Supply Chain answer A global network of organizations & activities that supplies a firm with goods & services question Ten Strategic OM Decisions answer 1. Design of Goods & Services 2. Managing Quality 3. Process & Capacity Design 4. Location Strategy […]

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Combo with "I/O psychology chapter 4" and 4 others

question Performance answer actions or behaviors relevant to the organization’s goals: measured in terms of each individual’s proficiency Often cannot be observed but only described by individual worker (behavior is often thinking, planning, or problem solving) question Effectiveness answer evaluation of the results of performance; often controlled by factors beyond the actions of an individual […]

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AP Gov ch.13&14

question A “ponzi scheme” is characterized by? answer – extrememly high returns – lots of investors – when money is withdrawn by old investors, they receive money from the new investors – money eventually runs out – SEC – didn’t go anything about Bernie Madoff question A large, complex organization in which employees have specific […]

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Web Design D1

question Marie has been hired to design a Web site for a new customer. She plans to use a Web page template because she has discovered that page templates: answer help ensure that a site has a unified look and feel that does not vary from page to page. question What distinguishes legitimate e-mail advertising […]

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Unit 12: Space Management Systems

question Learn to drive defensively. Defensive Driving is a driving strategy that ensures you’ll be prepared to respond to any dangerous or unexpected situation on the road. When playing defense in football, your goal is to prevent the other team from scoring any points. When driving defensively, your goal is to prevent other drivers (and […]

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The Legal Environment of Business ch 5, 6

question State police powers only authorize state police forces. answer false question Rights established under deeds, wills, and contracts in one state must be honored by other states. answer true question Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution impacts business greatly and is referred to as the answer Commerce clause question State laws that […]

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TCMG 272 Ch 1

question End-user Computing answer refers to the use of computer technology for both business and personal use question Early 50’s and 60’s answer Early Computers: they were very large and very expensive to buy and operate because of this they were installed in secure central locations. These computer systems (mainframes) were programmed and operated by […]

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SSD1 Mod 3

question What are the four steps to the briefing process? answer Analyze, construct, deliver, follow up question Which of the following includes steps followed by the construct a briefing stage? answer Collecting material, select visual aids, arrange key points, establish wording question When delivering a briefing, volume and rate are classified under which area of […]

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Semester Test

question Accounting answer The process of planning, recording, analyzing, and interpreting financial information. question Accounting equation answer An equation showing the relationship among assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. question Asset answer Anything of value that is owned. question Business plan answer A formal written document that describes the nature of a business and how it […]

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06 Sep 2020 Database

question With the context of rcr, stewardship primarily refers to: answer The obligation to use resources available for research ethically in order to conduct the best research possible question Within the context of rcr, social responsibility primarily refers to: answer The obligation to design technology or acquire information in ways that take into account what […]

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Project evaluation and control
04 Sep 2020 Database

question Classical project success criteria answer Iron triangle/ triple constraints: – Time – Budget – Performance To this should be added – Client acceptance question Additional approach to project assessment (from short to long-term importance): answer – Project efficiency (meeting budget and schedule) – Impact on customer (meeting specifications, client acceptance) Business success (commercial success?) […]

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pm t1

question Which of the following is a difference between projects and operations? answer Projects are temporary endeavors whereas an organization’s operations are ongoing in nature. question Which of the following is true of projects? answer They have a unique purpose. question The role of a _____ is to provide direction and funding for a project. […]

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question Single-Period Inventory Model answer a system for ordering items that have little or no value at the end of a sales period question Setup Cost answer the cost to prepare a machine or process for production question Appropriate level of safety stock answer choosing the level of safety stock that assures a given level […]

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Network+ ch 7 – Cloud Computing and Remote Access
28 Aug 2020 Database

question “What protocol below only provides the framework for authenticating clients and servers, but relies on other encryption and authentication schemes to verify the credentials of clients or servers?” answer EAP question What two different types of encryption can be used by IPsec during data transfer? answer Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) Authentication Header (AH) question […]

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MKTG 372- Chapter 4

question an organizations supply chain is facilitated by: answer information system question represents the beginning of the supply chain answer external suppliers question supply chain management is the vital business function which does NOT coordinate and manage: answer human resource interviews question a manufacturer will have more direct contact with which type of supplier? answer […]

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Flashcards About MIS Chapter 3 Quiz

question Business processes are collections of answer routines question A competitive force challenging the publishing industry is answer substitute products or services. question Business processes are collections of answer routines. question A competitive force challenging the publishing industry is answer substitute products or services. question All of the following are competitive forces except answer external […]

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question True or False – “‘Scalawags” was the derogatory name given to native white Republicans in the South. answer True question True or False – Radical Republicans generally neglected the needs of black education in the South answer False question The Military Reconstruction Act: answer Required new state constitutions in the South question True or […]

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MGT 301 Chapter 5

question Deon is opening a car wash, and he has approached SCORE, an SBA organization that assists small-business owners in setting up their companies. As a new business owner, the SCORE counselors would probably advise Deon to _____. answer write a business plan question David is starting a karate school, and he has been working […]

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MGMT 360 Chapter 2 Test Questions
17 Aug 2020 Database

question A historical perspective provides a narrower way of thinking, a way of searching for patterns and determining whether they recur across time periods answer False question Social forces refer to those aspects of a culture that guide and influence relationships among people. answer True question Political forces are aspects of a culture that guide […]

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Marketing supply chain ch 12

question a answer What does WIP stand for? a) work-in-process b) waiting inventory position c) warning of inventory position d) weight of inventory position e) waiting inventory potential question a answer What are purchased items or extracted materials that will be transformed into components or products called? a) raw materials inventory b) finished goods inventory […]

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Managerial Communications 3376

question Which of the following is a component of an agenda? answer Expected outcomes question What are rapport-building questions? answer They break the ice and gradually ease people into conversations about shared business interests. question In which of the following components of active listening does body language play an important role? answer Paying attention question […]

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Management 14-18

question An interdisciplinary field dedicated to the study of how individuals and groups tend to act in organizations is called answer organizational behavior. question Which of the following refers to work behavior that goes beyond job requirements and contributes as needed to the organization’s success answer Organizational citizenship question ____ refers to a positive attitude […]

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