Analysis of School Children by W.H Auden Essay Example
Analysis of School Children by W.H Auden Essay Example

Analysis of School Children by W.H Auden Essay Example

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As the universe evolves over the old ages people get new thoughts. new theories. and develops a new manner of thought. Taking something so simple and lucubrating on it doing it sophisticated. In the Poem “School Children” W. H Auden tries to stress to the readers that a simple resort area where inhabits their merriment filled activities is really a prison. Here I will be explicating why the verse form “School Children” is really good. For a short verse form Auden packs a batch of information that he sends out to the reader doing his point directly and clear. As a small male child that sees his milieus as a prison he uses many poetic devices to turn out or heighten his point. One of the fluctuations used in this verse form is a “simile” A simile is a figure of address that. lik


e metaphor. compares unlike things in order to depict something. Similes do non province that something is another thing. nevertheless. Alternatively. they compare utilizing the word “like” or “as.” On the really first line it says “Here are all the imprisonments; the cells are AS existent. He is stressing that all the “prisoners” which is kids are truly populating in a existent prison environment.

On the shutting statement of the 2nd paragraph it stated. “The bars of love are so strong. their confederacies weak like the vows of drunkards” . What this poetry is seeking to make is compare the term the children’s unlawful act to the words of a drunkardAnother device being portrayed is Imagery. Imagery is the usage of words to make a image in the head of the reader. As

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the writer put the readers through a stance where can we really picture the school being a prison. with elaborate descriptions on the first paragraph. 3rd paragraph “indeed their unfamiliarity is hard to watch ; the condemned see merely the unsound angels of a vision. 4th paragraph “yet the dictatorship is so easy. The improper word scribbled upon the fountain. is that all the rebellion?” ( Oxymoron – Awkward Perfection ) Another Device being represented is Hyperbole. which means an hyperbole of the truth.

Such as. I seen that film a million times. or I am express joying to decease. These can non be literally true but they are used to do things sound more impressive. or to stress something such as emotions. responses. or attempts. In this verse form Auden uses Hyperbole to do his work more appealing to the reader and adds a sense of imaginativeness. This whole verse form is a exaggeration because the rubric school kids it doesn’t talk straight about schoolchildren but alternatively he exaggerates it as a prison. More specific. In the 2nd paragraph 2nd line "With the dense drama of the Canis familiaris. defeat and rushing;" – Auden is utilizing the term DOG as a comparing to a regular school child playing at the resort area. Auden is merely giving us a better hyperbole on how school childs act. Like how the school teacher throws you a ball and the Canis familiaris must travel acquire it. Auden doesn’t literally mean the childs are Canis familiariss but in world the relationship is similar.

“The condemned see merely the unsound angels of a vision” – Fallacious intending false. Those who don’t seek

in school are proven to detest it. A exaggeration is being portrayed by stating the childs are all angels at some point but it is up to them whether they want to be good or non. (Or their parents in some instances) ”The storm of cryings shed in the corner” – the exaggeration I this poetry is the Storm of Tears. Literally it interpret to he/she calls a batch in the corner. The consequence of a storm gives us a more photographic item on what childs do when they get into certain problem.

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