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The household is the most of import primary group in society ( C.N.Sharkar, 1990, p.392 ) .. Every one is a member of household and has responsibilities to do our ego to go a individual who have duty and value. Besides, household has duty in learning kids as its part in a edifice human resource for society. Member of household has right to acquire the organic structure prevent, take attention, and human right from parents. Member of household demand repast, apparels, place, instruction, wellness bar, and safety. To finish this demands, the parents seek to make anything to raise and finish all demands ( MoEYS, 2009, p.186 ) . The household besides has map to supply formal and informal instruction to kids or member of household. So map of household is really of import to educate kids to go human resource in society.

Concentrating on Cambodia, household has besides been considered as an of import bureau in instruction. As already stated in the Education For All National Plan: 2003-2015 ( EFA ) stated that the sharing duty of parents, and local community people ( MoEYS, 2004, p.4 ) .

In order to analyze this subject profoundly, a literature reappraisal related parent ‘s map in educating kids in Cambodia has been conducted in intent to reply two chief inquiries as followers:

What does MacIver ‘s theory explain about household map in instruction?

What does household map provide instruction to kids in term of Cambodia societal and cultural context?

II- Literature reappraisal:

The household as a societal establishment performs several maps. There are many bookmans provide many maps of the household likes Kingley Davis has of four chief map of the household: Reproduction, Maintenance, Placement, and socialisation. Similarly, Ogburn and Nimkoff have mentioned six major maps of household: Affectional, Economic, Recreation, Protective, Religious and Educational ( C.N.Shankar, 1990, p.395 ) . But I would wish to involvement in MacIver ‘s theory, he has describe two map of the household: The primary map or Essential map and The secondary map or non indispensable map ( C.N.Shankar, 1990, pp.395-397 ) .

The primary map or indispensable map:

There are six major maps in the primary map or indispensable map including foremost, Stable satisfaction of sex demand refer to arouse thrust is powerful in human being and sex need make human attempt to make anything to develop their support. Second, Reproduction relates the consequence of sexual satisfaction is reproduction. Reproduction is a map of household to reproduce a new birth for societal. Third, Production and Rearing of the kid relevant the household provides the single life and a opportunity to last. We owe our life to the household. The kid which is helpless at the clip of birth is given the needful protection of the household. So household is a map par excellence for the production and raising of kids. The fourthly, Provision of place connect the household provides the place for its member. Home is a topographic point that provides chance for member meeting to educate each other. Childs are born and brought up in place merely. Though, frequently kids are born infirmaries, clinics, pregnancy places, etc. , they are suckled and nourished in the places merely. The fifthly, Family-An instrument of civilization Transmission refer to the household transmits thoughts and political orientations, folkways and more, imposts and tradition, beliefs and values from one coevals to the following. So kids or members of household had to larn the field by parents. The sixthly, Status Ascribing map relate the household besides performs a brace of maps position attribution for the person, and social designation for the single people recognize us by our names and our name are given to us by our household.

The secondary map of household or non-essential map:

There are four major four maps in household, the foremost, Economic Functions: relevant to the antecedently member of household work together in farms for the production of goods. Member of household think about relationship to supply single demands each other. They cooperate and help to rectify, learn about procedure of economic. But now the state of affairs has changed. The household member does non work together at place. They are engaged in different economic activities out side the place. The secondly, Educational maps relate the household provides the basic instruction to kids. The member of household Teachs kids how to speck, how to form, etc… The member of household helps to develop kids motor accomplishment, intelligent etc. Today preschool has alternatively of household map. The thirdly, Religious map associate the household is a Centre for the spiritual preparation of the kids. The kids learn from their parents assorted spiritual virtuousnesss. The household used to learn the kids the spiritual values, moral principles, manner to idolizing God, etc. The fourthly, The Recreational Functions: connect with the diversion was mostly household based. It fostered a close solidarity. Reading aloud, sing relations, household reunions, church sociables, vocalizing, dancing, playing indoor games, etc. , brought together the full household. Elders would form their ain diversion among themselves or together with other kids.

Both the primary map and Secondary map drama a really of import function in instruction, but secondary map seems to be more of import map than primary map because it shapes kids personality, assist them able to pass on with others, and family funding supports that aid to construct kids ‘s capacity.. Unlikely, primary map merely focuses on sex demands, reproduction of coevals, provide place or we can state primary demands that all household has lost.

III- The Cambodia Context:

Religious Education: All Cambodian are influenced by Buddhism. The map Buddhism is to educate and to help in the society for people to go good. Buddhism educates people, household, adult females, and kids to cognize the right manner. What is right for the person is right for society. As persons you have to believe about your feeling and that to obey parents and seniors. You need to happen the right manner to educate the younger coevals. ( Janet,2006.p94 ) .The household plays a really of import function to education kids. As we know, parents are cardinal member in household, they educate kids about day-to-day activities like to educate kids to esteem older people, aid parents to fix nutrient and flowers for monastics, have oning appropriate apparels when kids go to pagoda ( Chantal, 2000, p.3 ) .

Support household instruction: Although Cambodia is a hapless state, but parents have participated to back up kids both emotion and stuff. To associate the economic system, they support both direct and indirect costs of schooling. Direct costs include those which are met by suppliers of schooling plus the extra costs which are met by parents for uniforms, books, conveyance and related points. Indirect costs include the chance costs of income forgone when kids attend school instead than prosecuting in other activities. The indirect costs are a major load for some parents, peculiarly the poorest, and can be a important determiner of whether, or non a kid attends school ( Mark and Seng, 2005, p.1 ) . To sum-up, most parents in Cambodia have participated to supply back uping, force their kids in instruction sector. It show that map of household in Cambodia have duties to supply instruction to kids in formal school.

Home-learning: Parents remain the kids ‘s first and primary pedagogues. It is in their household that kids have their first acquisition experiences, explore and detect the universe, and develop. ( Claire, June 2009, p55 ) A immature kids needs to be supported by his or her household. It is at that place that the first acquisition experiences occur, and where societal regulations are acquired. Very shortly, linguistic communication is learned, the organic structure is controlled, relationships develop and the kid becomes an incorporate member of the community ( Claire, June 2009, p8 ) .For illustration, when kids enjoy with their female parent during cookery, they ask many inquiries about new things they see so the female parent gives replies. The inquiries and the responses of their female parent aid kids to develop their intelligence. ( Chantal,2004,74 ) .Therefore, parents play really importance to educate kids.

IV- Decision:

To summary there are two maps of household as primary map and secondary map in MacIver ‘s theory. Although the primary map refer to stable satisfaction of sex demand, reproduction or reproduction, production and raising of the kid, proviso of place, family-an instrument of civilization, position imputing map, and affective map, but the secondary map is more of import because it a map that aid kids to develop their capacities to entree in primary school.

Concentrating on Cambodia, household besides has three map to instruction kids, like spiritual map, instruction map, and home-learning. The parents are cardinal pedagogue to supply wellness, nutrition, sanitation, safety, instruction, socialisation and emotional life and seeking to excite all facets of development as physical, rational, emotional, societal to their kids, because kids early start to larn from their household.

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