Analyse Adverts For Notte by Bvlgari and Be Delicious by DKNY Essay

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Both Advert 1 and 2 are of a set of perfumes for men and women called ‘Notte’ by Bvlgari and ‘Be Delicious’ by DKNY respectively.

Although both adverts are for perfumes for men and women, the presentational and psychological techniques used in them differ greatly, creating a very different reaction from their target audiences. Advert 1 is targeted at men and women in their 20s to late 30s, but primarily to women who may be buying the perfume for themselves or for their partner. It is an eye-level, MCU two shot of a glamorous looking model in her early 30s in a classy, expensive looking dress standing close to an attractive man around her age.The man is leaning in and looking down at the woman’s exposed shoulder, suggesting that he is attracted to and enticed by her. The woman’s pose is sexy as she is looking down with her lips slightly parted, suggesting that she is confident and seductive. The shadows and low key lighting create connotations of a passionate and sultry scene at a party, which is again illustrated by the cool blue tones and tight framing of the shot.

A pack shot is shown of the set of perfumes with the copy underneath it and the brand name above the image.This advert is extremely effective as it appeals to the passionate and sexy side of a woman, who aspires to look attractive to men and have a good relationship. It works well psychologically by making women in that age group subconsciously compare their own lifestyle with the idealised one presented in the advert. Another technique that makes this advert effective is that it taps into the fears of women in that age group of not having the party lifestyle and being single, especially as society expects women to be settled down by the time they are in their late 30s.Advert 2 is also targeted at men and women in their 20s to late 30s, but primarily to women; however it is presented in a completely different way to advert 1.

It is a tightly framed, MCU two shot of an attractive woman holding a bitten into apple to her face with a handsome man smiling and leaning into her hair, both in casual wear. The tight framing creates connotations of a romantic scene, which is emphasised by the man’s smile as he leans into the woman, suggesting that he loves her.The rusty, saturated tones, dominated by earthy oranges, create an outdoorsy and natural effect. The fresh apples, with water droplets on them surrounding the pack shot, combined with the name of the perfume ‘Be Delicious’, are a slight play on words.

It implies that the man loves the woman and their relationship for being as fresh and delicious as an apple. This advert is effective as it recognises a woman’s aspirations of being natural and herself, while still being loved and attractive to men.Another way advert 2 is effective is that it taps into the fear of nature-loving women that they won’t be loved by men for being outdoorsy and therefore need a feminine aspect to them, which this perfume provides. In my opinion, advert 1 is the most effective as it shows the idealised partying lifestyle which most women aspire to have. The advert represents most women’s desires of feeling beautiful and having a passionate, sexy relationship. It focuses on its target audience well, as it successfully taps into the fear of women not having that perfect lifestyle and being single.

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