An Wesleyan Way Of Salvation Theology Religion Essay Example
An Wesleyan Way Of Salvation Theology Religion Essay Example

An Wesleyan Way Of Salvation Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2017
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To understand the Wesleyan Way of Salvation we must foremost understand the people or individual who fashioned this doctrine. The followings of Methodism or Wesley, as they were called, are a combination of two outstanding denominations found in the early 1800s, the evangelical and holiness Christian denominations. The primogenitor of this motion, some theologists have said, is a adult female named Susanna Wesley, the girl of a non-conformist curate in London, who joined the church at the age of 13. She married Samuel Wesley, an pedagogue at Oxford, and together they produced 19 kids. Susanna taught her kids at place until they went off to college. She particularly spends choice clip with each of them separately assisting to further their God given gifts. This possibly the instance but the outstanding figure associated w


ith the Wesleyan and Arminian philosophy of Methodism is her boy John Wesley.

John who died at the age of eighty-eight was a merchandise of the rapprochement period. John attended Charter House School until he was 17 and shortly after began his surveies at Oxford [ Christ Church College ] in 1720. After his formal instruction and a brief family at Lincoln College, John accepts a teaching place, which provided him a stipend and housing. Wesley ordained in 1728, at that clip his male parent offered him a place as a Curate or priest in London. John lived with a struggle between spiritual instructions. He ne'er wanted to divide from the Church of England, but he began go toing meetings with his brother Charles and the meeting began to develop into a regular clip for Bible reading and worship with congratulations. In their live

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at that clip, they began to happen that true faith is in the bosom, and with that development of methods to religion came into their lives. John began to take this message to the streets one time the Church of England did non desire him prophesying from their daiss any longer. John focused on an inward piousness, inward pureness of the bosom, and methods that would attest the inward pureness outward.

This pureness begins but is non limited to the effectual understanding of Bible, experience, unwritten history or tradition, and ground. Together these rules help to determine the Methodist Analogy of Faith, which states that the Bible should construe Bible. When proclaiming the word either through written or unwritten signifier one should ne'er merely threading text, Bible, together to do it sound delighting to the ear. As members of the Methodist Church, we believe the instructions of John Wesley and the Doctrinal Standards set Forth by the Articles of Religion, which is in The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church.

The Wesleyan Way of Salvation begins with the creative activity narrative and continues through the autumn, the entryway of wickedness and decease, entire corruption, the moral compass, anticipatory grace, the cross, warranting grace, consecrating and honing grace. These beliefs and these signifiers of grace are cardinal to the Methodist belief system. God 's manner of redemption Begins with Genesis 1:27 `` God created adult male in His ain image, in the image of God He created him ; male and female He created them. ''[ 1 ]God created world, and one time God created everything God said, it was good. Everything was good therefore

came original created goodness. Nevertheless, when adult male disobeyed God, by eating from the fruit of the out tree in the Garden of Eden, wickedness came into the universe. Sin became a portion of humanity and bookmans and theologists called it The Fall. The autumn of humanity, caused humanity to be cut off from the Godhead ; nil could be worse than being cut off from the Godhead, nil could be worse than being separated from God. The inability to talk to the Godhead and experience his presence was the worst enfeebling thing for humanity. This separation from God is called Entire Depravity. Entire corruption is non what God wants for humanity. God does non desire the universe to be filled with wickedness he wants humankind to be as he created it. God choose to hold a universe free from wickedness a universe God created and called or deemed it good. This is the first pure act of grace, which God chose to organize world in his image. Then the autumn happened, and a 2nd act of grace was given to humankind, an unmerited forgiveness. Prevenient Grace has to come in and emancipate us from wickedness.

Bible tells us `` all have sinned and fallen short of the glorification of God. ''[ 2 ]( Romans 3:23 ) `` The rewards of wickedness is decease, but the gift of God is ageless life in Christ Jesus our Lord. ''[ 3 ]( Romans 6:23 ) That, `` God demonstrates His ain love toward us, in that while we were yet evildoers Christ died for us. ''[ 4 ]( Romans 5:8 ) Nevertheless, through it all

`` the gift of God is ageless life in Christ Jesus our Lord. ''[ 5 ]( Romans 6:23 ) We have been given a gift, but we have to accept the gift. If we are to believe in the Analogy of Faith, which states that the Bible should construe Bible, so we must understand that we do non hold natural free will. Methodist do non believe in natural free will in the sense that we choose to follow Christ, but we do hold the free will to accept him thanks to prevenient grace, given to us through Christ decease on the cross.

Anticipatory grace, which is `` God 's grace coming before our believing in Christ, ''[ 6 ]is offered to everyone even if we do non needfully believe in Christ. In other words, anticipatory grace is universally available, it is offered to everyone, non merely a choice few as with other belief systems. God is at work in the life of every individual, in the universe, from the clip of birth, pulling him or her to the land. However, if we are willing to accept Christ as Lord and savior, and believe that he is the lone boy of God who died for the wickednesss of humanity, and we are willing to repent of the wickednesss we shall be saved.

Now we have to understand that we do non come to the realisation of Christ on by ourselves. Article 8 Teachs that Methodist reject the idea of natural free will because that would intend that worlds are able to salvage themselves. This we know is non true. Because of the autumn of adult male,

we are non able to take God ; we are lost to this apprehension. However, Christ restored humanistic disciplines ability to link with the Godhead. His forfeit allowed anticipatory grace to open the Black Marias and heads to what God would hold us to make ; worlds are able to have God because God has given us the ability to take him. Methodist believes that we have a free will by grace, non by nature. Methodist believe that humanity is created in the image of God. If we are cut off from the Godhead, we are lost we have no moral image of God we have no ability to understand why we are holy, set apart from wickedness, and therefore we fall prey to things that are non like Christ. Likewise, without the natural and political image of God we have no freedom to take up for societal justness. We have no manner of protesting or battling the incorrect being done in society.

Once we believe in Christ, we are lead to repentance, which is a deep feeling of compunction or sorrow. This intense signifier of sorrow so leads to an waking up or disclosure. During the autumn, we lost the image of God. The image of God is moral, natural and political in nature. The fact that, without the natural image of God we are non free, we have lost the ability to understand right from incorrect. Humanistic disciplines actions are non alining with the Godhead. God gave us his natural image to be free, and when it is off from the moral, we are now free from nil. We are out of control. There

is no end or usher to assist reconstruct what has been lost. All of the images of God, moral, political, and natural are all still in working order it is merely that we are unable to barricade wickedness from come ining.

However, one time we have been restored we are so awakened to all the wickedness and incorrect behaviors we have partaken. We are able to come to his or her senses so to talk. This is displayed in many different ways ; the outward marks may include but are non limited to, shouting, groaning, or swaying back and Forth as reported by those go toing historical cantonment meetings. These marks or actions were seen as the presence of God or what we call the Holy Spirit at work on the interior attesting itself on the exterior.

However, it is through the cross of Christ that we begin to reconstruct the moral, natural and political values of humanity. It is merely when the moral image of God is to the full restored that we can be considered perfect. Granted flawlessness is a province all Methodist are endeavoring to accomplish. It is non every bit straightforward as it may look. Salvation is found in the Restoration of humanistic disciplines moral, natural, and political values. Wesley taught that flawlessness could be restored by undergoing sanctification. Wesley stressed to his temporalty that the cross represents anticipatory grace in the life of a Christian, and that figures like the prophesier, the priest, and the king all have one thing in common, Jesus is present in all three offices of Christology. The prophesier informs people of God 's will. While the priest

advocates for the people before God seeking forgiveness for the wickednesss committed, and the male monarch leads the people in the manner that God would hold them to travel.

Redemption is existent Methodist believe that in order to derive redemption asA a relationship or compact betweenA people and GodA we have to believe that Jesus Christ is God 's lone boy and that he did, in fact, dice on the cross as a ransom for the wickednesss of the full universe. We besides believe that he arose once more in three yearss suppressing decease and the grave. Christ died for the pardoning of wickednesss, which should intend that everyone is saved, but in our belief, we have to accept this as fact. We do non believe in works righteousness. However, we believe that Christ elected to decease on the cross and as he told his adherents if any adult male is to follow him they must take up their cross. This does non intend the wooden cross in the actual sense. The cross signifies the battle between good and evil. Daily saints struggle between the old them and the new creative activity that the Holy Spirit has created. Once we have accepted Christ we are so restored to God 's household of trusters. Humankind is brought back into the context, which God created them to be.

Not being lost in wickedness is the figure one thing that Christians are to avoid. However, God loves humanity so much that he gave his lone boy as a life forfeit for wickednesss, long before we are born. God 's love is the get downing point for all of the humanistic

disciplines beliefs. `` For God so loved the universe that He gave His lone begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall non die, but have ageless life. For God did non direct the Son into the universe to judge the universe but that the universe might be saved through Him. ''[ 7 ]( John 3:16-17 ) God loves us so much that he does non want us to die for wickednesss that we have committed.

Today, the Methodist denomination is one of the largest in the universe. It includes the World Methodist Council, the AME Church, the AME Zion Church, the Church of the Nazarene, the CME Church, the Free Methodist Church, the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, Great Britain, Ireland, India, and the denomination in which I am a campaigner for ordination, the United Methodist Church Universal. Over the old ages, the figure of Methodist have diminished due to the rebellion of non-denominational churches. The methods of the Methodist churchs are still a strong presence in the universe. Wesley 's Way of Salvation may look to be a long a taxing procedure, but when one thinks of humanity and the fact that life does non halt because you are saved. In add-on, sins or the enticements to perpetrate wickednesss go greater one time an single acknowledge Christ as your personal Jesus. The Satan, Satan, is in the universe to do persons to fight with their individuality in Christ and why they should stay true to this denomination.

Part Two

Directions: Choose ONE of the three options and, in the span of 4-5 pages, write an essay following that option 's guidelines.

( 1 ) Describe your

personal experience of God and the apprehension of God you derive from the scriptural, theological, historical, and Methodist doctrinal beginnings?

During the life of any curate or member of clergy, there are traveling to be times of uncertainness, challenges, and jobs that they will hold to get the better of. However, at some point in life they will hold to take a base for what they believe and what they understand God to be in their lives. They will hold to ignore what the universe has to state, and what many people have taught them in the name of Jesus, in order to distribute the word of God, as they understand it to all coevalss, ethnicities, and societal categories. For many this is where their religion journey ends, but for me it is where my religion journey beginning.

My apprehension of God, and who God is in my life began as a inquiry from one of my friends a piece ago. She asked me `` Why you are United Methodist and what made you decided to go to that church? '' Well I knew why I attended the church I attended, but I did non cognize why I remained at that place. I was United Methodist because this was the church my female parent attended and her female parent before her and so on. My female parent 's household grew up in this church, and it is where I received my baptism as a Christian truster. It is where I foremost stood on my ain and recited the Affirmation of Faith ( Apostles Creed ) found on page 881 of the United Methodist Hymnal.

It is where I

acknowledge and affirmed the fact the `` I believed in God the male parent Almightyaˆ¦and in Jesus Christ, his lone Son out Lordaˆ¦ [ And ] I believe in the Holy Spirit. '' Yes, it is where I learned that God sent his lone boy Jesus Christ into the universe in human signifier, to execute miracles, Teach in the temples, eat and speak to evildoers that he volitionally died on a cross, and on the 3rd twenty-four hours resurrected from the grave all for my wickednesss. I still understand all of this, but I did non understand why I accepted and believed what I believed by manner of denominational rules.

My experience with God had nil to make with my denomination ; it was merely a affair of the manner I was brought up. I was raised in the church. I was taught that every clip the doors of the church were unfastened I needed to be at that place. From the clip, I was able to walk or speak my female parent made certain I attended Sunday school, holiday Bible survey, and any other church activity that would assist determine my grownup vision of God. I have read all the kids narratives in the Bible, I own Children 's Bible narratives series, and I understand why it is critical to love God and to love my neighbour as myself. Yet, I did non cognize why I was United Methodist ; besides I did non understand that professing and existent application where two different things.

I did non see God for myself until I was about 25. Yes, I knew who he was, but I did non

cognize him in my mundane life. I was traveling through a hard clip in my life, and it seemed like nil I tried was working out right. My grandma ever told me I could speak to her about anything, but my determination to disassociate my hubby was more than I wished to portion with her for fright she would rede me to remain with my hubby because the Bible frowned on divorce. Alternatively, I confided in my female parent, and she told me to pray and inquire God for understanding. This seemed to be her reply to everything problematic ; she did non desire to carry me either manner. However, this clip I genuinely took her advice and I earnestly had a conversation with God. It was hard at first happening the words to state, but I said something and truth be told God gave me a unagitated confidence that everything would be suited. Up until so I was argumentative and hot headed. I would niggle and curse whenever I was upset or angry. Remember I said I knew of God and Jesus, but I did non cognize the Holy Spirit. I avoided my hubby because I was angry at the things he had done and the place he placed our kid and myself. However, one twenty-four hours when sitting in the infirmary with my male parent after his surgery my hubby came in out of the blue. I looked at my partner, and I did non see him any longer I merely saw a adult male. I no longer felt the months of choler and hurting, and I calmly asked him to come and

walk with me. It was so that I told him I was registering for divorce it was so that I knew my supplications were answered it was so that I knew God the male parent, Jesus Christ the boy and the Holy Spirit were working together to determine my life. I was non angry to the point of cryings I was rather, and my tone of voice even scared me. The composure I felt was so dismaying to me I thought I was woolgathering. I calmly spoke my feelings, and I spoke in a manner that it seemed like I was outside of myself watching the full thing unfold before me. I knew so that it was non me but the Lord in me or the Holy Spirit, as we know it. It was so evident that my female parent told me subsequently that when I returned to my male parent 's room both he and her thought security would hold had to draw us apart, but that was non the instance. My alteration in demeanour even scared her at first. Sometimes it still scares me to cognize that something so ordinary can alter such an out of control individual. All I did was pray and inquire God for aid to alter my manner of moving and God did it.

Understand that this did non do me a perfect individual ; I still have issues ( wickedness ) in my life. If of all time a individual has overcome obstructions or hinderances, I have come across several. Thankfully, I have found strength in like-minded persons. I have learned `` Matt. 18:20-for where two or three are

gathered together in my name at that place am I in the thick of them. '' He is with every missional ( Matt. 28:20 ) . Prayer would be a jeer if we were non assured that Christ is everyplace present to hear. He fills all things, every topographic point ( Eph. 1:23 ) . But such an all pervading presence is true merely of Deity. '' This is why I can state no affair what I am confronting ; I can ever number on Jesus to convey me through it. Even now when I am experiencing defeated I remember my aunt citing 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, `` , so we 're non giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it frequently looks like things are falling apart on us, on the interior, where God is doing a new life, non a twenty-four hours goes by without his unfolding grace. These difficult times are little murphies compared to the coming good times, the munificent jubilation prepared for us. There is far more here than meets the oculus. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can non see now will last everlastingly. '' I frequently revert to this text when I am confronting a storm in my life. Currently I love my life with the assurance that I am more than a vanquisher. I stand on the foundation of Paul 's Hagiographas in the book of Romans particularly Romans the 8th chapter. `` In all these things we are more than vanquishers ( 8:37 ) . If the Father 's concluding end is to conform us to

the similitude of his Son ( v. 29 ) , and He did non save his ain Son, but gave him up for us all-how will he non besides, along with him, gracefully give us all things ( v. 32 ) '' All things will be given unto those who believe in him. I now know that if I believe in Jesus and maintain his bid as found in John 14:15 so I will be more than a vanquisher I will hold triumph over all things that come up against me, and all things will work harmonizing for my good.

During my first semester at Columbia College, I began to doubt my ability to go on my instruction. After I arrived here at Hood my frights were about confirmed by my changeless battles, added was the decease of my male parent and sudden decease of my oldest brother all within nine months of each other. I had to sell my house move back place and I took on the added duty of caring for my goddaughter. I besides began to doubt my ability to take the fold. I began to believe I needed to halt my chase and effort something else. Then a friend asked me who was I working for, was I working to delight adult male or God? She reminded me that the same God that woke me up every forenoon was the same God that would see me through life 's eventful alterations. Again, I found myself looking to a familiar Bible in Psalm 23:4 `` Even when I walk through the darkest vale, I fear no danger because you are with me.

Your rod and your staff- they protect me. '' I have learned that I do non hold much in life, but I am an heir to the land of Eden and the Godhead is willing to give me everything if I merely believe and inquire of it in the name of Jesus.

I have had several chances to believe of the theological logical thinking 's as to why I have chosen to stay Christian since I began my surveies at Hood. My chief rational has to make with the eight old ages I choose to follow my partner and analyze the ways of The Five-Percent State. My partner ne'er required that I change whom I was to suit into his belief system. He was born into the Christian religion yet, someplace along the manner while populating in New York, before I met him, he decided to follow the pattern of being a Five-Percenters or a member of The Nation of Gods and Earths found in the1960s in Harlem, New York City, by Clarence 13X, Clarence Edward Smith.

My divinity and what it means to be Christian to me is found in the Nicene Creed, the Apostles ' Creed, or Affirmation of Faith that I recited every Sunday during the worship service.

I admit I did non cognize what the true significance of the words was until I began analyzing at HOOD Theological Seminary or the historical background of it until I met Dr. Six-Means. Dr. Six-Means taught a category on October 2, 2010 refering the Council of Nicene. In his talk, he spoke about Constantine and the rebellion that caused about three hundred Bishops to unify and debate

the 100 % Divinity and 100 % Humanity divinity of Jesus Christ. `` Constantine: saw the rebellion of the Christians and others. He called for the leaders of the Christian Church to come to the town of Nicea. This was the devisings of the Nicene Creed - they argued for nine months with no help. Until Constantine said, he would draw all support from the conference and the Bishops would hold to afford their ain disbursals. Three hundred ninety-seven Bishops eventually voted, and it was confirmed that Jesus Christ has to be human in order for us to set him in our lives ; he besides has to be divine in order for him to salvage us. `` Actually, it centers to what the experience of God is to humanity. Jesus did non populate in the vacuity or a bubble. He understands to a big grade what we go through because he lived among us ; he paid the monetary value for all of humanistic disciplines wickednesss on Calvary 's cross. Even though, I was born into a Methodist Church, verification and heritage categories were non something the member of my place church practiced. I came had to fight with my apprehension of what I wanted to believe and whom I wanted to believe in by what I understood.

Still I chose to intermix the two divinities chiefly because of the matrimony. Five Percenters based their divinity in the scientific discipline of Supreme Mathematics, which is the key to understanding world 's relationship to the existence. There is no traditional God or Godhead ; the State teaches that the Asiatic Blackman is a God, and the

Asiatic Women is mother Earth. This took a batch of acquiring used to, but I studied because of the matrimony. The largest undertaking was larning the Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet, the Twelve Jewels, and the 120 Lessons ; the term Allah means Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head ( the frame of adult male ) .

For old ages, I compared the two, and I eventually came to the consensuses that between the two divinities, the similarity were exceptionally limited and about unable to acknowledge. The belief in moral life and societal justness came in the signifier of reframing the definition of God. `` God foremost means that it is no longer a judicial statement ; centered means everything we do is about God. Culture is the patterns and rules of people at any given clip. '' However, with any comparing, there has to be a downside and as I rapidly learned, each circle had their ain regulations and ideas on worship, if any. Chiefly it was a societal nine more than a faith, which contradicted with my upbringing.

As a Christian my belief, that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, that he is equal to God and that the Holy Spirit is the sympathizer that he left buttocks to assist regulate humanity here on Earth. Remained a portion of my life and I continued my patterns of supplication and worship without the presence of my partner. When I began, the walk in ministry that Christ called me into, I was a divorced individual female parent. This entirely made several individuals in my place church disagree with my way in ministry. They thought that

I needed a male to regulate over me, like the adult females in the Hebrew Bible. Many of the churches on our territory did non desire a female curate. I posed a larger job, non merely was I am a individual female, but I was besides under 40, and African American. Many of the little rural church were like my place church ; adult females did non hold a formal function in the church except the function of and Sunday school instructors. Why you ask because of Biblical texts like these, 1 Timothy 2:11-12 `` I do non allow a adult female to learn or to presume authorization over a adult male ; she must be quiet. '' Along with, 1 Corinthians 14:34-36, `` The adult females are to maintain silent in the churches ; for they are non permitted to talk, but are to capable themselves, merely as the Law besides says. If they desire to larn anything, allow them inquire their ain hubbies at place for it is improper for a adult female to talk in church. Be it from you that the word of God first went away? Or has it come to you merely? ''

Today I can state this is still a truth in many churches in the South. However, over 12,000 adult females are functioning in different functions within the United Methodist churches. Womans have strived to go functioning members of the church triumphant in countries runing from Bishops to local curates. Our present philosophy is formed based on the Standards of Doctrine and counsel found in the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. The fantastic thing is

that as the universe evolves the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church besides changes every four old ages. In between times, there are needed alterations and the Book of Resolutions house these alterations.

The fact that Rev. John Wesley founded the Methodist remains a comfort to the hereafter. With more adult females clergy and more, my religion in his instructions will non alter. United Methodist philosophy is the architecture of mission. It defines the form and signifier of the church 's informant to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. God calls all Christians through their baptism, to be in ministry, in the universe. Therefore, the term curate is suitably used to depict any Christian who responds to God 's call to make out to the universe and its people through loving Acts of the Apostless of service. This is one of the grounds I enjoy being a Methodist, the ability to make missions in my community. The ability to link with members without experiencing as if world is in a high-church service like those found in Europe or Paris. I would non alter anything about my journey with Christ. I have come to understand that it is better to believe than non to believe.

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