How does the divine power play different roles in Agamemnon Essay Example
How does the divine power play different roles in Agamemnon Essay Example

How does the divine power play different roles in Agamemnon Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2017
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The divine power in the three plays undergoes noticeable changes. In Agamemnon, characters like the chorus and Clytemnestra demonstrate Zeus' divine power through actions such as singing and praying. This illustrates that Zeus' desire for justice is omnipresent and embraced by all characters. In other words, the divine intervention in this play greatly influences the actions of humans.

In the play Oedipus the King, it appears that there is a lack of divine intervention. The gods do not appear to help or hinder the characters, and the only instances of divine prophecy come from the Delphic oracle foretelling Oedipus' fate. Sophocles presents the Athenians as having human intelligence without interference from the gods; Oedipus, for example, seeks the truth through his own reasoning abilities. Thus, it can be said that the gods in the play remain silent and i



In Medea, the presence of divine power is minimal. The only deity that appears is Helios, the God of Sun. In the last scene, Helios lends his dragon-drawn chariot to his granddaughter, Medea, as she plans to escape from Corinth. This interruption by Helios can be considered relatively small and limited.

To summarize, as the plays progress from Agamemnon to Oedipus the King, we witness a decrease in divine influence and a greater emphasis on human civilization. Instead of blindly following the gods, individuals are now displaying independent thought and a desire for self-discovery, marking a sign of civilization. From Oedipus the King to Medea, divine power continues to dwindle while personal emotions and inner motives become more prevalent. Ultimately, the level of human consciousness and reason shown determines the extent of civilization.

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