Theological Training In Malawian Churches Theology Religion Essay Example
Theological Training In Malawian Churches Theology Religion Essay Example

Theological Training In Malawian Churches Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: November 2, 2017
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The research worker is traveling to happen out the Impact of holding Theological schools or non holding Theological schools in Malawian churches. What are the advantages of these Theological schools to the state or do they hold an advantage or non to the state? In Malawi, presently there are many churches of different denominations ; some are Pentecostalists, Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, the Seventh- twenty-four hours Adventist, New Apostolic Church, and C.C.AP. African Abraham Church, Jehovah 's Witness, Anglican, IBF, Flood Church merely to advert a few. Out of the mentioned above Churches some have got their ain Theological schools while others do non.

The research worker is traveling to interview different members of these Churches runing from Pastors, Sunday school instructors, Church Elders, common members, so as to acquire the existent information refering to the above topic with t


he purpose that the consequences found should reflect the existent information on the land and that it should be balanced.

In Malawi, Christianity was foremost introduced by the early missionaries get downing from 1st A.D. up to this twenty-first Century. One of the few noteworthy accomplishments of these missionaries to the state was the debut of Schools and Hospitals both in the metropoliss and rural countries. Although these missionaries started primary and secondary schools, there was really small accent on theological preparation for Curates. They were either sent abroad for farther theological preparation or were merely locally trained by them here. The research worker is traveling to happen out the consequence of theological preparation on Malawian churches. The information and information will be corrected from Churches. These Churchs can either be good or non good established. Among the goo

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established Churches with Schools of Theology are: The Assemblies of God in Malawi, The Church of Central African Presbyterian ( CCAP ) , The Roman Catholic Church and The Free Methodist Church while those non good established are the IBF Church, Restoration Church of God, Zion and African Abraham.

The information analysis and the information will follow subsequently after the treatment and a decision of recommendation will follow up. Therefore this research will happen out whether Theological school is necessary. The Government can therefore come in to assist if there is a demand of set uping more Theological schools for the improvement of the state.

A. Background

One of the first innovators of the early missionaries was Dr. David Livingstone. He came to Malawi around 1st A.D. up to the twenty-first Century. He came in as an adventurer to the inside of cardinal Africa and upon his return back place ; he made a public address at West curate pleading for more missionaries to come to Africa. With his address, the door was broad unfastened and it led to the coming of The U.M.C.A. under Bishop Mackenzie. Harmonizing to Kenneth R. said that:

The Christian churches had played a major portion in this historical development. It was the

Scots missionary David Livingstone who had foremost identified the shire Highlands, in the

South of Malawi, as an country suitable for European colony which he hoped might

Become the gateway to Africa for `` Christianity and Commerce ( p15 ) .

Then come The Catholic missionaries in Malawi in 1889. They settled at Chief Mponda in Mangochi District and they were called The White Fathers. They failed to set up a mission topographic point at

Mponda due to hapless healthy conditions. There were tonss of mosquitoes and it led to malaria. This Chief failed these White Fathers because he was looking frontward to be given some item of thanks like guns ; they built infirmaries, schools and churches in the local countries.

To state the truth, this head failed to suit both the Catholics and the Portuguese in his country. It was like functioning two Masterss at the same clip. The Portuguese were busy making their concern of purchasing and selling people called `` Slave Trade. '' They used to give these heads some gifts such as expensive apparels, decorations and beads. This main idea that subsequently, they are traveling to occupy his country and conquer Him. To the head 's amusement, the missionaries did non even get down the wars ; instead, they were being kept like slaves with no existent freedom which influenced them to travel out of topographic point. These White Fathers went to Zambia where they started their missions. It should be noted that they had settled in Zambia in trusting that things will turn out to be good to all of them. Even though they had settled here, they still thought of coming back to Malawi. In Malawi the people were friendly, helpful and willing to get down their instruction and schools. When Bishop Dupoint went for medical intervention to his place country, the Montfort Fathers came back to Malawi to set up their mission.

The early missionaries were populating under unfavourable and bad political conditions. They came all the manner from Portugal ; Europe, but they were non assisted with their well being. The autochthonal did

non swear these aliens and they could non easy separate between them. I truly urge the manner how these first missionaries lived, how they suffered for the Gospel without returning back place who, like St Paul ( 2 Cor. 4:8-9 ) We are afflicted in every manner, but non crushed ; perplexed, but non despairing ; 9 persecuted, but non forsaken ; struck down, but non destroyed. Paul worked in such difficult and rough conditions and persevered successfully without giving up. From some critical analysis we can state that they were a spot successful because other committed Christians who were trained by them established their religion to local countries and small by small it led to the constitution of the churches in this state. Although there was no divinity schools, the churches flourished, some were sent abroad to be trained as Curates, while others were locally trained.

B. Statement of the job intent

a. The chief intent of transporting out this research is to happen out the consequence of theological preparation on the Churches of Malawi.

B. The research will besides assist out to happen the effects of non holding theological preparation schools and what can be done so as to build them.

c. The research worker does non desire in any manner to fault another arm of the governments or Government no! Rather to seek aid from the relevant governments.

C. Significance of the survey

This research paper does measure up to be read merely because of the altering times we are in sing the sermon of the Gospel to the state. There are more inquiries sing to the current sermon, is it truly what the Bible Teachs or what

the sermonizer would wish to prophesy. Besides do they prophesy the message to delight the members or non. If you are besides be aftering to travel for farther surveies sing the word of God, so this research is of most of import. It will besides unclutter the unreciprocated inquiries on what could be done so that most sermonizers could foster up with their theological instruction.

D. Hypothesis

( a ) The positive impact. The positive consequence of theological preparation is that many Curates will be trained and equipped to portion the Gospel harmonizing to its proper reading.

( I ) . The Pastors will be equipped to understand some of the large or difficulty things of the Bible, which they were uninformed of.

( two ) . The Pastors will spread out up their cognition of the Bible thereby portion the Gospels easy with existent apprehension.

( B ) . The negative consequence of non holding theological preparation.

( I ) . Churches will be distributing out false Gospel accommodating their ain desires and programs.

( two ) . Christ will non be glorified as they will be prophesying the Gospel which will be adult male centered.

E. Definition of Footings, Abbreviations

( a ) . NGO means Non-Governmental Organization.

( B ) . Heresy means distributing out false message or rumours in the church.

( degree Celsius ) . IBF - International Bible Fellowship Church

( vitamin D ) . Catholic- One of the largest Christian spiritual religious order believing in imparting the Holy Spirit through the Bishops and the sacraments.

( vitamin E ) . A.D. - Anno Domini ( Latin word )

( degree Fahrenheit ) . U.MC.A. - University Missions to Central Africa.

( g )

. MISSIONARY- A individual who crossed cultural boundaries in set uping new outreaches on behalf of Jesus

Chapter II.

II. Literature reappraisal

With the current tendency of how the Gospel is proclaimed, it is perfectly necessary to hold theological preparation. Many false Gospels are fed to the church members and of now, most members are in the dark of this rich and healthy Gospel. But harmonizing to Henry Church, 2002, Theological Education that makes a difference aˆ¦ `` Though thesis has church growing as its focal point, covering with church growing in both historical and modern-day position, but non utilizing the tools provided by the church growing motion '' . He argues that for effectual church ministry, there is a demand for the curates to be good trained hence the demand for more theological schools. And Byne H.W.God Himself is a God of organisation... `` The benefits derived from good organisation are rather apparent. It will develop squad work and integrity of the school. It is necessary to hold sufficient organisation to vouch regular attending and proper subject '' . This from what the writer wrote clearly signifies the importance of theological preparation. Thingss are put in order, whatever you do goes harmonizing to proper be aftering.While Jim and Leland provinces that in the old chapter we noted that the commonest ailment about discourses in a study of church departers was, `` excessively many thoughts. '' It is one of the most prevailing failures in Biblical instruction. If a sermonizer has got excessively many thoughts to be preached in one discourse, it will be black for the fold, as they will lose focal point and way, hence he

argues that the curates should be decently trained so that they can equilibrate up their discourses and be effectual in the ministry.

Robert Pazmino W. in his Foundational issues in Christian Education provinces that... `` Reformed pedagogues by and large emphasize three typical theological dogmas that guide their position of education- the compact of creative activity, the autumn and the creative activity of salvation. ''

Here are some illustrations of the well established churches with Theological schools and their brief background:

A. The Assemblies of God.

On July 4, 1947, a contingent of four Missionary units of Assemblies of God arrived at Chimbewa small town in Ntcheu. They included one squad from Tanganyika ( now Tanzania ) and another one from South Africa. They joined a host Pentecostal group known as the `` Full Gospel Church, '' led by Laiton Kalambule. The missionaries included Paul Derr, Ragnar Udds, Morris Williams and Magnus Udds from Tanganyika, while Fredrick Burke, Paul Wright, and Moody Wright came from South Africa. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.malawiassembliesofGod )

These two groups latter merged together and formed one group and it was called, `` The Assemblies of God in East Africa. '' The Executive Council led this organisation in their two groups of Tanganyika and Nyasaland and Fred Burke was elected as the Chairman, while the secretary was Williams. After sometime in 1960 there was the Annual conference at Missi in Dowa District and they elected Rev. Harry Downer as their General Superintendent. Presently The Assemblies of God is led by Rev. Lazarous Chakwela as its president and he has led it for about 20 one old ages. The church has trained about 500 Curates state

broad and they are in partnership with their friends from the United States of America.

The Church has got its ain school of Theology in Lilongwe where many curates are being trained and awarded certifications, sheepskin, grades and Masters. Dr. Daniel T, Sheaffer in 1982 helped to set up this Theological school in Malawi and has set up many churches state broad. The school has besides ordained females as Curates ; Assemblies of God has besides orphan attention places and out-reach clinics.

B. The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian ( CCAP )

This church is composed of five synods viz. the Zambian Synod, The Harare Synod, Livingstonia Synod, Nkhoma Synod and The Blantyre Synod. In 1956 The Blantyre Synod was established and it looks into the public assistance of captives, adult females, schools and healthy installations. On the instruction portion it has got a school for the deaf at Embangweni Mission Hospital and a University at Livingstonia secondary school campus in Rumphi. It has built more secondary schools in the state so as to better the quality of instruction. Some of the schools that the CCAP has built are: Robert Laws secondary school, William Murray and Ekwendeni misss ' secondary school.

The C.C.A.P. has peculiar accent on the HIV/AIDS bar and intervention. Besides it helps in the nutrient security programmes and the climatic alterations programmes. Some of the noteworthy infirmaries built by the Church are Nkhoma, Ekwendeni merely to advert a few. Most of their Curates are trained at Chancellor College at The Department of Theology. This denomination has more than 3 million members across the state.

C. The Roman Catholics

It is one of the largest church denominations in Malawi

which is headed by the Pope. The White male parents were the first to come to Malawi around 1889. They established their first colonies around Kachebere in Mchinji District, Likuni in Lilongwe and Mua in Dedza. At Nguludi in Chiradzuro and Nzama where the Montfort built churches and infirmaries. These Catholics are widely dispersed about in all parts of the state and have good established Education Institution such as the Catholic University in Chiradzulo and many mission infirmaries. Some of the noteworthy infirmaries are Mlambe in Blantyre, St. Johns Hospital to the North and St. Annes at Karonga. Most of their priests are good trained and they have their ain Theological school and the most noteworthy one is Kachebere Major Seminary. The Catholic priests do non get married.

D. Free Methodist Church

Harmonizing to Church Henry, Theological Education that makes a difference, 2002, aˆ¦ `` The Free Methodist Church in Malawi has had an outstanding growing. When evaluated against such programmes in other states, the chief difference is the theoretical account and doctrine of the Malawi theological instruction plan me. '' The church 's central office is at Chilinde in Lilongwe where their school of Theology is besides based. It has got many subdivisions in every territory of the state.

There are besides some churches without Theological schools and one that I had interacted with is:

E.IBF ( International Bible Fellowship Church )

This Church is in Lilongwe and has existed for about 6 old ages. The purpose of set uping this church was for the commixture of the International community members and the locals easy. They said that they had no Pastors in its origin and they had to

revolve hebdomadal with each other which was non contributing for the church. Then they had to look for a resident Curate who would be full-time and that was the coming in of Pastor Brian Biedabach. He is presently the senior Pastor of IBF. This church has no Theological school but their Curates are trained through other establishments or seminaries. They besides send their members to cantonments and conferences so as to increase the cognition of God.


This is one of the local Malawian Indigenous Churches that is located in both the rural countries and the metropoliss. The 1 I had interacted with is at Ntandire in the capital metropolis, Lilongwe. Most members of this church value our cultural beliefs really much such as the issue of polygamy and beer imbibing. To African Abraham Church members, polygamy and beer imbibing is non an issue.

G. Why Do We Have So Many Churchs?

The word Church comes from a Grecian word significance `` Assembly. '' The early Christians used to idolize together the word of God at one topographic point. Reading from the book of Ephesians 1:22, 23 it says that the church is the organic structure of Christ, and that there is merely one organic structure. Those early Christians were piecing together as a organic structure of Christ and if there was anything, they used to portion together, eat together.

Again The Apostle Paul in 1Corinthians 4:17 `` For this ground I sent you Timothy, who is my darling and faithful kid in the Lord, to remind you of my ways in Christ Jesus, as I teach them everyplace in every church. '' The nazarene wants us

to be run intoing together as His organic structure but now because of our ain selfish wants and desires, we are interrupting apart, we no longer desire to be disciplined or corrected.

There are besides many churches in Malawi ; others think that Churchs are for their ain personal additions. If there can be some additions, so it should be for the Lord. They give themselves rubrics and give their close household members top places. With this tendency they can misconduct and mistreat their places without others truly oppugning them particularly on fundss. Then if the other members notice this, they leave for other churches.

Besides others leave due to train issues that are given to them if they have committed a wickedness and are being corrected. Giving person a subject is aimed at rectifying him or her and non to dishonor them. After that given subject period, they are integrated back into the church. Now these disgruntled members alternatively of detecting the subject period, they go to other churches. In these churches they merely welcome them and believe that the church of God is turning up and in the terminal we find that there are legion churches around.

Now there is this affluent and healthy Gospels preached around by these other work forces of God. Others teach that you are to give more and God in the terminal is traveling to give you more besides. Come to our church and all your illnesss are traveling to be healed. We find that people become rolled rocks from one church to the other looking for affluent or healthy. The church is at that place to portion the word of

God, comfort those in demand and fellowshiping together as kids of God. The Apostle Paul was promoting us to be united as the organic structure of Christ should be. God gave some to be Apostles, some Prophetss, some revivalists and others as curates. With all these different gifts we are to work together good for the glorification of the Lord.

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