An Introduction To Managing Country Park Tourism
An Introduction To Managing Country Park Tourism

An Introduction To Managing Country Park Tourism

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Craig -Y-Nos Country Park is situated in the South West of the Brecon Beacons National Park. The park originated as the evidences of nearby Craig -Y-Nos palace which was built in 1842 ( Archer, I 2005 ) . In 1976 the Brecon Beacons National Park designated the country as a state park after a feasibleness survey in 1971 ( Coflein, 2006 ) .

1.2 The ability to denominate countries as state Parkss is outlined in the countryside act 1968 which aims 'Are to be exercised for the preservation and sweetening of the natural beauty and comfortss of the countryside, and promoting the proviso and betterment, for individuals fall backing to the countryside, of installations for the enjoyment of the countryside and of unfastened air diversion ' ( Countryside Act 1968 ) .

1.3 The Location of Craig-Y-Nos within a National Park means under the Environment Act 1995 which amended the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 the park has two important purposes these are aˆ¦

Conserve and heighten the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage

Promote chances for the apprehension and enjoyment of the particular qualities of National Parks by the Public

( Environment Act 1995 )

1.4 Taking these legislative purposes into history every bit good as those of the environing countries in the park such as the SSSI and integrating them into the direction program along with economic, societal and environmental rules this program aims to heighten the bing Parkss original Victorian characteristics along with its biodiversity, Natural Beauty and its ability to make more recrea


tional chances for visitants.

2.0 Site Description

Craig Y Nos Garden covers about 40 estates of land ( cite old program ) which contains legion home ground chances from both native and no-native works species. The park has several noteworthy characteristics including big pools and forest which if managed right could hold the capacity for an copiousness of home grounds and recreational chances.

2.1 Car Park and Main Buildings

Location: Map Area 1

The Park has one auto park situated at the entryway which is big plenty to suit a few autos and a manager. The auto park is easy accessible via the A4067 which goes from Swansea to Sennybridge. The Park has a visitants centre by the auto park which besides doubles up as a coffeehouse, this is run by a separate entity and is leased by the national park authorization. The park besides has a little schoolroom like constructing which can be used for educational intents or little conferences.

2.2 River and Ponds

Location: Map Area 3, 16 and River as labeled

The park has aquatic characteristics that are both natural and manmade. The chief natural characteristic is the River Tawe which dissects the park in two and flows in a southern way. Near the Parkss centre the Llynfell River meets the Tawe doing a meeting of the two rivers which causes an addition in both river deepness and speed. The Parks pools are both anthropogenetic characteristics and the duck pool at map country 3 has a big duck population perchance due to the duck provender that is available for them from visitants. The larger of the pools at map country 1

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has a big island in its Centre but is enduring from a escape doing certain countries to be under menace including of import countries for works and spineless life.

3.0 Park Assessment and Recommendations

For the Parkss possible to be reached it needs to be evaluated and assessed so issues can be prioritised leting for the effectual direction of the park.

3.1 Pond and River

3.1.1 River Bank Stability

Extensive Root Exposure on the Right Bank Photo by Caulton, J 2012The bank stableness is a possible major concern within the park as the river and its Bankss are potentially cardinal habitat locations for protected species such as the European Otter ( Lutra Lutra ) which has been known to be present in the park but is non yet resident, the species is considered of import to keep under its statutory protection ( ORIGINAL PLAN ) such as the wildlife and countryside act 1981as amended by the preservation of home grounds and species ordinances 2010, it is besides a precedence species within the UK 's Biodiversity Action Plan ( Natural England n.d. ) . The prostration of parts of the bank would besides present hazards to the trees upon them particularly with the fact that many already have big sums of root exposure due to eroding and weathering. This could impact bird nesting within the park every bit good as chiropteran boxes placed there by the state parks wardens and of class the chiropteran themselves, of which all UK species are protected `` under the home ground ordinances 2010 and subdivision 9 ( 4 ) ( B ) , ( degree Celsius ) and ( 5 ) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 ' ( DEFRA 2012 ) . The prostration of trees due to gnawing foundations could do a big sum of deposit sedimentations in the river taking to possible construct up farther downstream which could impact the Tawes fish stocks. DSCF7650.JPG

Approximate river flow

Surveyed Banks

Area of Concern

Diagram Approx to Scale

( Google Maps 2012 )

After analyzing the river Bankss and taking river bank profiles there are a few countries that raise concern most notably the right bank of the Tawe as seeable in fig 1.Along the surveyed transect we assessed the river bank at 10 metre intervals and from informations collected a graph could be plotted of the river bank profiles to see the degree of hazard the environing country is under due to terrible bank eroding and sediment deposisition and even the eventual physique up. The country of concern shows the most terrible overhang of all monitored subdivisions, this can be seen in fig 2.

Fig 1

Noteworthy Overhang

The overhang is on the same side as a pathway that is frequently used by the parks visitants and could present a possible menace to the public nevertheless this job could be overcome by the presence of marks warning people of the hazard. The bank is gnawing in topographic points but the national park purposes do province that they wish to conserve and heighten natural beauty of the park significance that any human intervention could upset the natural procedures that are taking topographic point and badly changing the

Parkss landscape by including non merely Victorian characteristics but important modern twenty-four hours 1s.

Recommendation- Leting the natural procedures take topographic point is perchance the most appropriate option for the park direction squad as it requires small to no care and is most of course aesthetically delighting. If the rate of eroding picks up or threatens the park, soft technology methods should be strongly considered before those of more terrible impact.

3.1.2 Pond care

The pools in the park are both adult male made and were put at that place for ocular entreaty which is as of import now the park is publically owned as when it was in private custodies. All the pools contain islands which can be of import countries for wildlife protection and the differences in H2O deepness towards the islands increases the habitat handiness for a figure of species including many invertebrates, these characteristics could increase the parks biodiversity or even heighten it which meets the standards of the National Parks aims. The larger pool in the eastern side of the park is enduring from a terrible leak which has led to some countries at hazard of drying out, this threatens the Parks aesthetics and legion species that 's habitat depends upon this location. The planning permission to repair the pool runs out within the following 6 months so repairing the leak is slightly a affair of precedence. Although expensive, steps should be taken to cut down the implosion therapy as with current rates of H2O loss the pool will finally go a crater potentially doing the pool to be an eyesore non merely impacting the park itself but its ocular entreaty from environing countries such as Craig Y Nos Castle which has antecedently complained along with others about the province of the park when a dike was built to seek and forestall the leak, the dike did burst and was finally removed by the park governments.

Recommendation- the Pond is an of import Victorian characteristic of the park and should be maintained, concrete injection into the leaking wall is an expensive but effectual option which will guarantee the leak does non acquire any worse. Although expensive it is effectual and would be long lasting. the lone issue is organizing the fundraising for the undertaking.

3.1.3 Flood Risk to the Park

The river floods its bank on norm of 8-12 times a twelvemonth ( Old Report ) . During the bursting of the Tawes bank the north eastern corner of the hay hayfield is susceptible to deluging

6.0 Park Aims

Precedence of Objective

( 1 being highest precedence )

Park Objective

Suggested Time graduated table


Fundraise to cover the cost of the concrete injection to forestall the pool leaking

Within 6 Calendar months