Acts of Terror in History Essay Example
Acts of Terror in History Essay Example

Acts of Terror in History Essay Example

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  • Published: January 17, 2022
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Terrorism is not a new phenomenon as many may tend think. It dates back in history. There are very many cases of terrorism that are documented in the books of history. Terrorism can be defined as any use of violence as well as intimidation the primary reason being to accomplish the individual/groups political aims or goals. It is characterized by brutality, the use of illegal arms, mass killings, mass protests, bloodshed and injustice to the innocent just to name but a few of the characteristics. The terrorists more often than not are always trying to express their distress towards the ruling governments.Terrorism tends to affect each and every political system in the globe. The effect of the acts of terrorism are felt all over the world in various ways ranging from the disruption of peace, emergence of diplomatic issues and so forth (Lansford, Watson &


Covarrubias, 2009).

The eighteenth century witnessed various terrorism cases. Most of the monarchies during this time were overthrown. The power imbalance during this time was the major cause of the terrorist attacks which were characterized by violent revolutions by the terrorist groups. A perfect example of terrorist attacks in the eighteenth century is the French revolution. The terrorists who also happen to be the revolutionists took over the thrown or in other words overthrown the government from the royal family. The events that took place during this time involved the oppression of the families of those that came from the royal family.

The revolutionists executed them. It was disastrous. These events or revolution saw the abolition of the monarchial rule particularly in Europe. Although the revolution was orchestrated by some particular movement

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who pretended to be the general public, it is no doubt that these were terrorists. The acts included the suffering as well as the murder of very innocent women and kids who happened to be affiliates of those that were in positions of power during this time. The terrorist events led to the blanket application of ruthless death penalties/sentences to the innocent women and children of those who happened to be the hallmarks of the said terror incidents.

It is also worth noting that Germany was accused of instigating the First World War. In other words Germany had to carry all the burdens of the Second World War. It is also important noting that Germany was not a member or a participant of the Versailles treaty that is also the treaty that came into the conclusion of implicating Germany. They implication of Germany led to many feelings, mark you, Germany lost her territories following the Versailles treaty. The Versailles treaty led to a whole lot of negative feelings (Lansford, Watson & Covarrubias, 2009).

Most of the Germans were now willing to join the Nazi. Adolf Hitler was the first person or rather politician to talk about the injustices that the treaty had resulted to the republic of Germany.Germany was alienated by the rest of the International community and consequently there was the formation of the polarized republic which also led to many injustices following the Nazi reign. World war two emerged as a result of Germany losing her territory. Germany occupied Poland and this resulted to the emergence of the war. The Second World War which was propelled by the Nazi was characterized by the massive execution

of the Jews. The events of the Second World War are commonly referred to as the Holocaust. The series of these occurrences proved that hatred emerge from the various perceived injustices that were committed to as a result of the First World War (Coaty, 2012).

There were many divisions emerging from the end of the Second World War. The divisions, political divisions to be specific were witnessed across the globe. The divisions led to the emergence of the socialists also known as the communists and the capitalist communities. For instance, Korea was divided into two; North Korea and South Korea. North Korea was communists while South Korea was for capitalism. These wars were as a result of political subjugation of a part by the other which can be also be termed as terrorism acts whose impacts and effect have been manifested.

The witnessed wars in Vietnam were some of the liberative efforts on the part of the Vietnamese. They wanted to liberate themselves from the colonial rule or subjugation by the Western countries such as France. The continued divisions in Vietnamas a result of political influence led to the emergence of the cold war where the North received major support from the communists’ states, while the south received support from the US as well as other capitalist states. In particular the United States was involved largely in the Vietnam War. This is basing the fact that the United States had deployed too many soldiers and resources in Vietnam. What the United States was majorly concerned with was the continued spread of communism to the south and for the US the war was crucial for containing the spread.

The war came to an end when various states signed a treaty twenty years down the line.

Apparently, the Al-Qaeda happens to be the group with the highest terrorist numbers. The group came in to existence as a result of many people associating themselves with the one and only Osama Bin Laden as well as other Islamist associations. The association basically calls for the killing of the West and the Israel sympathizers. The basic reason for its formation was the interference of the Western countries in the issues concerning the Middle East. There are fighters who happen to be very loyal to the Taliban. The fighters who were mostly the youths were used during the wars. The wars were financed by very wealthy individuals from the Arabian community.

It is therefore evident that the wars/acts of terrorism were propelled by political and ideological differences. The enemies on both sides had to be eliminated particularly through their execution or murder to cleanse and bring about change; the change that the ‘public’ wanted so badly. Starting with the Frenchrevolution which was characterized by the execution of the women and children from the ruling families to the Germany’s acts of terror to the Jews, all these were acts of terror that perhaps sought to find a lasting solution to the continued suffering of different groups (Coaty, 2012). It is also important to note that the perpetrators of the acts of terrorism are so self- righteous and according to them, they are not part of the continued suffering against which they want to eliminate. Those who start these wars do so with the primary interest been their own selves.

It is unfortunate

that the public is the excuse as to why the terrorists continue with their killings and cause much suffering to innocent individuals. The United States in particular has a policy that seeks to help other countries during these acts of terror. This is the reason why the United States played a very significant role in Afghanis in the fight against the terror group by the name Al-Qaeda (Coaty, 2012). As a result the assistance was perceived as political interference and propagated more war all across the world. The acts of terrorism sincerely are committed against the very innocent individuals such as women and children.

The acts of terrorism might in some cases resulted to the improvement of the living conditions of the future generations such as in the case of the French revolution while in some cases there is the extinction of a specific group of people or race. The holocaust is a perfect example of a case where there was the extinction of a particular group of people. As we can see, the acts of terrorism can be said to occur all in the name of liberation. The devastating impact of this kind of liberation is that valuable human life is put to an end. There is therefore no justification of this kind of liberation (Coaty, 2012).

If we look down in history, we establish one thing that is certain; that as long as there is still ideological and political differences, the innocent are the ones that stand to lose because they stand in the middle and all of the events that will take place during such times will always remain in the name of their

sake. As much as we would like to believe that terrorists do whatever they do for the interests of the public, it comes out evident that they only care for their own interests.

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