Active Promotion of equality and individual rights Essay

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All jobs roles within the sector of health and social care involves having a good understanding on the key concepts. A need to recognise and understand the health and social care professional’s role in actively promoting the rights of others is also carried alongside. Promoting other peoples rights and equality is something that should be central to care and health roles.There are seven key aspects to the care value base, which are of equal importance and should form the basis of all relationships between service users and work colleagues.

These aspects are;1. The promotion of anti-discriminatory practice2. The promotion and support of dignity, independence and safety3. Having respect for personal beliefs and an individuals identity4.

The maintenance of confidentiality5. protection from abuse and harm6. promotion of effective communication and relationships7. the provision of individual careThese statements can be broken down further into words and actions. For example, to be “service user centred” we must ensure:* inclusivity* participation* access* honesty and openness* trust* respect* safety* confidentiality* choiceIf the correct care value base is followed in everyday work with individuals, it will be easier to promote and individuals rights and choices.

This will then have a positive effect on their feeling of well being and their sense of control over their lives, no matter what their situation. By remaining true to the care value base at, all times we are able to demonstrate anti-discriminatory practice. In order to actively promote the approach, we should be prepared to challenge others who may plan deliberately or accidently discriminating. This could include challenging other work colleagues and service users about their use of language.Challenging discriminatory attitudes and language is a way of indirectly empowering our service users.

A more direct way is to work with individuals to encourage them to maintain, regain or gain independence as far as they are able to. This includes encouraging any choices and decisions they shall make, work with the service users and encourage them to take part in any individual activities. Offer support to them and strategies for improvements in physical, intellectual and social factors.There will always be difficult areas and decisions to be made in a health and social setting. Confidentiality and the need to pass on information is a difficult situation in certain situations and trying to decide, “Who gets what” treatment between different service users. Teamwork is essential and when this is used alongside guidance, high quality standards an evidenced-based practice, decisions become easier and fairer.

If the service user is kept at the centre on decision-making, some of the tensions involved and service provision can be kept minimum. However, some of the services cannot always be provided due to funding issues but concerns can be taken upon manages and supervisors for another action at higher level.Regular training is needed for health and social care workers in able to be kept up to date and use their best abilities at all times. It is essential that the training enable workers to fully understand their roles and responsibilities as well as increasing their knowledge about individual’s rights and equality of opportunity.The care value base and the law demands that health and social care workers maintain service user’s confidentiality at all times.

Every detail about the service user must be kept confidential, and the records that are associated with them, whether they are written or computerised. When handling information, it is important to respect the service users wishes and comply with the regulations of the law. It is important to only collect information that is needed then use the data collected only for the purpose that was intended.

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