Social equality between men and women

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Social equality can be looked at as the state at which all people of a given society or a certain group are at the same level or rank. In this context, it is whereby women and men are treated the same way and looked at as in the same level. Equal rights in every aspect like freedom of speech, the right to vote for one’s favorite candidate, right to security, assembly, right to own property anywhere among others is what it entails. All people should have equal opportunities like in employment, obligations and have access to health care and other social amenities. Attaining social equality between men and women is very possible.

This can be achieved through the putting in place of favorable a law. Laws against social inequality should be enacted and very tough penalty charges slapped on the perpetrators. To assist in making the law a daily reality is the lobby groups. They are a force in the direction of implementation of gender based social equality. They tend to put pressure on organizations and the government at large to ensure social equality is practiced across the gender divide.

These lobby groups in the process end up enlightening the public at large on the need for equality therefore making social equality possible.Education is also another way of making social equality a possible reality. In school, the boys and girls are given the same treatment and are taught using the same facilities. This is the initial stage of nurturing social equality in the two genders. There is no exception or favoritism based on the fact that one is male or female. Students are enlightened on their rights in the society which enables the girls and women fight for equality in the social aspect if denied.

Educated people also understand the need for social equality and will be able to implement it without being pushed by the law.Perfect social equality is an ideal situation in a work place. All workers are treated equally by the management and they treat each other in the same way regardless of gender. This can be achieved by the management leading by example. Giving equal job and promotion opportunities to all workers and selection done by means of professional merits is a step in the right direction. The male and female workers should work in the same environment under the same working conditions.

This way, apart from eliminating inequality, case of nepotism and favoritisms will be avoided.The organization which is the work place should also have laws against social inequality and be seen to implement them. In essence, the attainment of total social equality in both men and women requires the unity of various determining bodies. The government has to be the leading force in order for the lesser bodies like parastatals and business organizations to make that dream be a reality.

The people too have to be aware of their rights so as to enable them fight inequality and defend themselves in case confronted in such a situation.

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