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Name: Nichola Craven

1. What is meant by diverseness?

Diverseness is the manner that everything and everybody is different. We all have assorted qualities that make us who we are. We all have our ain single set of qualities and we may portion some of these with others we meet or have nil in common at all. Diversity may be seeable as in age or coloring material of tegument or non instantly noticed until we have spent clip with person. this could include their spiritual beliefs or sexual orientation.

2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the fluctuations you may detect in footings of:
•Personal. societal and cultural individualities.

I live in an interior metropolis council estate. Many people on the estate are interested in watching the local squads play football and rugger. There is a community Centre nearby and pensionaries get together to make light exercising categories and kids take karate or cheerleading categories. Groups of adolescents take bends to utilize the hoops tribunal. It is really rare to see kids or anyone over 20 utilizing the tribunals. Some parents allow their immature kids travel to the local park entirely but others will merely allow their kids play in the back pace. At the dorsum of the estate are the Wash lands where many people will walk their Canis familiariss but some people who live here have ne’er walked that manner.

There are many different beliefs. in footings of faith and household values. The largest spiritual group are Christians. and the 2nd largest is Muslims. Most of the Muslims in the community do non imbibe intoxicant. Most of the houses are places to immature households on low incomes. There are really few aged people in the council houses. Most people are White British or Asiatic British in footings of ethnicity. although recently there are a big figure of Eastern European households on my street. I have noticed that over the last two old ages that their English has improved greatly and we are now able to pass on better. Many people on the estate have full clip or portion clip occupations although there is a high figure of unemployed and many individual parents who stay at place to take attention of really immature kids.

3. Explain how the fluctuations in inquiry 2 contribute to the diverseness of the community.

Where people have different involvements such as playing or watching rugger. they are lending to the amusement in the community for those who like to watch the lucifers. Besides. the kids and work forces who are in the rugger squads are maintaining fit and larning how to be team participants. The people who watch rugger besides hold fund raising events to maintain up with the care of the clubhouse every bit good has regular charity fundraisers to assist local charities. Neighbors who celebrate different spiritual festivals will portion their experiences by ask foring others to parties and this helps everyone addition cognition of how different people live. My neighbour frequently brings assorted Asiatic culinary arts for my household to seek and portions formulas.

4. Give some illustrations to explicate how diverseness:
•Enhances your life
•Enhances the local community
•Enhances this state.

Diverseness enhances my life the most when I spend clip with my brother. He is engaged to a Magyar lady who has a big household life in my metropolis. We frequently have parties in the summer where we eat from a large pot of gulyas which is cooked outside in a caldron over a fire. The drink of pick is palinka. a sort of fruit brandy although I can’t say I like the gustatory sensation much. We sing and dance to modern and traditional Magyar music and it is overall a merriment clip that I can’t experience with my English household. I see how diverseness enriches the local community the most at the primary school where I work. The bulk of the kids do non hold English as a first linguistic communication and are all from different backgrounds and states. Despite there being so much diverseness and linguistic communication barriers. there is a sense of chumminess where the kids help each other and are larning to populate with and accept people who are different.

The ethos of the school is that every kid is valued and should be given the same chances as each other. The debut of a Pride event in the metropolis a few old ages ago has created a one time a twelvemonth festival where people celebrate their differences in gender and manner of life. There is ever a large crowd and everyone has fun. I think it helps people to larn about and accept those who lead different life styles to themselves when they are given the opportunity to incorporate at a big event such as this. Diverseness enhances this state because there is ever something new we can larn from each other. The integrating of assorted nationalities. involvements and personalities mean we can break understand others and articulation in with their jubilations and appreciate different civilizations. Our experiences in nutrient and dining are enriched by the gap of different restaurants and by supermarkets offering a broad scope of international ingredients to provide for an progressively diverse state.

5. Describe what it means to esteem people’s differences and why it is of import to esteem differences.

Respecting people’s differences means that we appreciate that others are different to us and merely because we may non hold anything in common or portion their beliefs. we should accept them for who they are. When people do non accept others. it can take to strong-arming. deficiency of communicating and a general feeling of misgiving. This can take to unrest within communities. To be able to populate in peace and harmoniousness. everyone should gain that others have a right to be different.

6. For a individual you know. depict the single factors that make him / her who they are.


Specifying factorsBrief description
Physical features

A tall. good presented adult male in his early mid-thirtiess.

Very laid back. likes to assist other people.
Likes and disfavors

Likes action movies and playing computing machine games. Dislikes soaps and dancing. Valuess and beliefs

Beliefs in God. doesn’t attend church on a regular footing. Family is really of import to him.

7. Describe yourself in footings of:
•Personal involvements
•Religion / civilization

I enjoy reading. whether it is shoping the web or a book on my kindle e-reader. I enjoy socializing with my friends but my chief involvement lies within my household life. I love passing clip with my three girls. taking them shopping. to the park or the films. When my hubby isn’t working. we like to take the kids and our Canis familiaris for long walks. I am non really spiritual. I merely go to church when juncture demands i. e. in the instance of nuptialss. funerals or christenings. I attended a Church of England primary school and I still carry my beliefs and values from my clip there and go through these beliefs on to my kids. I live in Yorkshire on a medium sized societal lodging estate next to the metropolis Centre. The shopping Centre. infirmary and schools are all within walking distance from my house.

8. What is meant by holding multiple individualities? Give three illustrations in relation to people you know.

Multiple individualities are the manner one individual acts in different state of affairss or with different people.

Example 1: Sasha is a college pupil who likes to socialize with her friends and loves dressing in the latest manners. When she comes place she changes into her jogging undersides and old jersey and spends clip with her small sisters assisting them with their prep.

Example 2: I take my kids to see my Dendranthema grandifloruom and we drink coffee and watch children’s Television and she does saber saws with her grandchildren. When I visit my Dendranthema grandifloruom without my kids. we drink wine and speak about grownup things and listen to the music channel.

Example 3: Claire is a individual Dendranthema grandifloruom with two immature kids. Monday to Friday. she comes place from work. does the cleansing. cookery and looks after her kids. At the weekend. the kids stay with their male parent and Claire spends clip with her friends traveling to the saloon and holding a good clip in grownup company.

9. What is meant by shared individuality?

Shared individuality is where two or more people have one or more of a common feature. This could be that they enjoy watching football or that they come from the same town or metropolis. They could be the same age or portion the same gustatory sensation in music.

10. Explain and give illustrations of how an person can place themselves as belonging to a figure of different groups.

An person can belong to different groups by the fact that they have something in common with those people. An illustration is that of where a group of work forces are from the same country and they all go to watch a football lucifer. If they were from Yorkshire and supported Leeds. they would be in that group of Yorkshire Leeds protagonists. However. if they were non at the football lucifer and were on vacation with their household. they would prioritize their individualities otherwise. They would be from Yorkshire. and be male parents on vacation with their households. The football squad they support may non even enter the equation in footings of how they perceive themselves or how others see them.

11. Describe yourself in footings of your multiple individualities.

I am silent to three kids. Earlier this twelvemonth I was a full clip homemaker with my youngest kid in portion clip baby’s room. Now all of my kids are in school and college. my function is less focussed on being a homemaker and I work in a school office. I find that now I work. my hubby takes a more active function in the housekeeping and attention of the kids. taking on some of my old duties. When the kids are in bed. I take on administrative undertakings for my husband’s plumbing concern and go his book-keeper. At work. I am normally based in the office although I have to walk around school passing on messages and I have to look after ill kids while we wait for their parents to take them place. When I get opportunity to see my friends. they see a different side of me as I like to do the most of my clip off from work and other duties and have a good clip. They would state I enjoy a good clip and I am a shoulder to shout on.

12. What is meant by pigeonholing and labelling?

When we foremost meet others. we can’t assist judging them from our first feelings. If person is have oning spectacless. we may believe wrongly or justly that they are intelligent and studious. We may see two adult females together keeping custodies and we would believe that they are cheery. This is called labelling. when we pick out a characteristic and concentrate on it. pulling our ain decisions. Another illustration is when we see a adult female forcing a baby buggy. We label her as being a female parent although she is besides many other things. Stereotyping is where we make premises about people belonging to a certain group. An Asiatic friend of mine was shopping in the supermarket. and looking at cat nutrient. A lady who was seeking to be helpful tried to explicate to her that cat nutrient was non for human ingestion and was shocked when my friend replied in wide Yorkshire that it was for her cat and she wasn’t believing of eating it herself. This is an illustration of pigeonholing – people presuming that people who are from cultural minorities can non read or talk English.

13. Explain why some people stereotype others.

Pigeonholing continues to be portion of our society through the manner households and societal groups instil their beliefs on one another and the manner that the media portray certain groups. When we see rioting on the intelligence. we tend to see immature people have oning hoodies to cover their faces. This leads to us believing that all people who wear hoodies are unsafe when it is in fact non true. My girl wears a hoodie and sometimes puts the goon up to maintain her ears warm yet even though I know this. I still acquire frightened if I see a group of adolescents in hoodies because of all the media narratives. This is the instance of the stray behavior within a little group that has lead to a stereotype. Peoples will pigeonhole because they want to suit in with a peculiar group and will portion their positions on others.

14. Supply two illustrations of the detrimental effects that pigeonholing and labelling can hold on people.

Pigeonholing can take to fear within communities. Old people may fear immature people because of they see on the intelligence that a adolescent committed a series of muggings. Traveling communities may be made unwelcome in saloon because of a few stray incidents of problem. Peoples may avoid those who suffer from mental unwellness as many liquidators claim to endure from mental unwellness. This leads us to pigeonhole all people with mental unwellness as being violent which is untrue.

This could hold a detrimental consequence on them and take them to retreat from society. Peoples continue to be ageist in society. They label aged people as merely being old and non every bit able as they one time were and don’t see other qualities that they have such as being sort and lovingness. Many non physical occupations do non trust on age such as being a good instructor yet sometimes ; recruiters will take a immature individual because they assume that young person will do them better at a occupation. Ageism amendss society because we are taking away the diverseness and personal qualities that older people can offer and besides. when we treat aged people as being useless. they start to experience useless and may go down.

15. Supply at least two illustrations of the manner stereotyping is perpetuated in society.

Pigeonholing is perpetuated within households. the manner your parents and other relations perceive things can be passed on to you and so a rhythm begins where people carry on pigeonholing. I remember turning up in a household where we stereotyped all cheery work forces as being showy and effeminate. This was besides due to the manner that they were stereotyped on telecasting programmes in the 1970ss and 1880ss. The positions of equal groups can besides transport on stereotypes. Some people see idle people as being lazy benefit moochers. This may be true of some of them but a treatment with your friends where they provide an illustration of such lazy moocher and shows such as The Jeremy Kyle show where people are frequently presented in a negative manner will do certain the stereotype prevails.

16. Define bias and favoritism.

Prejudice occurs when a feature of an single or group is reacted to in a negative manner. It is an incorrect and unjust premise that is based on small or no cogent evidence. Peoples can be prejudiced against many features such as race. gender or gender and have negative positions about or move negatively towards those groups. Discrimination occurs when bias means that person is treated below the belt because they possess one or more characteristic.

17. Explain how people may develop biass.

Peoples can develop biass from a bad experience with an person. If person sat following to an unhygienic corpulence individual at school. they may believe that every fleshy individual is unhygienic. Person may be influenced by the positions of relations or friends who they respect adequate to accept their positions whether they are good or bad biass. If person is around people who believe that their biass are merely. they are likely to take them on board themselves and reassign those positions to other people that they come into contact with.

18. Describe the undermentioned types of favoritism.

Type of discriminationDescription
Double favoritism

Double favoritism occurs when bias is aimed at two features of person or a group. If person is a individual parent and is out of work. they could be negatively thought of by person who has bad positions on individual parents and of unemployed people.

Multiple discriminationThis is where person is discriminated against for holding several features. An fleshy lady in a wheelchair could evidently be discriminated against on three points. being fleshy. being handicapped and being a adult female.

Positive discriminationPositive favoritism occurs when people are favoured because they possess certain features. An illustration is where a lodging association prioritises cultural minority households against others in the same state of affairs.

Discrimination originating out of disabilityDiscriminating against a disablement can intend that handicapped [ people are non given the chances in life that more able people are such as entree to employment or instruction chances.

Discrimination by associationThis is where person is discriminated against for tie ining with a individual or group whom the bias is aimed at. An illustration is a assorted race matrimony here bias is held against one spouses race but both spouses suffer torment.

19. What is meant by the term protected features?

Protected features are lawfully recognised countries where favoritism is likely to happen. They are age. disablement. gender reassignment. matrimony and civil partnership. gestation and pregnancy. race. faith and beliefs. gender and sexual orientation. This are features that everyone posses and the jurisprudence is at that place to protect persons from unjust favoritism.

20. What is the difference between direct and indirect favoritism? Give two illustrations to exemplify your point.

Direct favoritism occurs when person is treated otherwise due to a personal feature that they possess. This could be an older individual being denied the right of publicity despite being more qualified or every bit qualified than person younger than them. It could be that a adult female references at a occupation interview that she has four kids and the interviewer instantly says they would be unsuitable for the occupation because they would necessitate a batch of clip off. These illustrations are direct favoritism against older people and working female parents. Indirect favoritism occurs where certain groups of people are put at a disadvantage because their demands are ignored. This could be a deficiency of handicapped entree in a public edifice that means wheelchair users can non do their manner around. Another illustration is a workplace wellness and safety papers being printed merely in English when there are many workers who speak and read English as a 2nd linguistic communication or some who can non read English at all.

21. Describe the effects that favoritism and bias can hold on people. A chief danger that arises from bias and favoritism is the sort of extreme hatred that causes people to be attacked and killed and in utmost instances. wars due to race. faith or sexual penchants. If there is bias within certain groups. it will take to societal struggles and a less harmonious ambiance. Peoples who are discriminated against typically lose their sense of worth as they become more abused by other people and develope a negative position of themselves. If people are treated as 2nd category citizens. they may get down to believe that they are. They will besides mistrust those who discriminate against them and this will take to hostile environments. They will hold a lower quality of life as they are denied publicities and preparation chances. Innocent people will endure unneeded torments due to unjust favoritism.

22. Describe what equal chances means in relation to:

Equal chances in instruction mean that everyone should be given the same opportunity to win no affair what their features. In relation to schools. there may be individual sex schools or schools that focus on a peculiar faith e. g. Church of England but this is non considered favoritism since there are plentifulness of other schools that cater for everybody. If person is denied entree to instruction. they are denied a better quality of life with better occupation chances. It is of import that everyone is given the chance to larn and accomplish harmonizing to their abilities. It is against the jurisprudence for landlords to stipulate that certain cultural groups are non eligible to populate in their belongingss.

Equal chances in lodging agencies that everyone should hold the opportunity to populate in places suited to their demands and household size. If this jurisprudence isn’t met. certain groups will take a low quality of life and may good populate in overcrowded conditions. Everyone is entitled to have health care. Healthcare professionals should non prioritize intervention or garbage to handle person on evidences such as skin coloring material or sexual orientation. Everyone should hold an equal chance to have health care and peculiar groups have a right to sensitiveness. Equal chances in employment means that people should be recruited and promoted in relation to how good they can make a occupation. non be discriminated against positively or negatively in relation to their race or gender for illustration. Everyone should be treated reasonably at work ; equal wage should be given to those who do precisely the same occupation.

23. Sketch the inequality jobs that persist in footings of wage for work forces and adult females.

A occupation should pay in footings of ability and attainment regardless of gender yet work forces are still on higher rewards than adult females in many administrations. This happens when a adult female is making precisely the same occupation as a adult male or of a similar accomplishment yet the adult male receives a higher pay. Inequality besides occurs when work forces tend to acquire the highest paid occupations within administrations.

24. Identify and briefly describe two other marks of inequality.

Inequality due to sexual orientation is common. Gay and sapphic twosomes have long been discriminated against in their quest to follow or further kids or to acquire married. There are Torahs to forestall such inequality and in topographic point of matrimony. civil partnerships exist. Inequality can besides be in athletics. where gender or disablement can frequently do limitations to be placed. Less abled people should be given the opportunity to partake in and bask their chosen athletics and athleticss played typically by work forces such as football and rugger made available for adult females to bask every bit.

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