Exploring Equality and Diversity In the World Essay Example
Exploring Equality and Diversity In the World Essay Example

Exploring Equality and Diversity In the World Essay Example

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  • Published: October 13, 2017
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The concept of diverseness encompasses the distinct qualities and variations present in all things and individuals, influencing the formation of our personal identities.

Every person has their own distinct characteristics, which could be either similar to others or completely unrelated. Diversity can be seen in different aspects like age and skin color, and sometimes it becomes noticeable only after getting to know someone. This diversity can also extend to their religious views or sexual orientation. Personally, I live in a city housing complex where many residents have a common interest in watching local football and rugby matches.

Close to the area, there is a community center where senior citizens engage in light exercise classes, while kids take part in karate or cheerleading classes. The basketball court is primarily used by groups of teenagers, with children and individuals


over 20 being rare visitors. Parents have different approaches regarding their children's activities, as some allow them to go alone to the local park while others restrict their playtime to the backyard. At the rear of the estate lies the Wash lands, a popular spot for dog walkers although not all residents have explored this route. Among the residents, there are varying beliefs.

When considering faith and family values, it is worth noting that Christians make up the largest religious community, followed by Muslims. Furthermore, a significant majority of Muslims in this community choose to refrain from alcohol consumption.

There is a prevalence of young families with low incomes in my street, and there are only a small number of elderly individuals residing in council houses. The majority of residents consist of White British or Asian British backgrounds. Nevertheless, there has been

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a rise in the influx of Eastern European families relocating to this area.

During the past two years, I have observed a notable enhancement in their proficiency in English, which has led to improved communication. In our community, there is a mix of full-time and part-time employment opportunities alongside a high rate of unemployment. Single parents often shoulder the responsibility of caring for young children at home. Nevertheless, despite these difficulties, certain residents on the estate possess various interests such as playing or watching rugby. Their engagement in these pursuits offers entertainment to community members who take pleasure in watching matches. Furthermore, participation in rugby teams by children and men living on the estate ensures they stay physically fit while also developing valuable teamwork skills.

The people who watch rugby also organize fundraising events to maintain the clubhouse and regular charity fundraisers to support local charities. Additionally, neighbors from different religious backgrounds invite others to their parties, allowing everyone to gain knowledge of various ways of living. In particular, my neighbor often introduces my family to diverse Asian cuisines and shares recipes. However, diversity is most enriching when I spend time with my brother, who is engaged to a Hungarian woman from our city, and we frequently host summer parties where we enjoy a communal pot of gulyas cooked outdoors in a cauldron over a fire.

The preferred drink is palinka, a type of fruit brandy, although the taste is not to my liking. We enjoy singing and dancing to both modern and traditional Magyar music, creating a joyful atmosphere that I cannot experience with my English family. I observe the greatest enrichment of the local

community's diversity at the primary school where I am employed. The majority of the children come from various backgrounds and countries, with English not being their first language. Despite the significant diversity and language barriers.

The school encourages inclusivity and cooperation among students, fostering understanding and acceptance of individuals who are different. It values every child and provides equal opportunities for all.

In the city, a Pride event was introduced a few years ago, which has now become an annual festival where people celebrate their diverse genders and lifestyles. The event attracts a large crowd, offering everyone a great time. Participating in such a large-scale event helps people to learn about and accept those who live differently from them.

The positive impact of diversity in our society is evident through the constant opportunities for learning from one another. We are enriched by the inclusion of individuals with different nationalities, interests, and personalities as it fosters a better understanding and connection with others. Additionally, we appreciate and value diverse cultures, celebrating their accomplishments. Furthermore, our country's diversity enhances our dining experience as we have access to a wide range of restaurants and supermarkets that offer international ingredients to cater to our diverse population.

Recognizing and appreciating the diversity of individuals involves acknowledging and valuing their distinctiveness, which includes their varying beliefs or interests. This necessitates embracing each person as a unique individual. Neglecting to embrace others can result in detrimental effects such as bullying, breakdowns in communication, and an overall sense of mistrust.

Appreciating and fostering diversity is essential in preserving unity within communities. In terms of leisure activities, I find fulfillment in reading, whether it be through online platforms or

utilizing my kindle e-reader. While spending time with friends is pleasurable, my highest priority lies in my family life as the immense joy I experience comes from being with my three daughters.

In our leisure time, my husband and I find pleasure in taking extended walks with our children and dog. Additionally, we appreciate engaging in various activities like shopping, visiting the park, or watching movies as a family unit. It is essential to mention that I do not possess strong religious beliefs.

On specific occasions like weddings, funerals, or baptisms, I attend church. I was educated at a Church of England school and continue to uphold the principles and values instilled in me there. These are also teachings that I pass down to my children.

My residence is located in Yorkshire and situated on a spacious residential housing development right next to the city center. I have convenient access to the shopping center, hospital, and schools within walking distance from my home. Shared identity occurs when two or more individuals share common attributes.

People can be part of different groups for multiple reasons. These may include sharing an interest in football or being from the same location. Additionally, they might have similar age or music preferences. A specific instance could involve a group of men from the same country coming together to watch a football match.

If they were from Yorkshire and supported Leeds, they would belong to the group of Yorkshire Leeds supporters. However, if they were not at the football match and were on vacation with their family, they would prioritize their identities differently. They would still be from Yorkshire.

Irrespective of their preferred football team, these fathers

are currently having a family vacation. Their allegiance to a specific team does not impact their self-perception or how others perceive them. Nevertheless, I am still the father of three children. Previously, I was a stay-at-home parent responsible for looking after my youngest child who only attended nursery part-time.

Since my children started school and college, my role as a homemaker has decreased. I now work in a school office during the day. This change has led to my husband taking on more household chores and childcare duties that used to be mine. As a result, we now share the responsibility of caring for our children at night.

Although my main role involves managing administrative tasks and handling bookkeeping for my husband's plumbing business, I also have additional responsibilities. These include delivering messages and taking care of sick students at school until their guardians arrive. Nonetheless, when I do get the opportunity to spend time with friends, they witness a different aspect of me. During these occasions, it is crucial for me to fully embrace my leisure time and relish moments of enjoyment away from work and other obligations.

Our first impressions of people can shape our opinions. For example, seeing someone wearing glasses may lead us to believe they are intelligent and committed to learning, although this assumption is not always accurate. Likewise, observing two women holding hands might indicate that they are happy and content.

The process of labeling involves identifying a particular characteristic and concentrating on it, which results in forming personal judgments. A woman pushing a baby stroller serves as an example of this.

Despite being identified as a female parent, she encompasses much more than

that role. Stereotyping occurs when presumptions are made about individuals within a specific group. During a shopping trip at a supermarket, my Asian acquaintance was browsing cat food. An empathetic woman attempted to inform her that cat food is not intended for human consumption. Nevertheless, the woman's astonishment grew when my friend, speaking with a Yorkshire accent, clarified that the cat food was indeed for her pet and had no intention of consuming it herself.

The passage discusses the concept of pigeonholing, which involves incorrectly assuming that individuals from cultural minority backgrounds are unable to read or speak English. Pigeonholing is perpetuated by families and social groups imposing their beliefs on each other, as well as media portrayal of specific demographics. When riots are covered in the news, it is common to observe young individuals wearing hoodies to conceal their identities. This can lead us to mistakenly believe that all people who wear hoodies are dangerous, even though this may not be accurate. Personally, I have a daughter who wears a hoodie and occasionally puts up the hood for warmth. Despite being aware of this fact about her, I do not perceive her as a threat.

Despite the presence of media stories, I still feel fearful upon encountering a gathering of youths wearing hoodies. This fear arises due to the actions of a small group that has resulted in a stereotype. People tend to categorize others in order to fit into specific groups and share their opinions. Such categorization can create fear within communities, especially among older individuals who may associate young people with criminal activities they witnessed on news reports.

Saloon owners may exclude traveling communities due

to isolated incidents of trouble. Similarly, some individuals tend to avoid those with mental illness, as there are reports of killers having mental health issues. Unfortunately, this generalization incorrectly assumes that all individuals with mental illness are violent. Consequently, this stereotype can negatively affect them and lead them to isolate themselves from society. Additionally, ageism remains prevalent in our society.

Ageism is the act of labeling elderly individuals as incapable and disregarding their positive qualities, like kindness and compassion. Unfortunately, even non-physical professions like teaching can be affected by ageism, with recruiters favoring younger candidates under the assumption that they would excel more. This harmful attitude towards older people deprives society of their diverse perspectives and unique personal attributes, ultimately treating them as worthless.

When individuals are exposed to pigeonholing, they may feel inadequate and their self-confidence may suffer. This cycle of pigeonholing can be perpetuated within families, as one's perception of things is influenced by parents and other relatives. I can recall a time when I entered a household where we categorized all happy men as flamboyant and feminine.

The perpetuation of stereotypes, specifically the portrayal of laziness, can be traced back to television programs from the 1970s and 1980s. Furthermore, certain groups' opinions also play a role in reinforcing these stereotypes. Although it is possible that some individuals within these groups are indeed lazy and dependent on others, ongoing conversations with friends who provide specific examples and negative portrayals in shows like The Jeremy Kyle show contribute to the continuation of this stereotype.

Prejudice is the negative reaction towards a particular attribute of an individual or a group. It is an unjust and incorrect assumption that lacks

substantial evidence. People can hold prejudiced views against various characteristics like race, gender, or sexuality, leading to negative attitudes or actions towards these groups.

Discrimination occurs when individuals are subjected to unfair treatment because they possess specific characteristics. Biases can form as a result of negative encounters with certain individuals. For instance, if someone encounters an unclean overweight person while at school, they might generalize and assume that all overweight people are unhygienic.

People can be influenced by the viewpoints of their family members or friends, whether these perspectives are biased and favorable or unfavorable. When someone is surrounded by individuals who believe that their biases are valid, they are more inclined to adopt these biases themselves and pass them on to others they engage with. Protected characteristics refer to legally acknowledged categories in which discrimination is prone to happen, such as age.

The following HTML text lists various topics including disablement, gender reassignment, matrimony, civil partnership, gestation, and pregnancy.

Everyone possesses characteristics such as race, faith, beliefs, gender, and sexual orientation. Jurisprudence exists to protect individuals from unfair discrimination.

Direct favoritism is the act of treating someone differently based on a personal characteristic they have, such as age or parenthood. For instance, an older individual may be denied publicity rights despite being equally or more qualified than a younger person. Likewise, a working mother may mention her four children during a job interview and be deemed unsuitable for the position due to assumptions about needing time off. These examples illustrate direct favoritism against older individuals and working mothers. Conversely, indirect favoritism arises when certain groups face disadvantages because their needs are overlooked.

This pertains to the absence of wheelchair-accessible entrances

in a public establishment, which hinders the mobility of individuals using wheelchairs. Another illustration is a workplace safety document being printed only in English, disregarding the fact that there are numerous employees who either use English as a second language or are unable to read it altogether. Examine the consequences of discrimination and prejudice on individuals. One significant risk stemming from prejudice and discrimination is the form of extreme animosity that culminates in violent assaults and, in severe instances, fatalities.

The presence of bias within certain groups based on race, faith, or sexual preferences often leads to wars and a lack of harmony in society. Discrimination causes individuals to lose their self-worth as they are subjected to abuse, resulting in a negative self-perception.

If individuals are treated as second-class citizens, they may internalize this perception and develop a belief in their inferiority. In addition, they may develop a mistrust towards those who discriminate against them, resulting in the creation of hostile environments. Moreover, their quality of life will be negatively affected as they are denied opportunities for promotions and training.

Injustice favoritism leads to unnecessary suffering for innocent individuals. In terms of education, equal opportunities mean that everyone should have the same chance to succeed, regardless of their characteristics. While there may be single-sex schools or schools with a specific religious focus, such as the Church of England, this is not considered favoritism since there are many other schools that accommodate everyone.

If a person is denied access to education, they are also being denied the opportunity to have a better quality of life and improved job prospects. It is crucial that every individual is provided with the chance

to learn and excel based on their abilities. Moreover, it is illegal for landlords to impose restrictions on certain ethnic groups regarding residency in their properties.

It is important for lodging agencies to provide equal opportunities for everyone to live in accommodations that meet their needs and accommodate their family size. Failure to comply with this law could result in certain groups facing a lower quality of life and potentially living in overcrowded conditions. It is everyone's right to have access to healthcare.

Healthcare professionals should not prioritize treatment or refuse to treat someone based on factors such as skin color or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves equal access to healthcare, and specific groups have the right to be treated with sensitivity. Equal opportunities in employment mean that individuals should be hired and promoted based on merit, without positive or negative discrimination based on their race or gender, for example.

Everyone should be treated fairly at work, receiving equal pay for equal work. Pay should be based on skills and achievements, regardless of gender. However, it is still common for men to receive higher wages than women in many organizations, even when they are performing the same job or have similar qualifications. Inequality also exists when men tend to hold the highest paying positions within organizations. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is also prevalent.

Gay and lesbian couples have faced discrimination in their efforts to have children or get married. Laws exist to prevent such inequality, and civil partnerships are an alternative to marriage. Inequality also exists in sports, where gender or disability can often create barriers. People with disabilities should be given the opportunity to participate in and

enjoy their chosen sports, and traditionally male sports such as football and rugby should be made available for women to enjoy as well.

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