A Performance Appraisal Snafu
A Performance Appraisal Snafu

A Performance Appraisal Snafu

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  • Published: October 23, 2017
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1. What do you see as the job in this instance? Explain. There are two issues I see in this instance ; first I disagree with equal ratings. If at any point you had an issue with a colleague. that could rock there judgement on your rating. Second. the rating of Mr. Taft by Mr. Fryer. Fryer should hold excused himself from the rating if he could non be just. He worked closely with Taft prior to this assignment. Mr. Singh has the same makings as Taft. but has more term of office with the company. Due to Singh’s work and his term of office he should hold received the same or better than Taft.

2. Could these jobs have been avoided? How? The issues could hold been avoided. if the company had been making the ratings prior to the moves. It besides could hold been done otherwise by leting the former section caputs to measure the employees prior to the alteration of place. This would hold been more just and impartial.

3. Remark on the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing peer ratings in the assessment procedure. The manner I see it peer


ratings have the advantage of holding it done by a individual. with whom they work closely. The work public presentation would be more observed by a colleague than a supervisor. I am non stating a supervisor is negligent. but they have to detect all employees non merely one. The employees work closely with one another on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. This allows them to detect both good and bad properties.

4. What can be done to decide the job with Marcus Singh? I believe that his rating should be completed by his anterior supervisor and re-submitted. This would be a just appraisal and he may experience better about the rating. I besides think Mr. Taft’s should be completed once more. by his anterior supervisor to compare them. Mr. Fryer. I believe. allow his personal cognition and history with Taft to overcast his judgement on the ratings. If the ratings are found to be in mistake the company should so make up one's mind whether or non to back-pay Singh for the girl giving and whether to dock the rewards of Mr. Taft.

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