A Comparison and Contrast of the Violence in the Two Superman
A Comparison and Contrast of the Violence in the Two Superman

A Comparison and Contrast of the Violence in the Two Superman

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  • Published: October 5, 2021
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Violence in motion pictures has for quite some time been blamed for mass shootings and rising brutality in the society. Studies have shown that we’re watching more screen violence than any other time in recent history, this has probably led into more violence in our communities. In the middle of the twentieth century, the recurrence of violence in film rose at the same pace as crime rates in the U.S. leading people to believe that there was a connection between the two phenomenons.

The purpose of this paper is to contrast the elements of violence portrayed in the two superman movies, one produced in 1978 and the other in 2013. Superman titled Superman 1978 is a superhero film directed by Richard Donner. It depends on the DC Comics character of the same name and stars Marlon Brando, Gene Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Glenn Ford, Jackie Cooper, and Marc McClure. The film portrays Superman’s starting point, including his earliest years as Kal-El of Krypton and his years in the rural town of Small Ville. Pretending to be journalist Clark Kent, receives a warm welcome in Metropolis and builds up a relationship with Lois Lane (Brooks 45).

On the planet Krypton, utilizing proof gave by researcher Jor-El, the Council sentences General Zod, Ursa, and Non to the Phantom Zone, for which Zod swears revenge on Jor-El and his people. Jor-El, notwithstanding his prominence, can’t persuade the Council that Krypton will soon be crashed when the sun goes supernova. To spare his baby child, Kal-El, Jor-El dispatches a spacecraft containing him toward E


arth, a planet with a suitable climate where Kal-El’s thick sub-atomic structure gives him superhuman forces.

Not long after the dispatch, Krypton’s sun blasts, crushing the planet. The spacecraft crash lands on Earth close to Smallville, Kansas. Kal-El, who is presently three years of age, is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who are amazed when he can lift their truck. They take him to their homestead and raise him as their own, naming him Clark after Martha’s original last name.

At 18, not long after Jonathan’s passing, Clark gets a vision and finds a gleaming gem in the remaining parts of his rocket. It forces him to go to the Arctic. Inside, a dream of Jor-El clarifies Clark’s sources, informing him on his forces and responsibilities. After 12 years, with his forces completely formed, he leaves the Fortress and turns into a journalist at the Daily Planet in Metropolis (De Haven 45)

Lois gets involved in a helicopter accident where no other person can save her, making Clark to utilize his forces out in the open surprisingly to spare her. That night, he saves a young lady from a tree; defeats a gem thieve attempting to scale a building. He later catches looters escaping police, and saves Air Force One after an engine breakdown.

In the mean time, criminal virtuoso Lex- Luthor has come up with a plan to make a fortune in land by purchasing a lot of desert area and after that occupying an atomic rocket experimental run to the San Andreas Fault. It will sink California and leave Luthor’s desert as the new West

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Coast of the United States, significantly expanding its worth. Knowing Superman could stop his plan; Luthor leads him to an underground den and opens him to Kryptonite (Blanche 106).

Man of Steel is a 2013 British-American superhero film about DC Comics character Superman. In the movie the planet referred to as Krypton faces serious destruction as an after effect of an earth’s core that is not very stable. The situation was brought about by exhausting resources from the center of the world by those who inhabited it. Krypton’s military leader, General Zod, and his followers start a coup and overthrow the council (Boyce 595).

Researcher Jor-El and his wife Lara quickly commend the introduction of their child, Kal-El conceived as Kryptonian kid in hundreds of years. Mindful of the planet’s approaching mayhem, Jor-El puts into Kal-El’s cells with a hereditary codex of the whole Kryptonian race and puts Kal-El on a space craft to planet Earth. Zod battles and kills Jor-El but fails to recover the codex. The fight is stopped, and the council convicts Zod and his followers of treachery, banishing them to imprisonment in the Phantom Zone. They are then set free when Krypton blasts.

There is a scene in 1978’s Superman where a young lady’s gets stuck in a tree. Luckily, Superman happens to fly by. He saves the girl and returns her to their house. All’s ends well as we watch the young lady and Frisky vanish over into her Metropolis townhouse. The camera doesn’t follow her inside; however, we hear her voice as she enthusiastically tells her mom what simply happened: a flying man saved me.

On contrast man of steel is a movie with numerous scenes of violence. In some scenes loud cries are heard like surrender the codex when Zod battles to kills Jor-El which reveals extremes measures of violence serving as a distinguishing differences between the two movies. Scenes in the original superman movie which debuted in 1978 are quite different from man of steel movie. There is a fight scene where Zod and Ursa are aware that Superman thinks about the lives of individuals on earth. The fight happens in the center Metropolis, a place where there is relatively little harm to the people. Scenes in the man of steel movie are relatively violent compared to those in the superman.

Watching tall building fall hurting people is one depiction of violence and another depiction of violence is when a rocket causes the San Andreas Fault to break, Superman is disappointed to the point that he actually turns back time to keep it from happening. What sets Man of Steel well apart from previous versions of Superman to a mass audience, is the use e of science fiction. The comics, given their limitless special-effects budget, can and do eagerly embrace the character’s like sci-fi, giant-robot-space alien and fighting’ roots.

The audiences that watch the first version of superman, superman 1978 are less likely to be affected by the violence in the movie. This is because violence is shown in very limited frequency and quantity. However, the occurrence of violence in the man of steel movie is much profound.

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