4.8 Employee Management

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What is the primary means by which supervisors can determine whether or not employees are complying with the organization’s security policy?
You have installed anti-virus software on computers at your business. Within a few days, however, you notice that one computer has a virus. When you question the user, she says she did install some software a few days ago, but it was supposed to be a file compression utility. She admits she did not scan before running it.
What should you add to your security measures to help prevent this from happening again?
User awareness training
When informing an employee that they are being terminated, what is the most important activity?
Disabling their network access
Which of the following is NOT a protection against collusion?
Cross training
What is the primary purpose of forcing employees to take a mandatory one-week minimum vacations every year?
To check for evidence of fraud
The best way to initiate solid administrative control over an organization’s employees is to have what element in place?
Distinct job descriptions
Which of the following is NOT part of security awareness training?
Employee agreement documents
Which of the following is a legal contract between the organization and the employee that specifies the employee is not to disclose the organization’s confidential information?
Non-disclosure agreement
Which of the following are typically associated with human resource security policies?(Select two)
Background checks AND Termination
Which of the following defines two-man control?
Certain tasks should be dual-custody in nature to prevent a security breach
Over the last month you have noticed a significant increase in the occurrence of inappropriate activities performed by employees. What is the best first response to take in order to improve or maintain the security level of the environment?
Improve and hold new awareness sessions
As you are helping a user with a computer problem you notice that she has her password on a note stuck to her computer monitor. You check the password policy of your company and find that the following settings are currently required: …Which of the following is the best action to take to make remembering passwords easier so that she no longer has to write the password down?
Implement end-user training
Which of the following is NOT an element of the termination process?
Dissolution of the NDA
A code of ethics provides for all but which of the following?
Clearly defines courses of action to take when a complex issue is encountered
Your company security policy requires separation of duties for all network security matters. Which of the following scenarios best describes this concept?
The system administrator configures remote access privileges and the security officer reviews and activates each account

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