1950s Ideal family vs todays families Essay Sample
1950s Ideal family vs todays families Essay Sample

1950s Ideal family vs todays families Essay Sample

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  • Published: August 20, 2018
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A household is a most cherished individuality a individual can hold. An person from a baronial. norm or hapless household can be distinguished by the character. Acts of the Apostless behaviour and living manner. A individual spends most of his clip in life with the household and therefore the household contributes the most in an persons growing thought and behaviour. When we think of a western household. the standard atomic household comes to mind working male parent stay-at-home ma and a flock of kids. This is no longer the instance. in the past 50 old ages the household has changed significantly and continues to alter. These alterations are greatly due to the equalisation of women’s rights and the monolithic enlargement of available communications engineering. In many households nowadays boфth parents work and


when the kids are immature are put into day care services that merely were non about in the yesteryear.It is now worthwhile for both parents to work since many companies provide the aforesaid day care for free.

Women besides have greatly increased gaining possible since they are merely as educated and will now do the same sum of money as work forces for making the same occupation. Womans are hired these yearss to make other occupations than to be secretaries and nurses. The households of 1950s are considered as ideal and are besides known as atomic households. It consists of a on the job hubby. a homemaker and their kids largely two in which the senior one is boy and the younger one is girl.

The households of 1950s and mine have a batch of differences because of the alteration of civilization in the society.

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They include the construction. function. values of instruction and mentality on future.

The Structure of a household fundamentally composes of a married twosome that is adult male and married woman with ideally two biological kids in whom the older is the male child and the younger is the miss. There is no association of extended household with the household therefore the aunts uncles and cousins are normally non the portion of the household. However in my household. I have my married biological male parent and female parent with the six biological kids including me that is. we are four brothers and two sisters. We associate with our immense extended household with many aunts uncles and cousins both males and females.The 50s ideal household composed of married parents that created a safe household unit during disruptive societal times. The societal force per unit area. economic dependance and stableness helped to maintain the household as a unit which is why the 1950s households are called as atomic households. The telecasting shows and situation comedies portrayed harmoniousness and stableness in two childs and that it was easy to raise two kids.

Since there was no drawn-out household involved. the focal point was merely on the childs. Psychologists and authorities advised female parents to concentrate merely on their ain kids. There was a lodging deficit that brought all the household together. ( 34-35 ).

In my household. my male parent and female parent are married and in my civilization the divorce rate is really low so it is more like 1950s American household. In my faith and civilization matrimonies are arranged.

So my grampss of both of my parents were friends so they

both decided to be a portion of one household and thats how my female parent and male parent got married. My male parent ever wanted to hold more kids particularly male childs and we came out to be six siblings including four brothers and two sisters. It is cultural that we have a immense extended household that includes tonss of aunts. uncles. and cousins.The functions of the persons in a household have changed a batch since 1950 due to the alteration in the civilization and promotion in the engineering.

Technology has besides wholly changed the manner households operate. Everyone in the household carries assorted communications devices ; beepers. cell phones. PDA’s. This allows the household to pass on and run as if they were together when in world they are spread out all over work friend’s house. school. the promenade. Today’s household no longer does things together; everyone has their ain personal agendas parents moving as chauffeurs for kids as they rush from birthday parties to hockey to basketball.

In the past those activities were non about children’s lives were based on the household and non on friends and activities. A hubby and married woman relationship is frequently strained in the feverish gait of their lives and if the lone clip they are together is when they are besides with the kids their single relationship is hurt; which could take to disassociate.In the 1950s ideal household male parent is the lone staff of life victor in a household because he has the most instruction and he has the occupation and the whole household relies on him. He is the authorization and decider in the house and everyone

looks up to him for the replies suggestions and determinations. He sets the regulationsguidelines in the house and helps in making the image of a household. Since he is the 1 who is out in the universe most of the times hence he creates societal webs and friendly relationships among different organisations and households.

However the female parent is the homemaker who takes attention of the kids and the house. She makes certain that the childs are making good in the school and with their friends. She socializes with local female parents and makes household relationships with them. She makes certain that the familys image is nice and the whole household expressions and dresses good.

Whereas. the childs are in school and their occupation is to analyze. They are non plenty qualified to acquire a occupation. So they merely hang out with their friends and make an image of the household. There is no function of extended household including aunts. uncles and cousins in a household.My household today is really similar to the 1950s household.

My male parent is the lone one working and we all depend on his net incomes. He is the decider. and an authorization in the house and out in the drawn-out household. My female parent is the homemaker and she takes attention of the house and all six of us. She makes certain that we all are acquiring nutrient on clip and we are making good at school and that the image of the household outside the house and in the drawn-out household is good.

Our lone duty is to analyze and make good in our school and acquire good educated so that we

can go physicians attorneies or applied scientists. Our drawn-out household takes portion in our day-to-day lives including the nuptialss and funerals.

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