World geography chapter 1 lessons 1

The study of where people, places, and things are located and how they relate to each other

Absolute location
A place’s position on the globe

Halves of the world divided by the equator

Relative location
A place’s location compared to other places

Character of a place
A place’s physical characteristics and human characteristics

A viewpoint that is influenced by one’s own culture and experience

Formal region’s
Areas in which certain characteristics are found throughout the area

Functional regions
Consist of a central place and the surrounding places affected by it

Perpetual regions
Define by people’s feelings and attitudes about areas

They use Technologic tools, such as a sonar or a GIS, to study the earth
How do you geographers use technology to study the earth?

These five themes help geographers to organize information on different places
Why do geographers use the five themes of geography?

Geographers can learn climate from the location, culture from the place, and the type of food grown there from the region
What can geographers learn from a location, place, and region?

Human movement can cause loss of vegetation because of all the homes being built
How can you and movement affect the environment?

Absolute location might be interested in studying the climate; relative location might be of interest with studying the culture
When my absolute location be of interest to a geographer? When my relative location be more useful?

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