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I can proudly say that since my age of reasoning I am a proud Christian and thank God for that. Religion has not only helped me in life, but gives me a hope that nothing else will ever give.

Religion does not hinder society but instead it is needed to survive in such a harsh world. People hear religion then see clicks, simple minded hypocritical republicans who judge the decisions of those who do differently than what they preach. They see a confusing lifestyle filled with shame and guilt lead by fun that could only be depicted by gathering In a circle with a guitar singing church music.

That’s not my life; however I do enjoy the occasional youth circle with my guitar at hand singing some Nirvana.

My salvation comes from my Immediate connection and relationship with God, my religion also helps maintain my morality. And it is this morality that gives people a new hope despite any condition. In Dustman’s The Plague, “Men and women..

. Wandered around as if mad and let their cattle stray because no one had any inclination to concern themselves about the future” (Dutchmen 38). No one had any motivation to keep working because they were going to die.

Without God, or a set religion, one cannot see the hope of another day, nor can one rejoice in death. One vies day to day aimlessly without expecting to die and when they are face to face with the idea of it, they shut down. When having a religion one has hope, faith, and looks forward to the day they die, for that Is the glorious day when one Is embraced by their loving creator.

Not only does religion lend a hand In dire situations, but It also gives one a new sense of belonging and love that simply cannot be explained in mere words.

When Alone on the Hilltop, Deer explains, “that time on the hill-and only that once-I knew it was there inside of me. Then I felt the power surge through me like a flood. I cannot describe it, but it filled all of me” (Deer 100).

Having a connection to something greater than oneself can only lead to fulfillment. After emerging from the cave, Deer was a changed man. He saw life through a new pair of eyes. A similar experience occurred in my life. While driving to a friend’s house I accidental came across the Christian radio station 95.

, I did not bother to touch the dial for the song that was being played was new to my ears. As I listened to the lyrics “How great is our God, sing with me how great… “, I began to tear up.

I could not explain to myself, nor atom the root of such deep emotion that was emerging out of me. As Deer explained, I felt a surge of power that filled my entire being, At that moment I had no doubt in my mind of God’s existence. I knew at once how immensely his love was that day in my car listening to a song I stumbled across by accident.

Many philosophers may argue that religion only hinders society and that resentment is the basis on which religion stands. In The Plague “Ignorance of the cause augmented the sense of horror” (Dutchmen 40).

Just as the people in this short analysis, ignorance is the cause of such accusations, for how can one speak about meeting one has yet to experience. Opposes of religion cannot wrap their heads around something they cannot touch or see physically. By closing their minds and their hearts to the thought of religion or a divine being, they are allowing a “plague” of Judgmental criticism to spread.

The more this plague spreads, the more difficult it becomes for them to open their minds and that is ultimately their dismay.

They have no faith and therefore cannot connect to any person or anything on a spiritual level. They must carry along in life without hope, without meaning, and most of all, without the amazing love of God. Religion has been a part of society since the beginning of time, originating with primal religions and later transforming itself into established organizations.

In my life I have seen nothing but good things come out from religion.

Although there are many people who are somewhat hypocritical in their religion, it is up to the individual to make sure they stay true. A world without religion is one we cannot picture. Without religion, society and communities would fall apart, picking up the pieces without the hope of a new morning. Love, a sense of belonging, refuge, and faith are all results off relationship with God and a set religion.

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