Why College Education is Important to Me Essay Example
Why College Education is Important to Me Essay Example

Why College Education is Important to Me Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2021
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College education stands apart from lower levels of education as it imparts the technical and cognitive skills necessary for professional fields.

Success in college requires hard work and dedication as students are entrusted with significant responsibility. In the nursing field, nurses must be mentally and physically prepared to handle critical illnesses due to the unique nature of patients (Huston, 2014).

College is a place where individuals gain both cognitive and practical skills, while also serving as an environment for people of different social classes and ideologies to come together. This interaction greatly helps nurses enhance their social skills, which are crucial in their future professional pursuits. Personally, the nursing profession holds great importance to me because it allows me to apply the values and skills I developed during my college education.

Before college, I viewed th


e nursing profession as a regular job where the primary objective was to earn a decent salary for personal expenses. However, my perspective changed during college. I now understand that being a nurse encompasses more than simply showing up for work on a daily basis (Huston, 2014). Instead, nursing entails the capacity to deliver care, guidance, and assistance to patients.

College education provides the necessary moral values needed to effectively carry out the responsibilities of a nurse. It also increases awareness of the expectations of the nursing profession. Additionally, college education teaches and applies important lessons that are crucial for nursing. A key lesson that practicing nurses must learn during training is the Nursing Code of Conduct (Weaver, Delaney, Weber, & Carr, 2010).

These codes of conduct serve as guidelines for the field, providing direction for nurses in various situations. The Code of Conduct als

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clarifies the expectations from nursing bodies and supervisors. The American Nurses Association outlines key lessons that nurses should study during college, including anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, ethics, and health assessment. These core lessons are pertinent for nurses across all sectors of care giving.

College education provides more than just professional skills. It is a platform for social interaction with individuals from diverse social backgrounds, opinions, and personalities. In the nursing profession, this is crucial for treating all patients equally, as stated by Roelofs (2010). Thus, college fosters exposure that is valuable for future professional nurses.

In addition to providing medical knowledge and skills, college also imparts important social skills that help nurses maintain positive relationships with administrators and fellow nurses.


Nursing is a critical component of the medical field. Nurses acquire the skills necessary to be effective caregivers during their college education. National and regional nursing associations ensure professionalism in nurses' job performance. Organizations like the American Nurses Association require nurses to possess all relevant skills before assigning them to specific positions. College education is designed to provide these skills and lessons to practicing nurses and enhance overall caregiving efficiency.


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