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Alexandra What in the world is reality? What is love? There are many opinions on what love is, is love solely Just chemistry, or biologically, a powerful neurological condition like when we are hungry or thirsty, Just in a more permanent state. We talk about love being blind or unconditional, in the sense that we have no control over the feeling. Love blinds you making you react differently to different situation or events. Love has been written, made to a song or a verse or even to a beautiful ballad, we even try to capture it in movies. Who does not melt hen they see a guy trying to win a women’s heart by doing grand gestures?

Who doesn’t want to be serenaded by the guy that you love and takes your breath away? Who would not love to have you mother or father pick you up when you’re down? Who would not love to be proposed to while looking out in the ocean while the sun is setting and Just say I love you will you marry me till forever! Or better yet Just have a friend be their when your down and sick and not able to pick yourself up. No matter if it’s your Family, Friend, Or significant other or Partner Everyone dreams and ants love like that When you here a song In the car, it reacts a feeling that is so intense that can only be described as love.

But also for a person that is family oriented the love of a family is so strong that not even a man or women can break! People make life choices some bad some good with love in mind. Someone may choose I wrong path and do actions Just for the feeling love and some make hard decisions with love in mind. But Love in my opinion is blind! But why is that why is just the word love so strong that the mere thought of it makes you feel so strong Love, too many people can be viewed as something you need to live or have. We all need some type of love, whether it’s from family, friends, or a love one; to be needed, to be loved in some shape or form.

Although we all have different interpretation on what that feeling is, we can all agree that some times to be loved can be overwhelming. So ask Is Love ever real? Yes! I believe so: You can feel it, sense it, when you’re around the people you love. For example: when you are around family and friends they make you feel complete surrounded by unconditional love and support. That sparks a feeling so intense that you can only describe it as love. But to be loved by a man or a women is a different love all together, all-consuming that sparks all your senses from love, passion, hunger, lust, pure sexual desire.

A feeling that sparks all those emotions, or feelings is what we would all love to have! To feel wanted, name, sealer, centerline, Ana loved, Tanat Is want I Delve ten unman race dreams and lives for to experience one if not all those feelings. Love can come as quick as it can leave. To fall in love and out of love is the way of life. Most people fall out of love with people and even for example a car or Just an object so the feeling is real. So it makes you question; is love an actual feeling or something that society told you it should be; or how it should make you feel.

No matter what your opinion is on the matter we can all conclude that love does exist and the feeling is real! Alexandra Sotto Brian H. English 1301 Are we all simulations of simulations? Which simulation that we embody is the real simulation? In a way we are, as kids we would simulate or emulate our parent’s and people around us, we would copy their rods and their behavior and adopting the ones we liked as our own. To elaborate as we are young we see our parent’s doing house hold chores, going to work, drinking, being to stay up while we have to go to sleep!

We also simulate our parent’s as we grow old and do what they do. But we as human being simulate the behavior, habits that sometimes seem more convenient. When I was young saw my parent’s socialize have barbeques and drink; but that was not the only think eye did they were great parent’s responsible and hardworking also smart even though they had little if to no education. So me at age 21 thinking I knew the world I only simulated the habits or Actions that where in some way beneficial to me (drinking, staying out late and hanging with my friends) and my response to my parent’s where; well you did these things I can to!

In a way we are the embodied simulation of people we grew up with. This would make all simulations the real ones since we are not the original. Which brings me to my next question; Are video games realer than we are (probably they are) and why? Yes! I believe video games are real if not the same as we are. We s human are always changing and a video game is made and produced and can’t be disturbed. Video game are original when left undisturbed which would make it realer then any individual which are forever changing.

A video game never changes for example one of my favorite games Mario Brothers, the concept to that game is get as much coins and mushrooms as you can before you get to the end level but be careful and don’t die or you lose your power because you will start all over again. With that game or any game it has a concept [theme it was designed that way to make it easy to understand and play. But Just like that game and many more it cannot be changed only by its maker. A video game is forever frozen in time as is, which by its very nature makes It a reason to unquestioned.

IT we KICK at our Tie as a game we cannot be a simulation because we are the creator and the main character in our own game and we can always change its outcome and route that story can go. In a funny way we are our own Sims the only thing is that we can change our outcome and we don’t have to live buy a script and our game does not have a expiration date and we do have real life problems. Alexandra Sotto What would happen to a city if all the pigeons disappeared (are cities only real when the realist thing in the world- pigeons-exist)? We can safely say that one thing really has nothing to do with the other.

Pigeons will still exist if there is no downtowns and vice versa. If all the pigeons disappeared we would still have a downtown Just no pigeons it’s Just that simple. One does not exist cause of the other. The only reason both are identified in the same sentenced is cause TV, and people tell you stories that have them associated with one another. But one does exist without the other. City do exist without pigeons but if there was no pigeons the city would be a cleaner and quitter place . So that that takes us to our next question. If there are no pigeons are there no downtowns?

We can simply answer that question by saying there would be less poop, and more trash and less ruined paint Jobs! Implying that there would be no down town without pigeons begs the question would they be no pigeons without down towns. The answer would be absurd because that would imply that one cannot exist without the other. The fact that pigeons around the world are thought of the world’s Janitors has nothing to do tit the fact that they are attracted to large buildings the real question is if we had no downtowns would we still think of pigeons in the same way? If the question who on TV am I and why?

As a young teenager going thru a hard illness like cancer always made me think what would be of my life? Wicked I fall in love get married have kids or even the simplest thing survive and go to school? There not much things that I dreamed of when I was young I came from a poor family with little money and not a lot of dreams. As months passed by and I started healing and taking medication to trenched my muscles and give me energy I started to gain weight and feel sorry for myself spent my days sitting by the TV after my appointments of chemo therapy and radiation and feel sorry for myself , cry and hate life.

One day I was flipping through channels and a show had Just started I saw a face that was very familiar it was Delta Burke I loved her. So when I saw her in designing women I had to see what the show was about; that day the show was about how she was trying to help a kid from Ethiopia that was speaking about children hunger. Clearly she herself was dealing tit weight problems in the show but in that episode she realized that we all have a lot to give thanks. This kid on the show had absolutely no food for days and he would speak out of the trouble’s him and his people go thru every day.

At the end delta burke as Susanne Sugar baker figured out that although we have a weight problem you can choose to stop eating as much and give thanks for the food you do have. that episode open my eyes to all the things that where bothering me that although I had gained weight due to my illness and lost all my hair never to grow it back survived anger! After that show and many after that I saw myself as Delta Burke wanted to be her. Her grace beauty and sheer determination she had to do her character.

She talked about all the things I was fearful of dying, sickness, overweight, and not being smart or worthy. She had a grace that I wanted but she also had flaws she was considered self-centered and not smart. I think that is why if I could be any one on TV I would be her. I now dream the impossible dream, I dream off tomorrow where I will be cleared of all my illnesses and live a normal life; like anyone else, She inspired e to be confident, to feel belonged, smart and know that I to can accomplish all my dreams and live that dream.

I one day would like to be someone: answer I would love to be Alexandra Sotto and for people to saying want to be her because she inspired me to dream and to accomplish my goals and to say she is rich and healthy not skinny! Because she did not allow anyone to tell her that she could not and would not be able to do it! So to delta Burke I thank her because of her I feel pretty smart and thankful that I’m still alive and I’m living my dream and going back to school to graduate with a bachelors in health administration!

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